Do you know the difference between imitation memory fabric and memory fabric?


At present, there are so -called semi -memory, full memory, and imitation memory fabrics in the market. The quality of the fabric is uneven, and the price is very different. So how to identify them? Today, I have compiled some identification methods for everyone, pure dry goods, shorthand!

The so -called “semi -memory” in the market refers to

“Memory Fiber”

And “full memory” usually refers to the use of latitude and weft ingredients

“Memory Fiber” woven fabric


There are also many manufacturers who use ordinary

Polyester wire twist

It is a memory fabric for light alkali or alkaline -free processing. Most of these fabric feels jerky, the toughness is not strong, the elasticity is poor after deformation, and it is relatively weak. The elasticity of the fabric and the feel is a bit similar to the true memory, but because the counterfeit memory fabric itself is inherently lack of, there is still a big difference between the fiber fabric of the real memory.

Really memory fiber fabric can be casual


If the deformation occurs, the bending of its deformation is a fabric rather than a line, which is easy to recover, and it is very flexible and tough.

How to differentiate?

The memory cloth will not be stunned, it doesn’t matter if it is stunned. It will not be stubborn with a touch. It has the function of refracting, and the imitation memory looks the same, but there is no good memory cloth, there is no scalding function.

The unit price is large.

The imitation memory is made of long silk, and it is difficult to dye than the true memory of the full memory. Full memory can be placed in the Taiwan cylinder as safer at present, and it is not bright.

What is memory fabric

Memory Fabric: imported polyester memory fiber, memory fabric, memory fiber 75D. It has a morphological memory function, and some people call memory cloth or morphological memory cloth. The raw material comes from the PTT (SORONA) of Dupont, which contains the biological “PDO (1, 3-propylene glycol, which is actually 1,3-propylene glycol) made of grain starch (glucose). This raw material is There is itself





The clothing made with its fabric does not need to be supported by external forces. It can maintain arbitrary forms independently and can show arbitrary folds. After brushing with your hands, you can completely restore the flat state without leaving any creases.

The shelf is permanent

This kind of fabric is good

Wrinkle recovery ability

(The good fold effect and recovery ability are the characteristics of the latest internationally tide functional fabric), comfortable, soft, delicate and soft texture, good hanging, anti -pollution, chemical resistance, stable size, anti -static, anti -ultraviolet rays, etc. Features. The most important thing is that after “memory”, the fabric becomes free and easy to care.

How to identify memory wire

· Based on the extension characteristics of memory wire. As a new type of fiber, the ductility of memory wire is weakened with the improvement of the production process of the raw material factory, but it is still obvious compared with the general fiber. The so -called ductility is the trend of extension under both ends of the fiber under the influence of external forces. This feeling can refer to the feeling of POY stretching. This is the main identification method of memory.

· At present, an imitation memory appears on the market, which is mainly used for color weaving. The feeling of feel is very close to the real memory, but it must be reached to the feel of memory, and its F number must be high F. At present, the real memory is difficult to achieve such a high F number.