“You have bleed on your neck, there is a big grasshopper villain”


Source: CCTV News

China -Myanmar border at an altitude of 1200 meters

Snakeworms and mice are inhabited, and the people are rare for a few kilometers.

Two lonely board rooms formed

Yunnan Sakachi Entry -Exit Barrack Inspection Station Card Field Branching Station

Mu Kayang epidemic prevention and control duty point

“Blood on your neck

There is a big grasshopper is blood -sucking “

The climate is hot and humid throughout the year

On the trail of the patrol path, the bottom of the leaf, the small ditch

There are countless poisonous snakes, grasshoppers, etc.

Police on duty not only be vigilant every day

The occurrence of various cross -border illegal crimes

Also fight with various snakes and mice ants

Put a few grasshoppers from the clothes

Both have become the norm

“Hongyu Hongyu, wake up quickly

Hearing the shout of his teammates

Police Liu Hongyu quickly turned over

The ants who are sucking on the neck of the neck

Can wound blood flow more than

Teammates brought gauze to help stop bleeding, it is not helpful

Gradually, Liu Hongyu’s lips started to white

The body is also trembling

Everyone hurried to him to the hospital

After timely treatment, it turns dangerous into peace

“This is the best instant noodle I have ever eaten!”

Recently, Yingjiang, Yunnan has fallen into rainstorms

The tent of the epidemic prevention and duty point is blown by the fire

Rain pouring into the board room

The police on duty can not care about the rain on the face

Can’t care about wet clothes and shoes

There is only the safety of the duty card point in the eyes

Through 8 hours of hard work

Everyone successfully dredged the drainage canal

Stabilized the flood dyke with a sandbag

Finally relieved

Everyone sat on the small stool and eaten instant noodles with the night

Police Yang obviously dumped the rain on his body and said with a smile

There are always people who always go in a lonely place

Because the five -star red flag flutter the place

That is where we should stand

Tribute to the border inspectors who adhere to the country!

“Blood on your neck

There is a big grasshopper is blood -sucking “

“This is the best instant noodle I have ever eaten!”