Is your baby’s pants fit?


This year, I finally bought the baby’s two pants.[Smiling]


The baby belongs to the kind of thin and tall, and it is long and fast. The pants will not be put on, and you always have to buy pants.Whenever I buy pants, I have a headache. It is either short or waist. Basically, each pants are a big yard, and then the back of the back is stitched by me.


The two thick cotton pants I bought this winter are really good. I bought it once in the kindergarten. At that time, I felt pretty good, very thick and soft. The child liked it very much. This year, I suddenly tried to buy two.It was very fit, very satisfied, and very good.happy

This is a cotton pants, which can basically be overwhelmed. If you are still afraid of cold, a thin cotton autumn pants will be enough. Last year, the denim bought for the baby, the child does not like elasticity, this year, I bought it.I’m very satisfied, very soft, feel warm when I feel it, and I don’t get lost. I am happy if the child is satisfied.

The key is very cheap [laughing] It is enough to buy two in the first one, it is great.