Talk about the re -use of A4 waste paper and the selection of cheap notes


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The title of this LOW to explosion is that it is good after the article has been written for a week or two; as you can see, it was called “Study of Dogs for Work Paper” at first, but it is difficult to accurately express the meaning of this article. , So I have been dragging out; because there will be more and more things in the near future, in the future, the pits that are dug will end early, so as not to have a lot of dreams at night;


As a paper madness, I will talk to you in the article how reasonable (gorgeous) printers are used to use printer waste paper, as well as some cheap notes and a little use habits. The choice of notepad (seal set) provides another idea for your reference.

In addition to answering the XX book, where did the XX grid buy, what recommendations are these questions. If you have the opportunity, the Monkey Year of the Monkey will also open an article to share with you the experience and habits of this use, so stay tuned.


The novice is on the way, looking at it lightly … um, there is, this is a one, not serious sun list.

Scrap paper


The main role of single -sided waste paper is to make it with different functions to make it with the second printing.

A reliable printer, an unreliable colleague, with these two conditions, the waste paper in the office can basically be continuously supplied.

The generation and printing of the manuscript style are generally completed through the following methods; before printing, it is confirmed by printing previews to avoid waste of expressions.


Taking Office 2013 as an example, there are two simpler methods to obtain manuscript paper;

1. Use ready -made resources: files → new → online search template;

2. Use Word’s manuscript paper settings to generate: enter the page layout → manuscript paper settings, default supporting the three types: format, line, and frame type, multiple ranks, multiple color settings, and supporting the preparation printing. Domestic WPS software uses similar methods and is no longer tired.

The picture below is A4’s 10 -way manuscript paper application. If you want to practice words and too lazy to buy manuscript paper, you can do this


2. Excel

This tool is the favorite of various cousins ​​and cousins. There are also two ways to get the style of manuscript paper;

1. Use ready -made resources: On the new page, search online;

2. Set the square style by yourself: On the usual page, determine the area you want to print, right -click → Set the unit format → frame, draw the style before printing;

The more slippery moms played by Office can complete the printing of printing through various tentacles. The combat effectiveness is relatively poor, so I do n’t use this software, I ca n’t introduce too much.

3. Windows diary

Students who used to use Windows Tablet PC should know such a tool. From the era of XP, you can write happily on the screen with electromagnetic pen and electromagnetic screen devices. The point is what we want to introduce by our topic. The manuscript setting function of the software comes with itself, flexibly transport various settings, can print different styles of manuscript paper.

There are two ways to set the template

1. The note -making template that comes with the system: My document → note, starting from here to start the template that comes with the system; the picture is relatively small, so explain it. The picture below is the five -line spectrum, composition, schedule template, and the window in the lower right corner is the win7 system. Combine the list of available templates.

When using the printing paper, remember to set the print option, otherwise it may be blank;

2. Function template set through the template: Start → All programs → Annex → Tablet PC → Windows Diary, Start this program

From the tool → option → the format of the note, set the template;

Select the letter paper option, click the default page settings button, you can freely select your favorite format, or set it yourself. After the final determination, the newly created note will activate the new template. The options that can be set include paper, lines, background maps, etc.;

Through these two ways, various coquettish squares, horizontal draft paper can be easily printed.

4. Photoshop, Illustrator

Mainly used for the processing of material. If the draft paper needs to be made beautifully, this image processing software is probably also needed. Non -tents will not show everyone.


5. Search template through search engine


The most convenient way to obtain the manuscript paper template, the manuscript paper such as English books is searched through search engines;

The picture above is the manuscript paper designed by Android and Apple mobile phone UI, which is mainly used for the communication of interface design. When these materials are used in daily work, they will be found through search engines and slowly accumulated.


Keywords: iOS wire frame diagram, Android wire frame chart;



The use case of waste paper is temporarily mentioned here 🙂


Note: 1. Prepare the electric shredded machine for post -processing. For line -loading, rubber, please prepare the decomposed beauty knife; There may be in the financial room, to maintain emotional contact;

Purchase articles

Another large -scale project outside the waste paper, I can buy various models, cheap goods for various uses, and there is always one that can satisfy you.

※ This article has been modified in large quantities because of changing the picture to the link. Everyone remembers the link price for reference only. When you place an order, you can buy it on Taobao. is expensive.

1. Cheap and portable book

Various recharge, various downloads, polite registered and polite various insurances delivered by various insurances, are well -made, paper are made, and will be retained; if you want to buy Selected. It is more assured with a round bead pen and a neutral pen. There are usually several books at the same time. The amount is not, if you count it seriously, there are still a dozen books in this cheap goods … used to record thought fragments;

The picture is the B7 small book of Qiantong. For the specific usage, please refer to the last sealing order of this article, and select it according to the size.

2. Cat


The cover is good -looking, very common, not good, a little rough, but the cover is beautiful. About ten yuan.

Creative stationery Cat Naked Make this sketch this notebook notes This blank paper sketch book

Keywords: cat book

Cat’s search back result


3. Art Book


The size of the B5 is super thick, and the models with a lot of shrinkage are mixed. Pay attention to screening.

Using one of the main force, it is generally bought for a new one in half a year, and the style is selected in it or cowhide paper. Comes with a large -scale gas field; there are currently more than 20 pages left. The white background appearing in the previous sun list is the inner page of this book.


Rizhaoxin Rumeng Sketch Ben Notepad The Beautiful Illustration Sketch Betting Internal Page Diary Draft Painting Book …


The book is a paper machine, so I’m sorry, the effect map everyone makes up for them.

Keywords: art book, search link

4. Follow the art book


Same as above, but the number of pages is relatively small, the paper is thick, I bought a piece of paper and tried a few pieces of paper. Suitable for the usage habits that do not write, finish writing. I used to expose the black beans before, and the test writing was completed with this book.

Three years of Class 2 ● Retro A4 blank landscape sketch Book sketching book graffiti book Nanfeng series …


Keywords: art book;

Fine Arts Search Return Result

5. Paper

Turn it up, you can tear it, and it is A4. The generality is relatively high, it can be used alone, and it can be used in conjunction with sealing. The choice is also diverse. Various brands, various manuscript paper design, and various levels of prices are available. Generally, this type of book is used in the seal of Montblanc. Choose a style that can tear the dotted line. One of the main books, the paper around 80 pages, the new rate is uncertain. Generally, you have to buy one in two to three months. Many of the paper shoots have been mirrors in the previous sun.

Comix C8204 A4 Business Paper Book 80 Compera series black …

Keywords: shooting paper, turning the book;


Paper search back result

Hmm, you know that you will say Ronia, Merlima … choose on demand.

6. Book of hens

Although it is not cheap, the hens is a more worry -free brand. This is a gift received a few years ago. It has been used for records in a few days of training; it has been disintegrated and entered the paper fragmentation machine. All kinds of significance are praised, except for the coils that are inconvenient.

7. Strange Ben

In fact, the manuscript style mentioned in the previous article can also be bought on Taobao; although the comprehensive cost is slightly higher, the quality of the printing finished products is far better than the printer product and can be selected according to actual needs.

Taobao UI This search link


Keywords: outlet book, UI book, etc.


8. The same model of Aunt Cai Cai Party

It is difficult to use. It is difficult to use.

But I have to expose it, indicating that I love my aunt deeply

The cost -effectiveness will occasionally use it occasionally. There are a lot of the same paragraph. I forgot where I bought it.


[Tmall Free Shipping] Lange Notebook Stationery Pirate A6 Retro Bench Travel Diary Creative DIY live page …

There is a summary. Early warning ahead.


Extraordinary fever and other fever paper such as Filofax, Midori, and HOBO have excellent temperament. They have been tested for a long time. Various general standards consumables have diverse choices. Stationery control, preferences are far from real stationery control. In this point of view, they do not refer to their reference, nor do they recommend the exposure of the products.

In this way, try to provide some different ideas, take the line of “Cheap Notepad+Certain Capture”, according to actual experience, the investment in this idea and the investment in the fever brand should be different. Little, or less. Before buying a seal, you should fully understand its attributes, including the price of the original factory’s core, whether the compatible core is easy to match, etc., so as not to burn several (ten) dollars for each use, distressed.

There are many choices, extensive scope, and few actual cases in the peripheral of fever brands. There are few actual cases in the theme. This article is unavoidable. Please tolerate.

Also, the following are not worth buying;


5523 This big seal is a frequent visitor in the historical sunding list. In terms of the choice of this core, the belief value of the fans of this family is generally high. Generally, one or two 6711 type cores are prepared, which can be used for a long time. Compatible cores are easy to buy.

In addition to the logo of this family, a piece of black is not slippery. If you want to be low -key, you can also find some electric tape to stick an X to stick the white flower and get it. If there is a pen insertion, a Legrand 167 pencil is usually inserted in it. There are also two cards, which can be stuffed with business cards, stuffing the imperial guard, and amulets to drive away evil spirits and villains.

Participating and training scenarios are also weapons; but they can’t escape the actual use scenario slightly embarrassing, and it is very average. Buy a cup of fast -soluble coffee sitting on the street bench and writing a plan that has no tables … Just make up for the brain, it feels a bit shameful (⁄ ⁄ • ⁄ω⁄ • ⁄ ⁄) …

Or it can be used like this

The picture is quoted from Montblanc Weibo; the pen that is inserted in this is the Mark Newson M series recently launched.


This home paper has always been long grass, but even the price of duty -free shops is high.



扔掉了作为笔控的矜持,用一根163换来的记事本,50K的大小适用性较强,一般随身使用;很单纯的本,就是本,没有卡位、附袋、内袋、笔Unnecessary functions such as insertion.

Compared to the super -feel -feeling cover, the performance of this core is really to teach people to disappoint …


The inside core is easy to buy, and the size of 50K. Although there are small size differences in different schemes, if the page cannot be plugged in, use a paper knife to deal with it. This is a common notebook, without any sense of disobedience, and there is no feeling of violent things.

Oh yes, there is another thing, to select the inner core for the seal set. In addition to the appropriate size, it is best to weigh the soft leather copy or hard skin copy according to the characteristics of the seal. In addition Important parameters are related to the feel of using it.

Because the touch is very good, it is generally used when sorting the thoughts on the draft paper.

Then use bookmarks to mark the key page; this thing should be bought separately, but the demand is not high. When buying stationery, it is enough to call the store to send a little. This should be put in the next part, but the next article does not know the year of the monkey; the road out of the pit is a bit sad. Bookmarks are very useful.



In order to show that this is an unsatisfactory list, this Sony also has to make a mirror; it should be a gift when a recharge belief. In short When will the gift get this kind of thing …

But, imagine that when you pull it out of the bag, the whole person bathed in the faith that comes from the face is all relieved.

The texture of the artificial leather made by the synthetic material is great, but the quality is very poor, and it is a bit cracked for a long time. The size is not easy to say. It is very appropriate to plug a 2 cm thick B7, but it has not yet been tamped to 2 cm thick. It can only be stuffed with two 1 cm thick front pass. If there is no button, it will not be able to close the inner core, but there is no problem with a strap. If this thing is more durable, it will consider it as a portable. Well, please come out and take some photos and put it back, and use it to break.

End label

The introduction of the material first. If you have time in the future, you will open a new theme to talk to you about the method of use and improve the record (work) efficiency of the book. Although it may be long, long, long, so stay tuned.