Precautions for buying sofas


Precautions for buying sofas

The sofa is a large piece of decoration when buying furniture. It costs not low. Naturally, you have to spend more thoughts when buying the sofa, the style of the sofa, the price, the material, etc. are all issues that we need To reflect the quality, the following editors will introduce the 7 major precautions to buy a sofa.

Precautions for buying sofa: Fabric pattern


Generally speaking, the thin fabric of the print pattern is cheap because of its simple craftsmanship; and patterns such as patterns belong to the woven, which is thicker and high -end. When buying, the pattern of the fabric is carefully observed. The patterns woven from different latitude lines have a three -dimensional feeling, unlike the printed fabric smoothly. Furthermore, the fabrics of cotton and pure wool are higher than that of ordinary artificial silk fabrics.

Precautions for buying sofa: Fabric leather

Modern industries can have a multi -layer cutting of thick cowhide, so there is a layer of leather, two -layer leather, and even more layers of leather. The first layer of leather is the outermost layer. This layer of cowhide is tough and elastic. After being made into a sofa, it is not easy to break after repeated sitting pressure. It is a high -end fabric. The pores; the second layer of skin is the leather leftover of the tone skin. The surface tension and toughness of the second layer of skin are not as good as the head layer skin, so you need to choose carefully. In addition, it is made of large pieces of skin, or a small piece of leather stitching is also one aspect that affects the grade.

Precautions for buying sofa: Sofa set

Be sure to check whether it is easy to remove to facilitate cleaning in use in the future.

Precautions for buying sofa: inside the sofa


The internal quality of the sofa is also a part that cannot be ignored. When the general buyers buy the sofa, if you sit only with a sitting, it is difficult to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the sofa. The only way is to look at the sofa without all -inclusive sofas in it. You can turn it over to observe the quality of the spring, board, and sponge and other fillers used to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the sofa. Good sofas, internal springs are required to be rust -proof, the wood used requires planing, and scars must not be available.


Precautions for buying sofa 5: framework: framework

Now the European sofa uses the structure of the frame and the cushion. In order to present some special design feelings, some designs will deliberately expose part of the frame, such as exposed shiny metals, which are commensurate with leather materials to create a wild and unruly effect. Essence Then the frame that is exposed must be checked clearly to see if the luster is textured.

Precautions for buying sofa 6: Sofa feet

Some sofa feet are wood, some are metal, and some are pulleys. This detail should be carefully checked. It is mainly strong, unstable under your feet, and the sofa will not be comfortable.

Precautions for buying sofa seven: humanization

The handrail and back can expand the scope of services. The placement of tea sets, the embellishment of small decorations, and the shelves of the free books on hand can be met.

Conclusion: Small details reflect good quality, high -quality achievements and good details, buy sofa, you need to pay attention to the details. The above is the introduction of 7 major precautions to buy sofas. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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