20 million yuan of popular entrepreneurial funds to help the city’s North Entrepreneurship Dream


Qingdao Finance Daily/Qingdao Finance Network reporter Jiang Shan

Entering the second floor of Qingdao Xintian University Student Entrepreneurship Workshop. In 1991, the little maker Zhong Tiantian was busy using the e -commerce platform to confirm the order of Wuxi Virtue products that will be sent to Qingdao. Today, this maker “small fish fry” enjoys the services, capital items, technical support and other services provided by Xin Tian, ​​and this “fish pond” incubation model has also become one of the highlights of the cashier maker trend. Shibei has integrated 6 entrepreneurial incubation bases this year to create high -quality “entrepreneurial fertile soil”, prompting every worker with entrepreneurial dreams to participate in training anytime, anywhere. By 2017, it is expected that the number of entrepreneurial training and guidance will exceed 30,000 people. Essence

“Fish Pond” mode incubate 103 makers

Taking cross -border e -commerce as the main format, Qingdao Xintian University Student Entrepreneurship Factory shows the vitality of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship. DreamWorks, located on the second floor with an area of ​​more than 600 square meters, has attracted 35 creators to settle in entrepreneurship. “Through the ‘fish pond -type’ incubation model, make the maker as the ‘fish fry’, and provide a number of services such as products and funds for ‘fish fry’ for free, so that the fry is healthy and rapidly growing into a small fish.” According to the Shibei District Social Security Bureau According to the relevant person in charge, there are 76 office stations here, which can provide functions such as comprehensive service halls, office districts, conference rooms, conference rooms, mentor counseling rooms, training rooms, product exhibition halls, etc. Relying on the “China Enterprise Chengshang” service platform and the “baby Jiaer” e -commerce platform to provide one -stop entrepreneurial services to the creators, 15 have been registered.

New product “Transparent LCD screen” who settled in Xintian University Student Entrepreneurship Workshop

In 1991, Xiaoco Zhong Tiantian is currently serving the “Baby Jiaer” e -commerce platform. The reporter, “DreamWorks also encourages us to set up our own companies, and provide free services such as personnel, industry and commerce, taxation, and entrepreneurial subsidy application, organize mentors to carry out” one -on -one “assistance guidance and project diagnosis to help them complete their startups.”

“Through the innovative incubation model, optimize the entrepreneurial environment of the workers.” According to the relevant person in charge, this year also tried to adopt the method of purchasing services or rewards to introduce social professional forces to be responsible for the management of entrepreneurial incubation carriers, establish professional and market -orientedization The operation mode and introduced the service evaluation mechanism, which achieved certain results. Taking Xintian University Student Entrepreneurship Workshop as an example, 68 newly settled enterprises in the first half of the year, with a total number of settlements reached 103, and the number of activities related to entrepreneurial services has been significantly improved.

Preferential policies such as entrepreneurial subsidies “build nests and attract phoenixes”

Entering the other floors of the Entrepreneurship Workshop of Xintian University, in addition to the young and vibrant entrepreneurial “small fish”, there are certain customer groups and stable “big fish” in business. The good effect of the incubation mode. In terms of relevant support policies, the company who settled in the Venture Factory enjoys 100%rent subsidy in the first year, the next year enjoys 50%of the rent subsidy, and the third year enjoys 30%of the rent subsidy.

In addition, it also enjoys one -time entrepreneurial subsidy, small guarantee loans, disposable job development subsidies, subsidies for employment difficulties, and apprenticeship subsidies.


“This three -dimensional portrait effect looks particularly clear and vivid, very attractive.” Standing in front of the “transparent LCD screen” developed by Qingdao Yilianheng Trading Co., Ltd., the person in charge Lin Zhen proudly introduced this new technology to many enterprises as many enterprises. Product propaganda form icing on the cake. Since the settlement in the workshop in May this year, it has gained a lot. Whether it is a series of preferential entrepreneurial services or market expansion, more than 10 customers have maintained a positive contact. Deliven to build the nation’s first seaside tourism O2O platform, the “Youyou Holiday” founded by the head of Qingdao Drop Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the peak season in the market. In the link, we all have a one -stop housekeeper. “After answering the busy call, Gao always opened the” Yoyo Resort “website and told reporters that many preferential policies of the Entrepreneurship Workshop are very powerful and the service environment is thoughtful. Not only that, the high -quality software supporting policy has also attracted the arrival of Yu Qingwen, general manager of Qingdao Wenhai Animation Production Co., Ltd.. , “The” virtual fitting mirror “independently developed by the company is gradually pushing to the market.

In the first half of the year

It is understood that since 2014, Shibei District has built the Xingtian University Student Entrepreneurship Workshop and Qingdao (Shibei) Family Service Employment Plaza with the provincial entrepreneurial incubation base standards. It mainly develops support formats, and the effect has begun to show more than 90 entrepreneurial enterprises in the past year.

In order to actively promote the work of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, this year, the Shibei District has formulated the “Implementation Opinions of Promoting Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Projects in the North District” this year. In addition, a 20 million yuan of mass entrepreneurial development funds and 10 million yuan of talent development special funds were established, focusing on the construction of entrepreneurial carriers, selection of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial teachers training, entrepreneurial activities, purchasing entrepreneurial services, and introduction of high -end entrepreneurial teams. matter. In the first half of the year, 1,037 people were reviewed and entrepreneurial subsidies, a year -on -year increase of 21%; reviewing the employment of employment difficulties for employment subsidies 3,235 (times), a year -on -year increase of 20%; To 26%of the city. A group of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mentors were gathered to form a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.