How to choose children’s furniture coatings?


The most important thing to pay attention to in the decoration is environmental protection issues. In order to prevent harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene that may be generated in the decoration, we generally follow the advice of the decoration master, and then stay in after three to six months. However, for families with little babies, the baby’s resistance is weak and is more sensitive to pollutants, so it is the key to stop harmful substances from the source.

The wall of the children’s room will generally choose latex paint that meets environmental requirements. How should the children’s room, wooden tables and chairs, and wooden toys be chosen?

The painting protection of wooden products can generally choose wood wax oil, paint, water -based paint, etc.


The solid wood furniture after painting, the formaldehyde and benzene volatilization time in it will take 3-15 years. The time for children’s leukemia caused by decoration also erupts frequently. The coatings of children’s rooms need to choose higher environmental standards, so wood wax oil or water -based paint can be used.

Woodwax oil

Formaldehyde is water -soluble gas, and wood wax oil is oily coating, so wood wax oil does not contain formaldehyde. Wood wax oil is made of plant resin, vegetable oil and selected high -quality wax. The ingredients are environmentally friendly and natural. The trace benzene contained in it is also far lower than the standards required by the state.


The effect made by wood wax oil is the exposed dew -primer, and it does not form a heavy paint film on the surface of the furniture or toys. Therefore, it avoids the crisis of scratching children or eating by misdiagnosis because the paint film is too long. Moving and not sensitive children.


Woodwax oil storage box

Water -based paint

Solid wood furniture coated with wood wax oil may have some oil flavor in a short time. For some babies who are more sensitive to odor, you can also choose water -based paint.

Water -based paint is an environmentally friendly wood coatings that use water as a diluent as an organic solvent. Compared with woodwax oil, the biggest characteristics of water -based paint are fast drying speed and no taste. Therefore, both patients and rhinitis patients can easily adapt to the new environment. And the paint film formed after the water -based paint is waterproof and dirty. Whether it is oil stains or the handwriting, it can be easily wiped, reducing the cleaning pressure. Water -based paint can not only choose transparent effects, but also can choose a variety of beautiful coverage effects, which is favored by children.

Water -based paint pen tube