In spring, wearing canvas shoes is just like it! These 9 pairs of age and fashion


As soon as spring arrives, the canvas shoes have begun to be active in everyone’s vision again. Jungle skirts can be matched at will, beautiful and easy to wear, who doesn’t love?

Next, I recommend a few canvas shoes about 350 yuan. In addition to the classic Converse, there are many fashionable and versatile canvas shoes.


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Keds women’s classic wild canvas shoes WF34000


The American ancestor -level canvas shoes brand was established by the US rubber company The U.S. Rubber Company. Keds knows the star effect. He invites the famous Korean actress Zheng Xiujing to endorse. The classic white shoes that Zheng Xiujing often wear is the most popular. This canvas shoes are woven from delicate canvas, with a solid texture and refreshing breathable. Three -piece simple shoe design, modify the foot shape, and walk comfortably. Filtering the toe fit the foot shape, and it is not easy to grind your feet. The rubber outsole is wear -resistant, soft and elastic. The shoe body is pure white. The only shoe label and insole on the tongue are blue. The white and blue with the visual experience is very fresh and natural. Without extra decoration makes these shoes look slightly mature. In addition to the white models, there are 9 colors to choose from, and the colors are different. The lowest is 198 and the highest is only about 300.



Palladium/Paladin canvas shoes 72885


Whether it is canvas or leather noodles, Paladin’s shoes can maintain consistent lightness and comfort, and also take into account the durability of outdoor shoes and boots. This model with a 72885 low -top canvas shoe combines canvas shoe body with military boots soles to form a unique style. Paladin men’s basic low -top casual shoes, the upper cotton canvas material with the canvas, the fabric is soft and comfortable; a piece of molded rubber with an EVA material insole, solid and soft, not easy to deform, durable and wear -resistant. The soles of military boots are about 2.5cm high, which is relatively significant and has a relatively obvious effect. The price of this shoe fluctuates a large range, floating between 200-400 yuan, and it is most cost-effective to buy when the price is lowered.



CONVERSE/Converse Cons series retro low -gangson shoes Star Player 169733C


Converse is a well -known American casual canvas shoe brand, with fans all over the world. Star Player’s shoe design is simple and slender; the classic star arrow logo on the side of the shoe side is fashionable and eye -catching. The midsole color shoe fence is designed, and the wiring is smooth. The toe rubber is all -inclusive, which is quite wear -resistant, and the relief pattern enhances the overall texture of the shoes. The pentagram of the back -ups is empty pattern, with a stylish texture and exquisite workmanship. At present, Tmall has a regular way to buy it, but after the investigators, the investigators believe that it is more cost -effective to buy in


JOY & Mario/Happy Mary Women’s Flat Sideline Shoes 61880W



There are many happy Mary styles, and novel design such as patterns and contrasting color is endless. 61880W The body of the shoe is empty to improve the breathability, and the softness increases accordingly. The upper is covered with complicated patterns, and it is available in white and dark blue. The pads of the insoles are sewn on the latex pad, and the feet feel is comfortable and soft. After covering the pricing curve, the price of this shoe is often floating and frequent activities.



Keds women’s creamy wild canvas shoes WF57974



The flexibility of the low -top shoe body is stronger than the high gang, the ankle is unrestrained and flexible, easy to wear and take off, and the area is more exposed to the feet. The design of the two -connector is simple and stylish, the shoe body is clean and refreshing, and the dark silver on the soles of the shoe shows a little distinguished luxury in the low -key. The canvas shoes are stiff and not easy to deform. The breathability is better than synthetic leather, and abrasion resistance is also good. Keds has an official flagship store on the Tmall platform and Koala sea purchase. Tmall platforms often have coupons to receive coupons, and the price is more affordable.


Keds Women’s Width Panpot Blims Canvas Shoes WF34000-A

Consistent with the WF34000 style, but the same shoe code, this WF34000-A has a more spacious and taller shoe. group. At present, this wide version of canvas shoes only have 38 shoe codes, and only white models are available.


Joy & Mario/Happy Mary Men’s Flat Funding Cao Cao Edit Canvas Shoes 298M



The front and rear design of the shoe body is obviously divided, with the middle foot as the boundary, the front half of the shoe body is dense, the front half of the shoe body stripes are thick and wide, the interval is large, forming a sharp contrast. The shoe body and the soles are combined with straw compilation elements, which is rich in the design elements of the shoe body, and the casual atmosphere is stronger.



Keds pink women low -top canvas shoes WF54511



The three -piece upper design is equipped with canvas fabrics. The rubber bottom is non -slip and wear -resistant. The insoles are soft and elastic. The candy color is quite girly, fashionable and simple, and naturally fresh.


Keds women’s light mouth canvas single shoes WF57163


Reduce the design of the low -top canvas shoes, shorten the tongue, reduce the holes of the shoe, and reduce the shoe help. The low -top canvas shoes become KEDS’s WF57163 model single -shoe style canvas shoes. It is convenient to get rid of it and has obvious features.


VANS/Van Side side stripe retro canvas shoes vn000sjvc4r



VN000SJVC4R is the most classic and popular style of VANS, black and white classic color matching, fashionable and versatile, wavy stripes on the side of the shoe, Vans’s popular classic design, highly recognizable, simple and classic shoe type, suitable for various styles, with skirts with skirts The trousers are unique and very eye -catching.