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Cycling has become a way of traveling for young people. It not only allows you to fully feel the beauty of the road, but also allows you to enjoy the speed and passion collision. In order to allow everyone to have a better cycling experience, Yamahajun has compiled ten security ride stickers here.


Let’s take a look together!

TOP 10

Helmet service life

If you have a helmet that has been intact for five years, then congratulations, this is a proud thing! When your helmet has been used for five years or more, it is time to consider letting it retire, because the helmet also has a shelf life. Among the helmet, glue, resin, and other substances have begun to go downhill. It will accelerate the aging of the helmet. Taking advantage of it now, add a new helmet for yourself!



Tire condition

As we all know, using bald tires is a major cause of accidents, but such accidents often occur. In order to prevent accidents, you need to check the wear status of your tire frequently (especially the tire wall part), and you also need to prepare a spare tire. Nowadays, most tire manufacturers can provide tires that meet various driving needs. Whether you go straight or slowly ride, it is particularly important to choose the tire that suits you.



Check the brake fluid

Most people know that brake fluid is one of the important parts of motorcycles, but the brake fluid is not as simple as you think. The brake fluid will absorb the water in the air. The brake system that uses the expired brake fluid is like a sponge that is full of moisture, which loses the ability to brake. Replace the brakes and brake pads before replacing the brake liquid, which is also very important for the safety of motorcycles!



Cycling equipment/protective gear

The better quality riding equipment is very expensive, but the lack of them will cause serious threats to your cycling. A set of high -quality protective clothing allows you to avoid harm in the accident. The protective clothing that has been worn in the accident must be replaced immediately. Your gloves may be ruptured because of frequent use, so that the skin on the hand is exposed. A loose line or a damaged zipper will also make you suffer accidentally in an accident. harm.



The handle (clutch/front brake)

Maintain the flexibility and convenience of clutch and front brake handle at all times. Adjusting their spacing according to their own conditions, it is best to use one of your fingers to control the brakes and clutches, and your right foot can step on the brakes at any time. The reason for doing this is that the emergency situation may occur at any time on the road. If the vehicle in front of you suddenly changes the driving route, you need to respond immediately. In the shortest time, deal with the crisis will save your life.


Use the correct windproof mirror

Being able to see the road ahead is an indispensable condition for safety cycling. Have you ever used black windproof mirrors while riding at night? In fact, dark windproof mirrors are not desirable, but when you encounter culverts and cloudy days, or riding at night, you will cause your sight. Therefore, the best way for you is to replace a colorless windproof mirror.


Check the lax chain

The chain is an important part of the transmission. Each ride is 500-700 kilometers, you should check the tightness of the chain and make appropriate adjustments in time. Too tight or too loose is not the best state of the chain. Cleaning the chain in time is also necessary to be necessary to clean the chain. Essence In addition, the degree of wear of the chain gear should also be valued. Replacement chain and sprocket wheels regularly can ensure your cycling safety.


Use your rearview mirror


On the streets, many fans often think that they do not have to watch the rearview mirror because it happens later. In addition to professional racing cars that do not need to install rearview mirrors, you must use the rearview mirror to observe your front and back road conditions at the time of daily cycling. This is the best measure to ensure safety cycling. The rearview mirror can help you take measures such as avoidance or deceleration during crisis, and you can help you choose a “escape road” at a critical moment!



Check tire pressure


Excessive or too low tire pressure is not desirable. Oil is a trivial matter, but the reduction of friction is an important cause of accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that you love riding strictly in accordance with the tire pressure standards specified in the “User Manual” to detect tire pressure. In addition, tires cannot be ignored due to aging.



OK and focus

If you have already turned to the end, then Yamahajun needs to remind you gentle: act and focus.


The characteristics of motorcycles are small volume and fast speed, which is not easy to find compared to other vehicles. Therefore, maintaining sufficient vigilance in sudden situations is to avoid the reliable prerequisite for accidents. Any negligence or carelessness in cycling may lead to unpredictable regrets!


Drive like this, even if it is faster! Intersection