Keep the beauty of flowers with candles, girls teach you to diy -fragrant candles at home, the finished product is too beautiful


When you eat candlelight dinner with your beloved, you will prepare some candles, but most of the white candles are too monotonous in the store now, and it is not good to look at it. At this time, we can use flowers as the main flower candle. Want to know how to make it? Let’s take a look together!

Production difficulty coefficient: ★


production time:




Bean wax, dried flowers, glass containers, cores, cups, heating furnaces, spoons, wire, glue

Production steps:

1. Put the bean wax in a measuring cup and heat it with a heating furnace.

(Point 1: Friends without heating furnaces can heated separately.)

2. Fix the dried flowers inside the glass with glue.

(Key points 2: Pay attention to the gesture of the flowers when sticking, don’t apply too much glue.)


3. Fix the core in the middle of the cup and pour into the melted bean wax.

4. Fix the core of the wire with the wire.


(Point 3: Friends without wire can be fixed with two chopsticks.)


5. Wait for waxing.

End words:

Candles are more common items in modern life. They make a special candle by themselves. The meaning is extraordinary, beautiful and practical. It can be used not only to decorate the room, but also to send it to friends. After a few simple processes, I believe you will fall in love with it. Candle. The favorite friends quickly prepare the materials and try it!