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Just last month, a reader asked: “When do you write a ceramic watch, because I want to buy it!” I immediately planned to pass him. After all, I can say a few words, so why should I talk about it?

But thinking about it, although everyone in the market is playing ceramic elements, such as the ceramic bezel is diverse, but there are not many all -ceramic watches -for example, most people can not buy AP; some traditional consumers may may The hesitation of Chanel J12; then the rest of the big name and the appropriate price, the first thing to think of is the Rado Swiss radar table.

So today, let’s take a look at the most distinctive radar ceramic watches.


Not only all ceramics, it is also square. The True Square True Core Watch is destined to be a bright color of the niche market -one black and one white, and it is also nicknamed “black” and “white”.

These two tables are consistent. The biggest difference is that there are 12 diamonds on the “White” dial, which is more soft and modern, while “Black” looks cool

Since the introduction of high -tech ceramic materials into the watchmaking industry in the 1980s, the Swiss radar watch is also famous for this (

The reputation of the material master is not casually come casually


) But in fact, it was not until last year that the brand launched a square integrated high -tech ceramic watch for the first time, which is “black” and “white” (

There is also a plasma high -tech watch


This is the first generation of “Black” launched last year. Compared with the new pyrine pointer this year, its pointer is rose gold.


Square watches are also iconic works in the history of Swiss radar watches. Therefore, the birth of square integrated high -tech ceramic watches is not surprising-

Use modern ways to pay tribute to classics


The design of the full ceramic plus the hollow movement is also a breakthrough for the Swiss radar table

Of course, it has the advantages of ceramic watches. Although it is a square table, its dial uses a rounded square design, which looks softer.

Let’s take a look at my “black side” picture. Its size is 38 mm


In addition, it is equipped with the C07 automatic mechanical movement. It has 80 hours of power storage. I do n’t need to emphasize practicality.


I also tried “White Fang”


In any case, this is a watch that needs to be experienced in person, because no matter the shape or the size, it challenges the conventional thinking of many people. The rabbit encourages everyone to find the shop and try to wear it.

The public prices of these two watches are around 20,000 yuan, and they are now a little popular.

Although black and white is a classic, this is never just a conservative choice. At least for the Swiss radar table, creativity and challenges can go further -the design is the DNA of the radar table.

Let’s take a look. On the basis of square high -tech ceramics, what else can the Swiss radar watch play.


Just in April this year, the Swiss radar watch True Square True Series Terjie Tai Jiaohan (

Tej Chauhan

) Designer cooperation watch won the “Product Design” Award for the Red Dot Design Award.


Everyone calls it “Little Hornet”

The design of this table is inspired by the enduring vision of popular culture, film art, font printing and color theory. The color elements on the dial are dotted with matte black background.

The case is matte yellow high -tech ceramics, and the strap is a yellow pillow belt, which is very natural


Then let’s look at a matte light gray square high -tech ceramic watch -this is a Watch designed by the Swiss radar watch and Italy Formafantasma design studio.

Of course, it is also created in the blueprint of the real self -series, inspired by the more famous “sunset” watch in history

The concept of the “sunset” watch comes from the pocket watch era. At that time, in order to protect the mechanical devices inside the watch, the wearer could “peep” through a very small opening.

The small window of this watch is made of sapphire glass mirror, which can also play a good protective role.

It is said that the design inspiration comes from the design studio’s own name, so the table looks like a ghostly visual effect?

The third watch is a full black -style work, from the hand of Japanese design studio YOY.

This is the Swiss radar watch True Square True Watch Series True Undigital-Yoy designer cooperation model

This watch is inspired by the design of the simulation watch -the appearance of the corner -shaped pointer displayed by the simulated number is combined with the appearance of the Swiss radar high -tech ceramic square watch.

White Super-Luminova luminous coating on the pointer

This table is only 9.6 mm thick, and it is self -evident to wear comfort.

In fact, people who know the opponent’s watches understand that square meters and ceramic materials must be a niche choice -not to mention that the Swiss radar watch has played a more personalized designer cooperation, and has persisted for many years.


Not to make the market smaller, but the creativity that can’t be concealed, and the desire for new for the bones.

Even the seemingly conventional product series, such as the famous Captain Cook in recent years, finally returned to the origin after playing with bronze materials for two years -launched a high -tech ceramic version. Rabbit’s favorite is the full ceramic version of this black gold.

43 mm case, 300 meters of waterproof, the movement can be faintly seen on the dial. The rose gold PVD coating on the outer circle lights up the entire table

What surprised me the most was that the sudden appearance of a female watched gold powder Cook was shining.

I have seen the real thing, 37 mm, with 3 straps, the most colorful is the pink lengthened strap, which can be taken around

It is also a cooperative model, from the designer’s hand, Marina HoermanSeder, is really a woman who knows our girl’s heart better.


It is also a ceramic case and never forgets its own foundation.

In fact, compared to the previous two years, I felt that this year’s Swiss radar watch made me see a stream of energy -the creativity of nowhere to place, and finally had the courage to play. After all, the more mature market is afraid of mediocre.

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