14 children’s helmet evaluation: Which can resist the violent impact test?


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When children are performing outdoor sports, helmets are one of the indispensable protection equipment.

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How to choose good sports helmets?

What kind of products can truly protect children from harm?

Recently, Hong Kong’s “Selection” magazine released a test of 14 children’s helmets, covering children’s bicycle helmets with different designs.

For the results of this evaluation, Hua Dad also sorted out. However, this evaluation is sampled in Europe, so the same brand and style, rarely on domestic e -commerce platforms.

Therefore, if you want to buy, it is recommended to buy or purchasing. Parents who intend to buy helmets for children may also focus on the choice of children’s helmets ~

Evaluation sample

14 claims to be suitable for bicycle helmets that are about 7 -year -old children. The specific information is shown in the figure below:

Evaluation indicator

Protection ability:

To examine the protection of various children’s helmets, it is the focus of this evaluation.

This test combines the test method developed by the European Union EN1078 and Strasbourg University. Through the impact of 6 angles, recorded through straight lines and dynamic impact data, thereby analyzing the protection of 14 products when impacting the brain protection of the brain when impacting the brain. ability.

Test Results

14 products have different degrees of protection capabilities

Test method: Simulate the situation when the actual accident occurs, wearing various helmets with special fake people, accepting impacts from 6 directions, recorded impact data.


Wear a helmet with a dummy head for testing

The first three impacts used the cervical spine and the horizontal line to be 25 degrees, and the front, rear and side of the head hit the head, and the impact speed was about 20km/h.

The latter three impacts hit the side, forehead, and side with a 45 -degree slope, and the impact speed was slightly increased to about 22km/h slightly.

The test results show:

14 children’s helmets can effectively reduce the impact.

For the 6 -impact direction, the maximum acceleration of the obtained linear lines is lower than the 250 times gravity acceleration (G, 1g = 9.8 meters/second 2) of the European standard requirements, which reflects the anti -collision materials and cushions of each product. , Can resist higher -speed slope impacts.

In addition, testers reorganized the entire head (including head bones, brain, brain stems, and cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) in a three -dimensional model with a finite element analysis method.

Use the impact data to analyze the degree of squeezing the brain cells to calculate the chance of impact injury to the brain.


The score is as follows:



1. “Honghui” Kids Helmet (#1)


“CIGNA” TT-32 (#2)

The head protection of the wearer is the best, and the level of brain cells is squeezed slightly.

2. Decathlon “BTWIN” 100 (#3), Bell “Bell” Sidetrack Ⅱ MIPS (#4), UVEX KID 2 (#5), “Kidzamo” Butterfly (#6)

The performance was better, and they all got 3.5 star rating points.

3. Nutcase Little-Nutty (#13), Bern Nino (#14)

The performance at the bottom, only 2.5 star rating, mainly because the side impact is more than other products, which affects the overall score.

From the design point of view,

“Honghui” Kids Helmet (#1), “Kidzamo” Butterfly (#6)

The shell is thinner and the structure is simpler.

Xinnuo “CIGNA” TT-32 (#2), Bell “Bell” Sidetrack Ⅱ MIPS (#4), UVEX KID 2 (#5)

It is claimed to be integrated for molding design,

It can be seen that the structure and protection ability does not have the same relationship.

In summary,

The 14 children’s helmets in this evaluation have the protection ability. The main difference is in design and materials. You can choose on demand.

The workmanship design of 14 products is as follows:

In addition, from the test of actual use, it was also found that when facing impact, the helmet can provide different degrees of protection for the wearer’s head.

Therefore, when children are riding outdoor activities, they must remember to wear a helmet!

Consumer advice



1. Select helmets with label identification specifications.

View corporate information, execution standards, helmet size and other information, do not buy helmets for proofing products.


Chinese qualified sports helmets should meet the standard requirements and test methods of “Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Sports Helmet Bicycles, Skateboards, and Roller Skating Sports Helms”.

There are also corresponding standard requirements internationally, such as the EU’s CE certification (EN1078), Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2063, the Standard ASTM F1447 of the American Materials Test Association, and CPSC standards of the American Consumer Product Safety Committee helmet.

EU cycling helmet CE certification

Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2063

2. Choose a helmet suitable for children’s head shape.


The size of the helmet should be moderate and should not be too large or too small, otherwise it may shift when wearing to affect the field of view, balance and protection.

It is best to take your child to the store when you buy and try it in person.

3. Choose comfortable and strong products

Touch the inner pad of the helmet to confirm whether the texture is soft and comfortable, whether it is strong with the inner side of the helmet;

Press the foam plastic buffer layer between the shell and the pad to choose high -density and thick -sized products.

4. Select different helmet design according to different needs.

If you ride on the road, you can choose a brightly colorful helmet to make other road users easier to see;

If riding at night, you can choose a helmet with a reflective sticker or light -emitting diode (LED);

Sweat or fearing hot children, you can choose a helmet with more pores.


5. It is best to buy a new helmet, and the second -hand helmet needs to be cautious.

The new helmet has a certain guarantee.

The helmet that has been hit may be affected, so second -hand helmets need to be purchased with caution.

Buy second -hand helmets due to budget issues, and check whether there are obvious deresses or flower marks, or whether the hat belt buckle is ruptured or damaged.

6. Pay attention to patrons, complete equipment and safer!

Children wear sports helmets correctly, although it can effectively reduce the damage to the body when the accident occurs, but it cannot completely avoid damage.

Therefore, when children perform outdoor activities, parents should not rely on protective gear and be neglected.


In addition, on the basis of wearing a protective helmet, you can also wear equipment such as wrist protection knee pad elbows to improve safety according to actual needs.

when using it:

1. Before wearing, check the good nature of the helmet.

Before wearing, check whether the helmet has cracks, depression or other abnormalities, such as aging of rubber.

If you find it, you should not continue to use it.

2. Parents pay attention to instruct their children to wear correctly.

When children wear helmets, parents need to help guidance to confirm whether the helmet is wearing, whether the lace is tight, and whether the buckle is loose.

You can refer to the following method:


When wearing, the helmet should not lean back. It is best to do not exceed the width of two fingers from the eyebrows. Otherwise, you cannot protect the user’s forehead or lean forward to avoid hindering the wearer’s sight.

The two sides of the fixed band should be adjusted to only the ear petals, and the fixed band must be tightly linked to the chin, and the length is adjusted to only two fingers.

3. Pay attention to cleaning

In daily use, the helmet will inevitably stick to the wearer’s sweat and oil.


Therefore, after use, the helmet should be cleaned according to the instructions. The dirt can be wiped off with a wet cloth and air -dried in a cool place.

When not in use, you can wrap the box to avoid being pressed by heavy objects and affect its protection ability.

4. Replace regularly

Generally speaking, the service life of the helmet is 3 to 5 years. Because with the long time of the helmet, the aging material will reduce the protection of the helmet.


Therefore, the production date of the helmet can be replaced appropriately.

Introduction to Xiao Honghua Testing:


We are the first batch of people engaged in the comparative evaluation of goods in China. The purpose of setting up the “Little Red Flower Evaluation” is to recommend more secure and cost -effective children and family products through independent, objective and professional comparative evaluation.

The “Little Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to the three principles: not accepting test samples provided by the enterprise, advertising and sponsorship attempts to affect the test results, and entrusted national certification testing institutions to test independently.

Please pay attention to the “Little Red Flower Evaluation” to get more infant products comparison evaluation content.

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