These 4 “universal” shampoos and shower gels can be used for shampooing and bathing, gentle and easy to rinse


These 4 “universal” shampoos and shower gels can be used for shampooing and bathing, gentle and easy to rinse

Today, let’s share 4 shampoos and baths for shampooing.

I think most people take a bath and wash their hair together, but when using shampoo, it is inevitable to contact the skin in large quantities, nor does it mean that shampoo has a lot of harm to the skin, but after all, the products for shampooing are weak. The skin will still be stimulated, especially the private parts. Then we need to use mild products, and it is very convenient to take a shy shampoo. What I will share with you in this issue is such a dual -use shampoos.

Aveeno baby daily care shampoo shower gel

The packaging is very simple. Many products of this brand are specially built for babies. This one is an oat series, but it is not an adult version, it is used by baby. The ingredients will also be much gentle. In contrast, the cleaning power is not so good, but adults can also be used, especially suitable for sensitive muscles. Contains natural oats extraction and has a certain moisturizing power.

The transparent gel texture, the taste is very mild, the foaming power is acceptable, so that the baby is not so resistant to bathing. After washing, you can feel the skin will become smooth, but it is not fake and slippery, and there will be no tightness after bathing.

It is a non -soap -based protection product, so it can reduce the stimulation of the skin, and it is still a tear -free formula. It is not irritating to fall into the eyes. There is no dangerous ingredient in the ingredient table, no Paraben preservatives, but containing a small amount of flavor.

Philosophy Skin Philosophy Bubble Shampoo

Those who like bubbles can buy this bubble shower gel. It is said that this shampoo shower gel bath is also great. This one is not used by the baby, it is a fragrant shower gel, and there are quite a variety of incense types. Every kind of fragrance has its characteristics. Cake is sweet vanilla, but it is not very greasy. Lemonade is the fragrance of sweet and sour lemon and citrus. Melon is a watermelon flavor, sweet fruit fragrance.

Then Grace should be a floral fragrance, not only pungent, but also ladylike. The shower gel of this brand is still the same model of Zhang Yixing. A bottle is also a large bottle, but the design of the lid is not very good, and the opening is relatively small. The texture is a thick emulsion, it is difficult to stuff it out. Although the fragrance is good, the lasting power is not very good. It is a moisturizing shower gel. The skin is not sticky and moisturized. The effect of washing the hair is also very pure. It is not recommended to use oil heads, and the whole body is consistent.

It is also not soap -based products. It is a cleaning ingredients of C type. The cleaning power is better than the products of infants and young children.

The secret strategy shampoo shower gel in the palace

The secret strategy of the palace is the gentle ingredient. This shampoo can be used by babies or the whole family. The packaging design of this bottle is also very cute. Although the small bottle is a little bit, a bottle of travel is to get a bath and bath. Because it is a baby’s amino acid washing, the cleaning power is very average, and the fragrance is very light.

The texture is clear, the foaming power is better, and it is better to use the puff net, but it is not a cheap product, and the cost performance is relatively not high.

If you are the ingredient party, then this shampoo shower gel will surprise you a lot. The main ingredients say that coconut oil is very mild. At the same time, it also contains oat essential oil ingredients, which is very moisturizing and suitable for dry skin.

MINON amino acid is shower gel in the whole body

This is amino acid washing product. Unlike bathing and shampooing, it is available in the whole body, that is, the face washing can also be washed. Dare to make people so useful, it can also show that its ingredients are very mild. It is a medicinal shower gel. It is available for sensitive muscle or allergies, but there is no taste, which is a type of cosmeceutical. It has three styles, moisturizing, foam and refreshing, and it is suitable for any skin type. Each fragrance is also different. The blue lid is refreshing green tea, the middle is soap, the purple cover foam is not fragrant, suitable for children or do not like flavors.

The transparent texture, liquidity and foaming power are good, and the bath is comfortable and not irritating. Then this shower gel has been sold first in medicinal shower gel for three consecutive years, and it is very popular in Japan or the purchasing circle.

Its ingredients are really simple. There are ten types of components in total. It uses exclusive plant amino acid cleaning ingredients, which is more natural and gentle. In addition to moisturizing and removing dirt on the surface of the skin, it also has a certain prevention effect on dandruff and scalp oil. It is still recommended to use the whole family together, and the elderly and children can use it with confidence.

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