Do not listen to the open kitchen that disguise disguise, this time is worrying! Putting a hollow partition, the problem is solved


At first, in order to make the space at home more spacious, did not listen to her husband’s dissuasion, and insisted on the open kitchen they made for their own house, now I regret it for a long time. The chaotic living room in the kitchen can be seen clearly. As a result, my cousin came to my house a few days ago and directly suggested that I put a hollow partition in the kitchen.

It is estimated that many people do not know that there are such hollow -out styles, and my cousin said it before I know, and now share it with everyone.

This is this hollow style partition, which is not small!

Partition kitchen and other functional areas

The open kitchen has been used for a long time. It is okay to pay attention to cleaning. For lazy people, it will appear very chaotic, and there is no way to change to a closed style. It is better to add this hollow partition. It can play an effective partition space and cover the situation inside the kitchen, and it looks more neat visually.

The hollow style does not affect the lighting

Some people may ask that the open kitchen was to not affect the lighting at home and made the internal space look more spacious. Isn’t you abandoning such a hollow partition now? In fact, don’t worry about this at all. The hollow style is much better than the solid style. The light can be spread through the hole, and the space is still spacious.

There are also many types of hollow partitions. These three can be selected as needed.

Folding hollow plate

When the folding hollow plate is not used, it can be folded and put away, which will not occupy too much space. The storage is more convenient.

Holby panel with a sliding rod

This hollow plate is generally installed at the door hole to play a completely partition. With a sliding rod, it can also slide, which is more convenient.

Fixed hollow board

In the end, compared with the first two types, it is not flexible enough, but it is more durable. You can choose according to your preferences.

In fact, this hollow board can be applied not only in the kitchen, but also the same as practical in the balcony.

It can be replaced by a hollow board style above and side of the balcony. One light is sufficient, one is very beautiful. Usually read books on the balcony, it is more convenient to drink afternoon tea hand. It is not convenient to encounter rainy days, and it needs to be cleaned frequently.