Kitchen decoration design, what questions should you pay attention to? These 16 details may be the most complete finish.


For those who eat, even the people who have a mediocrity know how to “see the three meals, night to ask for a hoped”, after all, people eat food! At the moment, people’s living standards are getting more and more demanding for eating this. As the cooking space of three meals a day, how to design a reasonable and practical kitchen will be related to the quality of our three meals, which in turn affects our quality of life. Below, I will introduce some design details that can enhance the practical and comfort of the kitchen, you can refer to the reference!


1, kitchen layout


On the layout of the kitchen, there is U / L with a character layout, from the perspective of the operating line of the kitchen space, U-shaped> L-shaped> One type.

1U font layout

The U-shaped kitchen layout is the most practical and convenient. When cooking, from the washing, cut vegetables, all the operations are only completed between turns, do not need to go back.


2L word layout


If you can design the “Wash-Cut – Fried” movement, the L-shaped kitchen layout is also more practical, which can bring practical and convenient cooking experiences.

3 character layout

A transgenic kitchen layout belongs to a more unweetted type. This kind of kitchen is narrow. When you have a meal, you will be too big. If the movement is designed and unreasonable, make a meal to make your hands.

2, operators

The kitchen operators are the area where the main operation is used. This location has a lot of details, and I will quit:

1 high and low table

Washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking is a more main step in the meal. The sink of the wash vegetables is under the inline, and the cooking furnace of the cooking is on the countertop, and the cut dishes are flush with the countertop, so that different operations are Completed on different planes, if the countertop is a uniform height, the elbow will be very uncomfortable. In order to solve this problem, we need to do the design of the high and low table.

2 waterfront

When the washing vegetable, washwashing, etc., it is inevitable that there will be water splash to the countertop, and the water retaining plate at the edge of the console can avoid water flow to the countertop, causing the cabinet, ground.

3 wash-cut-fried motion line


If the kitchen’s tobacco pipe, the pattern is allowed, then the kitchen is relatively reasonable from left to right is: washing vegetables, cut vegetables, cooking, avoid moving back, makes it more smoothly.


4 sink window

Wash vegetables, dishwash, wash, washing … .

5 cutting district countertops

When I saw a netizen, I cut my bones and cut my bones. When I went to my home, when I was put, I always felt that I didn’t go to my hand. I was afraid that my console is also cut off. In fact, as long as we install the cabinet, do a good reinforcement treatment to the cutting district, and the problem is to avoid.

3, cabinet design

The cabinet is the main storage space of the kitchen. The kitchen is used as a high-frequency space. In addition to the storage, the use of convenience is also critical, and below is some of the cabinets I summarized:

1 cabinet door hidden handle

The cabinet door handle, it is recommended to do a hidden handle, so the door is simple, and the hand does not touch the door when the door is opened, avoiding the oil and oil when cooking, and it is easy to dirty.

2 cabinet door to prevent dirty

The water vapor in the kitchen is relatively large. If you do the paint-free plate with ordinary paste, it will be very uncomfortable. From a dirty perspective, the cabinet door is recommended to use UV materials. If you want to take into account beautiful and dirty, you can choose the paint door.

3 Leave an empty area


The cabinet can leave a cabinet without the cabinet, so some common kitchen utensils, ingredients can exist, usually use without repeatedly open the door, reduce the cumbersome operation, and improve the efficiency of cooking.


4, hydropower plan

The kitchen’s hydropower plan is easy to ignore before the decoration, and then discovers the problem after renovation. Here is to introduce:


1 cabinet custom node

From the order of decoration, the cabinet is only installed in the later decoration, but the cabinet is to place an order in advance, because so you can design a cabinet and hydropower positioning in the hydropower renovation stage, otherwise, wait for the decoration, then the cabinet, then There may be unreasonable cases of conflicts of cabinets and hydropower positions.


2 refrigerator to stay a special line


The refrigerator is an electrical appliance that needs long-term power. Even if you travel from the distance, the fish in the refrigerator needs to keep the frozen, so it is recommended to reserve a special circuit to the refrigerator, avoid pulling the refrigerator, and a few days After returning home, I found the refrigerator stink!


3 embedded electrical appliances to be switched


The socket of the embedded electrical appliance is usually left inside the cabinet. If you want to power off, you need to move the electrical appliance. In order to facilitate control of the power supply of the embedded electrical appliance, it is recommended to leave a socket of the embedded electrical appliance to stay in the outside, so that It will be more convenient to get up, you can power off and avoid standby.


4 single basin big sink is better


The sink has a double basin and a single basin. It is recommended to use the big single basin to be more useful, so it will be more convenient.

5 high throwing dragon

The faucet of the kitchen, it is recommended to choose a high-throw, so that the pot, washing the board, etc., we can flexibly control the position of the faucet and the water, and even more convenient.

About the kitchen renovation design, I have organized 16 payment details, which may be the most comprehensive dry goods in the whole network! As long as you do these details, I believe that your kitchen will be very comfortable!