Mei Baoliu with Rules dress to change the image with stacking


It is not childish or childish, and the right boy style will feel happy. use


When wearing a boy style, a refreshing suit can be worn with a dress! Because it is so beautifully selected to wear it, it is the focus to wear the layer of wearing skills. Remove the green mature skirt must be seen!

Rule 1 color dress “out” from the top

Wearing a white top with a transparent sense of transparentness is the most suitable. The looming out is the senior manner of fashion!

It’s completely OK to mix and match with light leisure outfits

Pink dress 14,000 yen+tax/Iena Slobe (Iena Slobe Shibuya Store) horizontal line


11,800 yen+tax, rich (art.)


2800 yen+tax, handbag 5,400 yen+tax/all belongs to Jeanasis


13500 yen+tax/ d Iana (Diana Ginza) enhanced the fashion index from the pink from the horizontal top, and at the same time, it was a ladylike feeling at the toe.

Cooperate with the top of the shirt to show the color

红色连衣裙8500日元+税/Topshop(TOPSHOP/TOPMAN)透明套衫5900日元+税/mystic(mystic原宿店) 帽子8500日元+税/I Believe(SHIPS涩谷店) 墨镜3800日元+税/ Replay (Kastane Harajuku) Leopard Nude Boot 13,000 yen+tax/GAIMO (Khaju Luminest Shinjuku)

Perspective tops to lock white

Drops of Drops of Transparent Top 5000 yen+tax/Topshop (Topshop/Topman) have a premonition that will be popular.

7,800 yen+tax/minkpink (The Wall Show Room)

Rule 2

The dress -style dress with a plaid shirt is very fresh

Parents the college in the dressing dress. The grid or striped shirt creates a mature image.

The handbag is completed as a key mature college

Workers dress 18,000 yen+tax/ 603 (MIDWEST) striped shirt 9,500 yen+tax/ INA Slobe (INA Slobe Shibuya Store)


4000 yen+tax/banner Barrett (banner Barrett Shinjuku) Handbag 9,400 yen+tax/Lily Brown sandals 14,500 yen+tax/d Iana (Diana Ginza) (Diana Ginza)

The design of the front zipper makes the standing position look clean and neat

Gongcang dress 14,000 yen+tax/Jour de Lan Guage (SMORK Yuecho Maruka) grid shirt 13,000 yen+tax/Ships (Ships Shibuya) woven hat 3800 yen+tax/Highland2000 (Beams Boy Harajuku) handbag 5400 yen+tax/ Jeanasis sandals 13,800 yen+tax/ piche abahouse (Piche Abahouse Lumine Store)

Basic shirts give people a good impression

Blue striped shirt 9,500 yen+tax/ray beams (Ray Beams Harajuku)

Black striped shirt 11,400 yen+tax/snidel cool refreshment is the technique of choosing shirt.

Rule 3

Shirt -style dress free inside & 搭 搭

How to wear only one! The shirt and dress is much more active. Now buying one now can be worn for a long time.

The interior is very fresh when wearing it

Shirts and dresses 5,400 yen+tax/Jeanasis

T -shirt

5900 yen+tax/banner Barrett (banner Barrett Shinjuku) Hawaiian wind printed pants 7,900 yen+tax/Mystic (Mystic primary shop) woven hat 2600 yen+tax/Topshop (TOPSHOP/TOPMAN) sandals+12,000 yen+ Tax/Sushi Louise (Iena Slobe Shibuya Store)

The clever use of the dress is a leading fashion step

Denim coat dress 17,000 yen+tax/Blue Blue (Hollywood Ranch Market) floral dress 6,500 yen+tax/Topshop (TOPSHOP/TOPMAN) Handbag 15,800 yen+tax/Rose Bud sandals+tax/piche abahouse (Piche Abahouse Lumine Daomong Store) Try to make the length feel consistent.

LOGO printing sweater outside to build college wind

Striped dress 12,800 yen+tax/Beams Boy (Beams Boy Harajuku) sweater 6,600 yen+tax/nomine (NOMINE LUMINEST Shinjuku) Green Handbag 7600 yen+tax/street level (Iena Slobe Shibuya Store) 14,800 days Yuan+Tax/ Piche Abahouse (Piche Abahouse Lumine Daomong Store)

Rule 4

Lace dresses concentrate elegance and slim

Sweet lace dress is a basic rule for wearing a top of the body. The matching small accessories are mainly based on the basic color.

The mini dress seems to add the handsome feeling of wearing

Black lace dress 8,900 yen+tax/Mystic (Mystic Harajuku) cropped pants 24,000 yen+tax/Diaram (Grace Continental Show Room) Handbag 12,000 yen+tax/Merie Bianco (Iena Slobe Shibuya Store)

Flat shoe

11,000 yen+tax/kastane (Kastane Harajuku)

Change the monotonous image

Purple lace dress 6,900 yen+tax/Mystic (Mystic Harajuku)


7,800 yen+tax/nomine (Nomine Luminest Shinjuku) handbag 26,000 yen+tax/Diana (Diana Ginza) sports shoes 5800 yen+tax/converse (Beams Boy Harajuku)

Choosing elegant colors and patterns is the focus

Jeans of 16,000 yen+tax/Blue Blue (Hollywood Ranch Market) jeans are in jeans.

Little crushed pants 7,900 yen+tax/rose Bud blue and white cool feeling is great.

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