Women want to improve the street aura, absolutely indispensable Martin boots, refreshing and advanced


As the temperature decreases, women make adjustments to wear on their wear. In order to resist the colder upper body items, the thicker and heavy, which also means that the room to play is further narrowed. If you want to improve the fashion sense of the street The effect of the single product is more outstanding, and in the shoe items, women want to improve the street aura. A pair of Martin boots are absolutely indispensable. Let us take a look at it!


Women who love to appreciate street shots may know that many Martin boots in street shots with high -level high -level winds are very high. Whether it is the French look that pursues casual and free, or in the European and American styling of publicity, this also represents Martin boots are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

As a member of the retro items, Martin’s boots are fashionable, refreshing, sharp and accumulated, and have the advantages of versatile and practical advantages. The street feels full. Black lamb cashmere outer jackets are stacked with long white T. The black tights highlight the slender leg shape. Martin boots further modify the leg shape and improve the gas field. It is refreshing and fashionable.

In the cold winter that pursues warmth and thickness, in addition to modifying the leg shape, Martin shoes can also play a sense of bloated and enhance the effect of gas field, thereby avoiding mediocre shapes.

The matte black leather jacket uses the Oversize version, which highlights the rate and unrestrainedness of girls. After wearing a sweater, the personality is full of personality. The Martin boots that connect the Martin boots with black pants are handsome and fashionable.

When women choose Martin boots, it is best to choose a more high -grade soft leather fabric as much as possible. After the feet are matched with the foot shape, the problem of grinding will not occur. As the wear time becomes longer, the Martin boots will become more and more fit. , Together with gas field and comfort.

Black lamb cashmere jackets are stacked with black sweater, retro blue high -waisted denim trousers roll up at will, add a bit of casual temperament, black short tube Martin boots connect trousers legs, and the color system echoes the coat, French street style.

Martin boots have a unique advantage in modifying the leg shape and slim legs. Especially with a variety of small foot pants and smoke pants, the pants are just right to show smooth and beautiful leg lines.


Martin boots that coexist with retro and fashionable are versatile and practical, which can almost combine various items and pants, such as windbreakers, suits, leather clothes or long hair woolen jackets. There are typical French high -waisted jeans, leather leather jeans, leather leather on the pants. Pants or small pants are a universal shoe item.

The black suits are stacked with gray inside, the gray -black high -waisted denim trousers are slightly laid, and the matte black Martin boots are connected.

In terms of color selection, black Martin boots are the most common foundation and profitable, while brown, wine red or military green and other styles have more retro charm. You can choose according to your own needs.

The black long jacket is stacked with the same half skirt, with matte black Martin shoe to form the All black shape, but it makes a difference in black brightness to easily enhance the sense of layering and break the dullness of the black look.


As a universal shoe item, Martin boots do not pick up body, height and young, and can play a role in almost the year and four seasons. The repeated use rate is very high. Bright black Martin boots, super friendly to the little man.

The color grid coat is stacked with a black bottoming shirt, and the retro blue smoke pipe jeans are matched with matte black Martin boots.


In autumn and winter, it is important to reject the sense of high level. It is important to reject mediocrity or looseness. A version of the neat Martin shoes can remove the haze of autumn and winter and make women look more spiritual and stylish. Retro -printed suit stacked shirts, black high -waisted jeans with bright black Martin boots, modern and high -level, highlighting the unruly and handsomeness of girls.

Black short leather jackets with dark blue wide -leg jeans are leisurely and leisurely tightly, and a black short Martin boots echo the short leather clothes, but also quickly enhances the high -level and stylish temperament. Both beautiful and typical. If you like strong and stylish Martin boots in autumn and winter, you may wish to wear it!


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