Children must wear swimming moster! Learn these tricks to choose a swimming mirror


In the hot summer, many people like to choose swimming as a project for sports and entertainment. But it is worth noting that many friends did not wear a swimming mirror while swimming. Do you know what adverse effects do swimming have on the eyes of us and especially children? In addition, many parents do not know how to choose when choosing a swimming mirror for their children.

Should we wear a swimming mirror

Let’s take a look at it first, is it really necessary to wear a swimming moss when swimming?

On the one hand, when we swim in the water, in order to distinguish the direction and avoid obstacles in time, we often need to open our eyes vision. Because opening the eyes in the water may cause irritation or foreign body sensor symptoms, not everyone can be in it. Open your eyes in the water. The use of swimming goggles can keep us in the underwater state open for a long time, providing convenience for us to move freely in the water.

On the other hand, although most of the current swimming pools pay more attention to hygiene and disinfection, after all, there are a large number of personnel activities in the swimming pool every day, so that the water impurities such as dust and cortex in the water increased significantly. Coupled with hot summer weather, active pathogenic metabolism in pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and water is a good medium for many diseases to spread, and the swimming pool cannot screen diseases for everyone who swim.

If our eyes are directly exposed to water that is not clean for a long time, we will provide the opportunity for the pathogenic microorganisms, which will greatly increase the opportunity to develop sexually infectious diseases or infectious diseases.

Wearing a swimming mirror can play a good effect on the eyes and effectively prevent the occurrence of eye diseases.

How to choose a swimming mirror

Seeing the above points, you know the need for wearing a swimming goggles, but if you choose a suitable swimming mirror, you need to learn a few tricks.


To buy it through regular channels, you can buy regular swimming moster in shopping malls or swimming pools

Try to avoid buying inferior products, otherwise not only cannot exert its due effects, but may even cause damage to the body due to unqualified materials.


When buying a swimming mirror, you should choose the appropriate size according to your face shape and size.

Because the swimming moster is different from ordinary glasses, it needs to have waterproof and fog function when wearing. If the size is large, it cannot be tightly fit the skin and causes it to slide, fog, and even water in the use. If you have a tight -hoeing and other discomfort, if you wear a tight goggles for a long time, it may also adversely affect your eyes.

In order to choose a swimming mirror that suits our face, we recommend putting on the mirror that you want to buy first, and gently press the swimming mirror in any side in the direction of the orbit. Then the size of the swimming goggles is relatively suitable.

In addition to the size, the constructor of the swimming goggles also needs to be considered. When we buy swimming moster, ordinary people do not have to have too professional requirements for swimming moster like swimmers, but the following aspects should be paid attention to

The clarity and light transmission of the swimming mirror, the elasticity and firmness of the swimming goggles, whether there is a protective film on the surface of the swimming goggles, whether the soft and hard and looseness of the outer rubber ring of the swimming mirror should pay attention to it. Whether the width of the place is adjustable

, Its width should be consistent with the size of the pupil and face shape, and you must try it before buying.

In addition, you should also simply check the anti -fog effect of the swimming mirror,

It can be facing the inside of the swimming mirror, and the fog disappearing is better.


Selecting the right swimming goggles should also pay attention to the maintenance of swimming moster.

Generally, wash it with water after the swimming moster is used, and dry it naturally in the cool place, and put it in the swimming moster box without a towel wipe.

Be careful not to put the swimming mirror in a high temperature place, let alone expose to the sun.