June Yi, although you pick these “toy cars” to children


Children’s Day?

Close me P!

But parents here

Presumably it will be spent, right?

After all, children’s Day has not received gifts

Why can’t I say

Ordinary families may bring children


Go and eat a meal McDonald’s

Or buy a long -lasting toy

If the family is rich,

Maybe you choose to travel abroad

Let the children see the world well


If you are a car enthusiast

Presumably, the car model has also been considered as a gift for children’s day

To cultivate children’s love for cars


Some ordinary car models on the market currently

The price does not wait tens of hundreds

The electric toy car that can “drive” is a thousand yuan

Most families can afford it

But what I never thought was


The following car models are the local tyrants

You have to weigh your wallet


Ordinary people will express it after reading it

“Don’t talk about luxury cars, even toy cars can’t afford it.”

Bugatti Chiron Lego version (1: 1)

Just two years ago

Lego uses millions of building blocks

It took more than 10,000 hours

It is the same size as a real car

Bugatti chiron Lego version

It is regarded as the cheapest Bugatti in the world


It is also the slowest running in the world

But it’s also the Bugatti you can’t afford

But this toy car Lego is collected by himself

Maybe it is Children’s Day gifts for the boss’s son


Although the Bugatti chiron Lego version is a toy car

But it is also equipped with 24 battery packs

It is composed of 2304 original power system

Each motor group consists of double -layer Lego gear assembly

(Is the driver wearing a helmet seriously?)

The entire electric system provides 5.3 horsepower output

Peak torque can reach 92 Nm

The maximum speed can reach 20km/h

Equivalent to the speed of ordinary human bicycles

But I don’t know if it will

During the driving process, “parts” dropped

I feel embarrassed to think about this picture

Bugatti Chiron Lego version (1: 8)


Less than 3000 yuan 1: 8 Lego version


Bugatti Chiron was published before the 1: 1 model

This can satisfy a lot of Bugatti fans

The reduction of the model is also very high

A total of 3599 parts composed

It takes more than a week if it is assembled


It’s not realistic to assemble it to your son

Bugatti Legend Racing (1: 2)

Perhaps Bugatti is as willful as Boss Boss

Bugatti has also created a electric toy car for children


It is reported that the price of the toy car is as high as 30,000 euros

Rather than a toy car


It’s better to be a artwork

This car with only half the size of the real car

The prototype is Bugatti Legend Type 35

I have won countless competition championships

The workmanship and assembly are highly restored

Bugatti’s exquisite handmade manufacturing process

The materials are also very particular

So it is not too much to call it artwork at all


More like a collection of adults

As for the power system

There are two power modes of this Bugadi toy car

The speed of children’s mode is 20km/h

The adult mode is 45km/h

There are as many as 30km mileage

Rolls -Royce Curryan model (1: 8)


Only those superho brands will launch toy cars

So Rolls -Royce is not lonely

Just recently, Rolls -Royce released Curon


1: 8 ratio car model


Let’s talk about the price first


It is said that it is said to sell at least six digits …


I don’t know if I will buy Kurilinan to deliver the model

The reason why it is so expensive

That’s because the car model

It is manually manufactured according to the standard of the real car

There are more than 1,000 parts alone

Manufacturing time is 450 hours

It is more than twice that it is more slower than the production of a Curin

This reflects the value of manual manufacturing

It’s more curious about the mask produced by Lanbokini handmade

How much does it cost to buy one?