Net red leaf lutein, helping children to see the world “eyes”? What are the dietary methods for eye protection


Net red leaf lutein, helping children to see the world “eyes”? What are the dietary methods for eye protection

Recently, there is a web lobulin, known as “the baby’s first choice for myopia protection”, which is particularly popular. Parents who have been looking for the baby’s healthy snacks, snacks that can satisfy both the baby’s taste buds and have anti -health functions, are naturally overjoyed and do not hesitate to buy and buy.

Let’s take a look at the advertisements from an online shopping platform, which is really attractive:

From this product description, it seems that this fudge has eye protection function and can help children prevent myopia. But, is this the truth?

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Sorry to tell everyone,

Lutein is indeed a nutritional element needed by the eyes, but it does not have the function of “preventing myopia”

Essence When you are careful about searching for “lutein to help prevent myopia” on the Internet, you will find that you can’t find it at all. In other words,

Lutein cannot have the function of protecting vision.

So why do merchants take the banner of “lutein can prevent myopia” and consumers are still useful? There are three reasons:

First, lutein exists in the “macular” area of ​​the eyes, “macular”

It is the most keen vision at the vision at the retina of our eyeballs, because the lutein content of the “macular” area is abundant, and it is misleading and distorted by merchants to “help prevent myopia”;

The second is that lutein is unable to synthesize in our body and can only be intake through diet, so the merchant has made the banner of “replenishing lutein by eating chloroplasin by eating lutein”, and the role of lutein is expanded by the way;

The third is that our children’s children have fewer outdoor sports and myopia ranks first in the world. The increasingly serious children’s myopia has triggered the anxiety of parents. Parents are urgent to have a way to prevent myopia.

Seeing this, did you realize it, so! The so -called lutein fudge is actually only IQ tax. It is said that “the sugar is the first”, and it is not a wise move to eat candy with various additives prematurely. However, although lutein does not prevent myopia, lutein is an important nutritional element of the eyes. Parents appropriately supplement foods rich in lutein through food therapy and have a certain effect on helping children protect their vision!

In addition to lutein, cornoplasses and internal corn yellow quality that are mainly gathered in the retina can also be added appropriately. Knowing which foods are rich in lutein and corn vascin, parents can collect this picture as follows:

Compared with the high sugar of sugar, the intake of lutein and corn vagina in children’s daily diet, whether it is from the perspective of cost -effectiveness, food safety or environmental protection, it is a better choice. as follows

Recommend three recipes:

Recipe 1, carrot papaya milk

The required raw materials:

Half of carrots, half papaya, 500 grams of milk, a little sugar.

specific methods:

Steam the carrots and papaya first, then use a soymilk machine to make a pulp (or crush it with a spoon), mix with the milk, add a little sugar.

Recipe 2, walnut jujube custard custard

300 grams of walnut kernels (slightly frying), 250 grams of red dates (removed), 150 grams of wolfberry, 2 eggs.

Fresh pork liver chopped with walnut kernels, red dates, and wolfberry, put in a porcelain basin together, and simmer for half an hour with water to simmer for half an hour. Take 2 ~ 3 tablespoons per day, get two eggs, and steam it with sugar.

Recipe III, Spinach Pork liver soup

Fresh pork liver or soil chicken liver, 130 grams of spinach, a little salt, sesame oil, clear soup 1 liters.

Wash the four flavors of Chinese medicinal materials and add 1000ml of water, cook about 20 points, and use the soup for soup. Wash the pork liver and cut into thin slices. After washing the spinach, cut into small segments for later use. First use a small amount of oil to stun the shallots, add pork liver and spinach, boil and add an appropriate amount of salt, and add a little sesame oil to eat after stirring.

Parents are particularly reminded that in addition to helping children to help children with nutrition, paying attention to eye hygiene, participating in outdoor activities, and ensuring sufficient sleep are also a good way to protect vision. Everyone must remember to do more approach!


The required raw materials:

The required raw materials:

specific methods:

specific methods:

Product Recommendation: 130g multi-nutrient soft candy