Type-style is self-confidence


Outdoor, all kinds of thorns, stone seams, and forests, a good outdoor pants are too important. Most outdoor pants are fancy. I still like dark colors in low -key. Finally, I chose the flagship of Tuantu. This black straight pants in the shop.


Open the package, the color of the pants is very positive, and it feels comfortable. The rustling sound of no other assault pants, quickly try it on. It will be tight when you exercise. Hurry up all kinds of movements, squats, and the elastic effect of clothes, and you are not worried. There is a loose elastic design on the waist of the pants, fit the waist and abdomen, and it is very comfortable to wear without any restraint. Both sides of pockets are oblique pockets. It is easy to hold things in hand. The handbags have zipper design. After putting things, it is not easy to drop. There is a velvet in the pants, which is very suitable for cold places. The clothes style likes it very much, just wait for it to wear outdoors.


On Saturday, I went to Pangu Mountain in Xianning. Various volcanic rocks needed to cross. I often sit on the sharp volcanic stone in order to take beautiful photos. Other partners are screaming. I did not respond too much, because I have velvet in my pants. No scratches. It was light rain and the wind was very strong. When a gust of wind was blowing, I did not respond to the wind and dampness, and the light rain did not affect it. The pants were not wet at all.

隔了三天去黄石探洞,因为是野洞,各种脏,依旧穿的是这条裤子,因为觉得洞里冷,这裤子的保暖效果好,但没有想到的是蹭得一身泥,岩On the stone of the wall, after coming out, wiped it with water with a head scarf, and the pants were still clean, and there were still no scratches. And the inside layer of the clothes is still not wet.


After many outdoor testing, elasticity, windproof and waterproof, low temperature and warmth, wear -resistant and scratch -resistant, it is really a variety of functions required for outdoor. It is strongly recommended to everyone.