What are the price recommendations of the top ten brands of sanitary ware sanitary ware?


Because people often use them, when they need to buy a sanitary ware bathroom, people will first look at the brand. What are the top ten brands of the sanitary ware bathroom? When buying a sanitary ware bathroom, in addition to looking at the brand, the price is also the focus of ordinary consumers. In order to let everyone know more about these bathrooms, Xiaobian made the price recommendation of a sanitary ware bathroom.

1. What are the top ten brands of sanitary ware and sanitary ware

1. Blue Whale Sanitary Co., Ltd. is a professional production company that develops a series of sanitary wares such as a professional development, production of new bath screens, bath rooms, and bath columns. The company has a group of design elites and the ability to innovate complete products.

2. Noble bathroom is a popular, fashionable, and quality household bathroom brand. It focuses on the market for fashion and popularity. Urban youths and petty bourgeoisie enjoy the population as the main sales population. So the product is very fashionable.

3. Jiu Mu is a high -end bathroom leader for five consecutive years, focusing on healthy kitchen and bathroom. Autonomous research and development of all -line products such as sanitary ceramics, sports bathrooms, smart kitchen and bathrooms, and entire nine pastoral drying products provide healthy and environmentally friendly first -class kitchen and bathroom solutions.

4. Emperor Sanitary Ware is a modern large -scale sanitary company that integrates design, research and development, production, and sales. It has always been committed to the development of the field of bathroom. Until now, it has obtained the “Top Ten Brands of China Sanitary Ware” and “China Famous Trademarks”.

5. Eagle bathroom is one of the most powerful and long -term sanitary brands in China. He has stepped out of his unique road, excellent manufacturing process and environmentally friendly and fashionable product design, creating an excellent quality of the internationalization of Ying brand.

6. Farnsha Sanitary Ware is one of the most powerful and influential comprehensive sanitary brands in China. In fact, Fanesha Development Enterprise itself is well -known in the world. It has its own production team.

7. Wrig card bathroom is the country’s inspection -free product, focusing on creating healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly bathroom products for consumers. So it is loved by consumers.

8. The Australian bathroom is the brand of Foshan, Guangdong. From the beginning, it attached great importance to the improvement of the brand, and the quality has been continuously improved. Many consumers particularly like it.

9. TOTO is a brand from Japan. Now the development momentum in China is very good, so it has set off the trend of ceramic sanitary ware. If you pay attention, you will find that many high -end malls in China are used in China It is TOTO’s product.

10. Kohler Sanitary Ware is the oldest brand in history. It was established in the United States in the United States as early as the previous 1980s and was introduced to China. It is also popular with Chinese consumers.

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2. Price recommendation of sanitary ware bathrooms

1. Baihan Guard Bathing Bacterbinomy Self -cleaning Women Washing Full Copper Shower Shower Shower Shower Set Water, the price is 981 yuan.

2. Emperor Sanitary Ware New Fantasy Package F3018+Bathroom Cabinet Combination AC3196+Shower Shower Set, the price is 4099 yuan.

3. Intelligent modern simple European bathroom cabinet combination of oak floor -to -site bathroom bathroom wash basin solid wood bathroom face, the price is 1968 yuan.

4. Bathroom cabinet combination of washing Taiwan bathroom washbasin 40/50/60/70/80cm toilet small apartment, the price is 803 yuan.

5. Dean Yi solid wooden bathroom cabinet combined with the new Chinese rural platform is customized, the price is 2096 yuan.

6. The balcony stainless steel landing laundry cabinet bathroom cabinet combined with the quartz stone pool with a rubbing laundry pond washing cabinet, the price is 1250 yuan.

What are the top ten brands of sanitary ware sanitary ware? The sanitary ware sanitary brackets that can be seen in the market are rich and diverse. It is recommended to compare the differences in each brand when buying a sanitary ware bathroom. The price of a sanitary ware bathroom is recommended as above. If you need to buy bathroom sanitary ware, you can see what price you are suitable for.