Do not love red outfit and love work, Jiujiang “post -95” girl graduation graduation of the auto repair shop manager


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At first glance, she saw Li Jiali, and she was skillfully directing the technician brother to test the vehicle, while communicating with customers from time to time. A sturdy work, a bright smile on his face, and busy but not messy, revealing a confident and upward atmosphere, which is impressive.

The 23-year-old girl from Jiujiang, Jiangxi. After graduating from undergraduate in July this year, he served as the manager of the workshop store of the Nanchang Institute of Technology, the first production and education integration base of the automotive after the automobile market, and started her auto repair industry. Career.

不爱红装爱工装 九江“95后”女孩本科毕业当上汽修店长

Graduation of Ferli Lonely Bachelor’s Graduation Fether of the Auto Repair Industry

At 9:30 in the morning, the workshop store has begun to be busy. The technicians in the store are overhauling, online appointments and offline cars, and the sofa in the rest hall is full of car owners waiting for vehicle maintenance. After Li Jiali arranged the work in the store in an orderly manner, the interview began. Although there were constant access calls during the period, Li Jiali could quickly coordinate and communicate, and returned to the theme of the interview.

“Many people think that vehicle engineering majors are more suitable for boys. At that time, my college chose this major, and her parents also opposed it.” Li Jiali fell into memories. In some people’s stereotypes, girls are more suitable for teachers, nurses or work in the office, but Li Jiali knows her own unique behavior. After learning about the prospect of the car engineering profession, regardless of the opposition of the family, she chose Nanchang. Vehicle engineering majors in the School of Engineering. “At the time, there were only 6 girls in the 36 students in the class. After four years of college, I was glad for my choice.” When talking about the original choice, Li Jiali said firmly.

In the four years of college, Li Jiali studied while studying. Since high school, she no longer has to live living expenses at home. “At first I also worked partners and salespersons to be confused about my future occupation. But in the gradual learning, I firmly determined to engage in the majors I have learned.” The school is organizing the X+1 project test. With the mentality of trying, Li Jiali participated in automotive electronics and electrical and air -conditioning comfort system projects, and obtained an intermediate certificate. At the same time, Tuhu’s car maintenance is actively promoting corporate standards and industry standards to enter the classroom. These standards condense the experience accumulated in the process of enterprises. Closeness can become an important guidelines for the identification of vocational education skills. “(That is, academic qualifications+basic skill level certificate) talent training direction is consistent.

不爱红装爱工装 九江“95后”女孩本科毕业当上汽修店长

A beam of light on the professional road of production and education

In 2020, Li Jiali, who entered the senior year, met a major opportunity for her career. Tour back to May 2020, Tuhu Car Conservation and Nanchang Institute of Technology jointly prepared the first production and education integration base in the automotive aftermarket, and jointly revised the training scheme of the specialist professionals such as vehicle engineering, automobile service engineering and new energy vehicle technology. The technical standards and training system of Tunhu car maintenance are integrated into the talent training system. At the same time, the Tunhu and Nanchang Institute of Technology and the Nanchang Institute of Technology are officially opened in the production and education of more than 120 students in 3 college majors, including car service engineering Enter the customized training class. In September, the Landhu maintenance-Nanchang Institute of Technology’s production and education integration base was formally completed and put into use. The “Elite Class” of the Touhu car maintenance stores composed of 20 outstanding students opened. Li Jiali also entered the class because of its excellent performance in the X+1 project. Recommended by the school, the first batch of internships entering the Touhu car maintenance workshop store.

During the Tunhu Factory Store’s production and education integration base, Li Jiali found that the problems encountered in actual work were different from the similarities and many similarities when they were in school. “Initially I learned from the foundation of the store, such as how to welcome the guests, understand the tires, know the tools, check the tires, how to make up the tire, check the vehicle failure, etc. As long as I have the opportunity, I will learn from it!” Li Jiali told reporters that these things Perhaps it is very simple and basic for those engaged in the automotive industry, but she has learned for a long time for her who has just stepped out of the school. It is also in the process of combining theoretical and practical learning that she has professional ability and slowly accumulate management experience.

不爱红装爱工装 九江“95后”女孩本科毕业当上汽修店长

During the internship of Li Jiali store, she wrote a study daily every day. She always had the most deepest experience in the experience. There are more and more things she learned, and she finds that her responsibilities are getting bigger and bigger. From the team leaders to the leader, the internship manager, to the store manager, you must not only learn how to communicate with customers, but also manage the technician team , Make your small team more effective.

Bold and carefully controlled the “trick” of the team

How can such a small girl manage such a young and vigorous team? Li Jiali gave such an answer: “From the two technicians after the manager to the more than ten individual teams, every detail from recruitment to later training is done by myself. This is enough for employees to be sufficiently enough Understand that from work to life, you can plan more detailed planning. “Early in the morning, Li Jiali first came to the store, and a day’s work started from the morning meeting. Summarizing the problems of technicians in the work yesterday, and then sorting out the focus of today’s work. After the number of vehicles in the store has increased, the logistics vehicles of the delivery tires and oil have also come. The store technicians are busy. At this time, she is busy picking up the goods, inventory, entering the warehouse. Then complete the monthly operation summary of the store.

Maybe she is so fragmented every day, but she can arrange it organized in an orderly manner. She said that at the beginning, everyone did not believe her too much, and she was not afraid of the tiger’s strength by her first -born calf. The process and training system allows her to be familiar with basic management and core goals as soon as possible. In life, she will remember the birthday of the technicians, to give them a small surprise warmth. In her work, she will observe the working status of each employee. A boy Xiao Zhang believes that his business ability is not strong and wants to switch career to career. Giving up the auto repair, Li Jiali found that the boy was not as positive as before. He found the boy, understood the situation, combined with the characteristics of the boy, and changed the boy from the car to the pick -up position of the car. Later, the boy gradually found self -confidence and stayed. As a manager, store staff management is one of the important tasks of grass -roots management. Your future has a clear goal. “In just a few months to take over the store, the performance of the entire store has increased by 30%. I want to continue to achieve achievements in the post of store manager and strive to improve myself. The next city manager who targets Tuhu Raboos is to work hard on a larger stage! “

On the new path of cooperation between enterprises and colleges and universities, we can see the Tunhu car maintenance and integration base, which can not only solve the disconnection of college teaching and actual combat, weak teachers, less student training opportunities, secondary training after work, etc. Pain points, becoming a talent in all aspects of the auto repair industry entering the workplace integration into the actual work quickly enhanced the channel, and at the same time realized the actual combat of the auto repair industry to teach in advance, more conducive to the professional training of specialized talents, as well as the standardized and standardized development of the entire industry, promoted the promotion Industry upgrade, creating a modern service industry with a sense of dignity and attractiveness.

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