Minimal wind earrings large collection, white pearl earrings are gentle and sweet, green agate earrings are full of coolness


I believe that many little fairy has pierced ears. When you visit the mall, you will inevitably visit the jewelry shop. In the face of small jewelry, many little fairies will make choices. Today, I recommend a few earrings to you to solve the difficulty of choosing.

The minimalist -style earrings are very popular in recent years. The minimalist style can give people a light and gentle feeling. Earrings are simple but given a very noble feeling. The minimalist earrings are simple but very generous, giving a very unique feeling.

The white pearl earrings are very gentle, and the overlapping style of white pearl earrings gives a very sweet feeling. The stringed white pearl chain is folded into two sets of pearl chains, adding a unique sense of white pearl earrings.


Only white pearls are used as the raw material to form an earrings style, which shows the minimalist style of the earrings, giving a sense of generous but not monotonous feeling. Two micro -long pearl single chains were lowered, which increased the tenderness of the earrings. White pearl earrings with a sweet style can be described as immortal.

Green agate is very unique, and the green agate earrings full of fashion are handsome and cool.


The dark green texture increases the high sense of agate earrings.

Green agate earrings are very unique, breaking the sweetness of the usual earrings, and showing the handsome and cool style.


The cool agate earrings are very suitable for neutralized little cute choices. The handsome and cool dark green tone is full of high sense. This very white tone does not pick the skin color at all.

Green agate earrings are full of coolness, showing the distinctive and cool style of individuals, which is very temperament.

The earrings are a very popular earrings now, and all kinds of earrings are unique.

Silver -white metal earrings are different on both sides. One chain connects two silver rings, which is very unique.

On the other side, a single ring design is used. The two chains are integrated with the two silver rings, which is very fashionable. two

It seems to be different but has a sense of overall sense. It increases the sense of creativity of the earrings and breaks the monotonous sense of the usual earrings.

Golden -yellow metal earrings are very simple, with a generous single ring ring, which increases the high -level sense of earrings.

Very white gold earrings are suitable for small and cute choices with darker skin tone. The minimalist design can show the generosity of personal heart.

The square earrings are very formal, and the white irregular texture is embellished with coffee drills, which increases the high sense of earrings.


The classic deep coffee color tone gives a very simple feeling. The combination of retro and gentleness reflects the unique sense of individuals.

Diamond earrings are a very common model. Diamond earrings with classic atmosphere also give people a classic and generous feeling.

A very gentle transparent diamond is more gentle and elegant under the decoration of the slightly yellow border, very elegant.

The very unique row pearl earrings are very fashionable. Five white pearls use curved arrangement to surround the earlobe. It has a sense of overall earlobe, which is very elegant.

A pearl lined up alone shows the unique sense of earrings.

Bow’s candy earrings are very fashionable, and the unique design style gives a light feeling.


The unique candy earrings use a very high -level dark coffee color tone to increase the high sense of earrings.

Pure white classic earrings are very high -level, revealing a sense of fashion in retro.


Pure white is full of freshness, and earrings have a stylish and classic feeling with a different neutral circle.

The overall sense of high -level sense of fireworks is given.

The white gauze is dotted with yellow irregular sequins, giving a gentle, elegant and sweet feeling.

A very unique design increases the recognition of the earrings and breaks the classic ring shape, which is very fashionable.

The white line earrings are very simple, and the minimalist line earrings show the minimalist style of modern elements.

The style is elegant and temperament is very high -level, unique but not monotonous and very fashionable.


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