Guitar is more expensive than piano? “Guitar Kingdom” hidden in the South China Sea


At 9 pm on February 22, the Mingde Musical Instrument Building located in the Water Town Water Town, Nanhai Lishui Town is still brightly lit. The Fourth China Guitar Industry Summit Mingde Branch is staged the “Koben Night” classical guitar concert. , Classic tracks such as “City of the Sky”.


“Kobin Night” Classical Guitar Concert was held

This is the third year of Mingde Musical Instrument hosted the China Guitar Industry Summit. In the two -day Mingde branch event this year, not only did the two nights of guitar concerts performed, but also multiple lectures and forums. “We hope to output some guitar expertise in this process so that domestic colleagues will know what professional guitar is like.” Said Shen Min, chairman of Mingde Musical Instrument Group and Koben Guitar designer.

In fact, “professional” is one of the most important labels hidden in the water instrument brand hidden in the South China Sea. In 22 years, Mingde Musical Instrument has taken a characteristic of “Chinese Brand+Made in Europe”. While exporting Chinese brands to the world, it will also introduce professional guitar in European and American industrial standards to the domestic market.


A large number of guitars are arranged in the concert venue.


A guitar 80,000 yuan

“Chinese Brand+Made in Europe” Quality Method Theory

Although it is still unknown among ordinary people, the Mingde Musical Musical Instrument Brand Cobbin Guitar has become well -known among professional guitar players and art candidates. Chen Xi, a new Chinese guitar player Chen Xi, used the Cabbin guitar in 16 national tour last year and last year.

Chinese emerging classical guitar player Chen Xi performed many songs such as “One Step Away” on the spot.

“When the first player guitar was played, it was really surprised by its quality. The cost performance exceeded many foreign piano workshops. The same price could buy very good piano.” Said the classical guitar youth player Hong Tenghuan, he He studied in Germany and held a personal concert in many places in Europe.

Creating a player -level handmade guitar is the brand positioning of Shen Min at the beginning of his business. In 1997, Shen Min established Mingde Musical Instruments in Tianhe, Guangzhou. Later, in order to meet the needs of office and warehousing, the company relocated to Shuizhen, Nanhai Lishui in 2003. Here, Mingde Musical Instrument began to build a brand road for more than ten years.

It is easy to find a guitar foundry in China. As a manufacturing country, China has undertaken many guitar founders of international instrument brands. However, Shen Min found that domestic guitar manufacturers could not meet the high -end professional guitar standards he wanted. He aimed at the birthplace of guitar in Spain and Germany, which is famous all over the world.

Kobin Guitar.

“Traditional understanding is a brand of European and American. When you come to China to find cheap foundries, they sell their brands to Europe and the United States. Cobin’s operation is reverse. Our high -end products are qualified German and Spanish handicrafts. The piano maker is our foundry and posted our brand. “Shen Min said.

In 2006, Mingde Musical Instrument launched the Cobba guitar brand in the United States, and Kabin guitar in the “Chinese brand+Europe” sells the United States, Europe, South America and other regions. In 2013, Kobin guitar entered the Chinese market. “After 7 years in the foreign market, we began to introduce some professional guitars that have reached European and American industrial standards into the Chinese market.” Shen Min said, but to this day, Kobin Guitar is still larger than the Chinese market than the Chinese market.

The pursuit of professionalism not only creates high quality, but also a high price. In the exhibition hall of the Mingde Group Building, at the “German OEM Handmade Piano” area, the Koben Music Master Series MM21 guitar with a price of 80,000 yuan is particularly conspicuous. This is the most expensive piano in Kobin Guitar. It’s more expensive than a car and no less than the piano. ” Next to the “German foundry handmade piano”, the series of guitar displayed by the “Spanish foundry handmade piano” is about 25,000 yuan.

80,000 yuan of Kobin Music Master Series MM21 Guitar.

Do not fight “price war”

Let more people understand professional guitar

Search for guitar on a shopping website, and the top five price range of the sales volume is 100 yuan to 500 yuan. In contrast, the price of the Koben guitar seems quite “not close to the people”, which has also become a hindrance to the Copin guitar to open its popularity. “The problem in the Chinese market is that consumers are insufficient,” said Shen Min. Due to the low threshold for self -learning, people generally regarded guitars as cheap or low technical instruments.

Although the sales volume is limited by the price, Shen Min made it clear that he was unwilling to fight the “price war”. “We are destined to be destined to be very large, and any industry pyramid is like this. In professional -level instruments, we It can be said that we are in a leading position. Many colleagues from all over the country will come to our exhibition hall to see what professional guitar is. “

There are various types of guitar in the Mingde Musical Instrument Exhibition Hall.


He believes that guitar is not only a pastime instrument. It has many types of subdivisions. The professional guitar and the general guitar play are quite different, and they also have higher requirements for musicians. Money is okay, but professional performers need professional -level guitars, which is no different from piano, violin and other instruments.

“Classical guitar is the three musical instruments in the music scene with violin and piano, which is very powerful.” Hong Tenghuan said that when the guitar was passed into China, it was a kind of pastime instrument, which also made people understand the professional classical guitar about the professional classical guitar. Many, unlike the instruments such as piano and violin, have high proficiency and many followers. “To further deepen people’s understanding of classical guitar, the joint efforts of employees need to be worked.”

In the past years, Shenmin and Mingde Musical Instruments have also made a lot of efforts in the spread of professional guitar knowledge. Shen Min has traveled to Germany to learn guitar design. In addition, he has accumulated in the guitar industry for many years. Whether it is professional guitar knowledge or the development of the guitar industry, it has a deep understanding. Therefore, he is often a lecturer at the National Guitar Summit Forum, Guitar Art Festival, and large -scale competitions.

The Mingde Musical Instrument also often sponsor the well -known and influential guitar art festival in the country, as well as some large -scale competitions, becoming a “frequent visitor” in professional guitar rally. The Mingde Branch of the Chinese Guitar Industry Summit is one of them, and one of them is three years.

During the Mingde branch, Shen Min wore conspicuous yellow T -shirts to convert between hosts, lecturer, musical instrument manufacturers and other different identities. He could talk about any small details about the guitar. “The audience does not understand professional guitar music, and it may be easier to follow the flow.” Shen Min said that through these activities, let domestic colleagues understand how professional guitar is like.

While working hard to improve the public’s understanding of professional guitar, Shenmin also proposed “small goals” in terms of sales.

[Written article] Lin Dongyun Ye Jiechun


【Photography】 Liu Danping Lin Dongyun

【Author】 Lin Dongyun

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There are various types of guitar in the Mingde Musical Instrument Exhibition Hall.


There are various types of guitar in the Mingde Musical Instrument Exhibition Hall.