Adidas Terrex flagship store is opened to build outdoor players gathering place with sustainable development concept



Recently, Adidas Terrex’s first flagship store in China officially opened. The store is located on the third floor of the center of Jingren, Shanghai, creating a new gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts. The opening ceremony invited media representatives and outdoor people from all over the country to participate in the opening event and theme sharing.

“We are very proud of Adidas Terrex to open the country’s first flagship store in an international metropolis in Shanghai. As one of the fastest growing markets in the world, the Chinese market is very important for Adidas. Demand. “Tang Jiechen, managing director of Adidas Greater China, said in his opening speech. “The new Adidas Terrex flagship store combines digital offline store technology with sustainable development concepts, while bringing rich product experience. And the perseverance to achieve the vision of sustainable development. “

The opening ceremony combined the concept of outdoor environmental protection and carefully designed the tailoring ceremony. Each guest involved in the cut off from the Adidas Terrex brand wall to tear off a piece of environmentally friendly fabric that belongs to its own Adidas Terrex MyShelter Primaloft to officially unveil the mystery of Adidas Terrex’s first flagship store in the world. The environmentally friendly fabric revealed by the guests is 100%renewable material, which is also applied to the new MyShelter Primaloft® hooded jacket. The coat was jointly created by Parley for the Oceans of the Ocean Environmental Organization Parley for the Oceans and environmentally friendly heating material expert Primaloft®, showing Terrex’s determination to help end plastic waste. Regenerative environmental protection materials will be applied to Adidas clothing design more and will be gradually promoted to all product series to make higher sports performance more sustainable.

After the opening ceremony, the brand representatives and special guests shared the vision and action plan for “ending plastic waste”. As an outdoor brand rooted in mountains and oceans, Adidas Terrex believes the importance of sustainable development and uses “ending plastic waste” as the brand’s action goal. In addition to practicing sustainable development in product design, the brand is also willing to act with everyone to make the planet better.

At the end of the event, the guests participating in the opening event jointly experienced the fun environmental handicraft workshop, experienced the fun of environmental protection with action, and contributed their own strength to the “ending plastic waste”. At the same time, the handicraft workshop will also be opened to all consumers, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the sustainable operation of adidas Terrex.

In addition to showing “sustainability” in Adidas Terrex Shanghai flagship store, it also fully reflects ‘digital’ and ‘connectivity’. There is a native green plant in the store, which aims to create ecological outdoor scenes. The digital experience allows consumers to get product information from the screen in real time when taking off the products they are interested in. In addition, flagship stores, as a new connection point for outdoor communities and Adidas members, will stimulate and lead more people to join the outdoor sports.

“We hope that Shanghai flagship store can become a pioneer of the Adidas Terrex brand, and people who invite similar ambitions to communicate and explore here.” Meng Shuwen, Vice President of Adidas Greater China/Outdoor Business Unit, said: “Our goal is to create a one There is no boundary Terrex ecosystem to provide everyone with opportunities to contact naturally, and experience a variety of outdoor adventure with Adidas Terrex.