At home in the summer, how to use a piece of paper to play children’s math?


Regarding the summer vacation, there is a common order in the American education community: people will become “stupid” in the summer vacation.

This pass is from a research results of John Hopkins University. This two -year -old study of 3,000 students of Atlanta found that:

In the new semester after the summer vacation, the academic performance of the superior students will improve; on the contrary, the 25%of the students who have the lowest grade have forgotten the things they learned from the previous semester during the holidays; middle school students have not changed during the summer vacation, but it also means It is backward and so on.

This is especially true for young children. The learning of young children in life is bitter. How to grasp the study at home in the summer vacation for two months is not tired. It is a headache for every parent. Mathematics enlightenment can be easily expanded at home. A piece of paper can solve the mathematical learning of children in the summer.


Give you a piece of paper, what will you do with it? What will you use to teach your children to learn?


Origami plane? Put a wall sticker? Cut a window flower? Painting a painting? Native

These are all good. After all, children can learn something, but compared with learning, it can only be regarded as playing. What I want to say today is to give you a piece of paper, in fact, you can exercise your children

Mathematical thinking and establishment of three -dimensional geometry imagination

Let children fall in love with school mathematics in more interesting and practical ways, and increase their interest in mathematics.

Conscience and arithmetic

Paper bags signing | Mathematics starts with consciousness.

You can prepare some papers of different colors into small paper bags, and put the corresponding numbers on it to allow children to find counting their cognitive memories in counting. This is a very effective way to consolidate children’s knowledge.

The small paper bag is folded and hung on the wall, and then fills the corresponding figures on the popsicles. Children can easily find accurate answers through memory and observation.


Color -coating connecting animal painting

Some cute little animals are printed on the paper, allowing children to complete the animal painting by coating.


This method is mainly to keep children in mind the order order.

At the same time, multi -color painting content can also strengthen the child’s color cognition and matching ability. The addition of animal elements and also carry out different animal cognitive education, which is almost three.


Rain drops under white clouds

Cut the paper into a piece of clouds, write the numbers, and then cut out some raindrops. Different digital white clouds make children match accurate raindrops. This is the most direct digital operation.

(5 raindrops))

There are many ways to match the digital pairing of raindrops under Baiyun. If you think the above method is too troublesome, you may wish to buy some small cartoon pictures online and teach the baby to see the number of pictures.

(11 two gloves and 12 penguins)

Small gloves, little penguins, little snowman, little snowflakes are cute and cute, as long as the number on the picture comes out, check the correct figures.

Among them, you can also exercise your child’s observation.


(9 snowman and 10 pieces of snowflakes)

(The snowman in the figure is in turn; 2, 5, 4)


Crown gemstone

It is also very efficient to use paper to combine small props to teach children. Through the synchronous column, the answer to the title has become immediate, and the simple addition and subtraction children understand.

(4+5 = 9)


Signing by walking

As soon as they encountered a 10 -in mathematical arithmetic problem, those children with several fingers were anxious because they were not enough to count. If your child is also a master of digital finger calculation, then you can try this visa that will walk.

First of all, on the paper, signed the numeric number to sign the nipples made of paper, and marked the digits and ten digits.

Putting the toilet in the columns, calculating the digit and the number of advances on the ten digits, the answer immediately appears, and easily cut a question.


Since then, arithmetic no longer counts fingers.


(45+17 = 62)

Score snowman

If the child is older, you have already mastered the number of 1-10,

At this time, you can also use the game to play scores with your children.


Before that, everyone can let the children play for a while to “draw”, such as drawing a hat for the snowman, a pair of eyes, or a scarf … fully encourage the children to let them use their imagination.

After the creation, the snowman’s body is rolling, and then you can use semi -circular rules to draw a few circles on the paper, starting from the heart of the circle

Divide Yuanping into two equal divisions, three -class points, four -class points … At the same time, use white paper to write the corresponding scores, such as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 …


Afterwards, the snowman was spelling and guided the child to put the score on the corresponding small circle. On this basis, children can learn the enlightenment of scores, and

Adding snowman elements is completely to increase learning interest. Funny learning will make knowledge points always remember.

Source: Xin Shengli Children Class