The “Test Field” in the eyes of the new state, the consumption habits can be wins


Tomorrow, there is a Sam member store in Qingpu Zhaoxiang, will be officially opened; on August 27th, the second largest retailer in the United States, the world’s first store will also uncover the veil. The previous June 23rd evening, Suning Tesco (002024) announced the acquisition of 80% of Carrefour China with a price of 4.8 billion yuan.

For a time, the Shanghai Retail Market “Wind Club”. Whether it is the brilliance of the newcomers, or the acquisition of the old master, it is refracted behind the new trend of the Chinese market consumption upgrade and demand. Why do Carrefour transfer shares? What is the Sam member store, why is Costco to enter the Chinese market when the entity retail is sluggish?

“Carrefour” acquired:

I don’t understand that consumers are difficult to escape, “I have eaten” fate, quality space resources are still very valuable.

Suning Tesco acquisition of Carrefour China 80% of the announcements have received much attention, but this is not the first famous commercial super brand acquired by the new retail enterprises. Before, Alibaba entered the share of the share of the share of the share of the share of the stock, and the Holiday of the Pharma company became the holding shareholder of Big Runfa. It also acquired the Spanish chain convenience store brand Dia every day in China … These market information passed a signal: Even if Carrefour, Da Run, Dia is a small mood in the industry every day, and can’t resist the “new retail” impact. Analysis of the reasons for “acquired” and the renovation of the acquisition, maybe you can see what the current consumers want more.

Experience has resource does not understand demand

Many years ago, Carrefour, Da Run, European is all the leadership of Shanghai Shangchao, why can’t I escape the destiny of “acquired”?

The most important reason, I am afraid it is not enough to understand consumers. As a commercial ultra-leader, “Carrefour” has built its own sales network and supply chain. However, with the rise of the Internet, in particular the mobile Internet, the demand for consumers has changed, and the main consumer group has also changed. At this time, “Carrefour” has problems with how to establish “strong connection” with consumers.

The first question is to serve the service method and new generation consumption habits. The rise of e-commerce brings “the” not leaving home “shopping experience, but” Carrefour “has a little later known. In fact, they don’t have not realized the importance of mobile shopping. In 2015, Carrefour, Big Runfa did not agree with online shopping mall, and built a website, app, logistics. At this time, the supermarket shopping service of Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms has been very mature. At that time, the online service was launched to Carrefour and Da Run, which not only mean high construction costs, but also to solve “how to attract consumers” problem. The online mall operations of both are not ideal.

The second question is “Carrefour” that has not been upgraded in the era of big data. When purchasing the mall, the consumer is not from the time of life; at the same time, “Carrefour” has set the “entering fee” “marketing fee” for the market position, so that the store is The relationship between the brand is very subtle, and the result is very popular “on demand (C2B)”, starting late. Although the goods in the store are rich, there is a problem with “goods do not panel”.

The third question is the lack of the means of attracting young consumers. These years, “Carrefour” is not self-rescue, including online e-commerce, participate in “double 12” marketing. “How to make the consumer into the source of the special marketing nodes into the long flow of fine water”, “Carrefour” does not seem to find a good way. As the main consumption group, young people will appear in the store in the marketing, and once they have not promotion, they will leave the store.

Industry insiders believe that retail companies may encounter the dilemma of “Carrefour” – there are operational experiences and resources, not enough to understand the current consumer demand. If the business adjustment is “slow and one shot” than the market demand, it is easy to lose the previous market position.

Acquisition is a high-efficiency package short board

Although “Carrefour” was acquired, it was not worthless. Just look at the attitude of the acquired party to the acquired party, you can see that “Carrefour” in the commercial superfielding area can not be ignored, if it is transformed, the opportunity is still not small.

From Suning a few acquisitions, “Carrefour” provides the opportunity for the industry’s new show. Suning started at the sales of large houses, and the development of these years has covered the online line, but it is not avoided that Suning has not accumulated in high-frequency consumption products such as daily life, fresh food and other high-frequency consumption products; compared to it, its acquisition Carrefour, Dia every day, there is more mature resources in this regard. For Suning Tesco, the acquisition is an efficient “supplement shortboard”.

In the context of the fusion development of the underline, the physical store can play the experience center, “the last km” logistics network node and other important roles. However, there is very little space in the city, and the mature store space resources have little, “Carrefour” has taken these spaces. For the hosters, “buy” them is equal to completing the new network layout on the space.

However, after the acquisition, the big knife must be upgraded to solve the previous problem, so that these physical stores will rejuvenate new. After Alibaba retail, Alibaba retail, the business method of Da Run, European is fully upgraded. The relevant person in charge of the Darun Shop said that the big RTM transformation not only learns to launch a limited time delivery service on the online line of the box, but also establishes a digital business system, using the digital system synchronous management line to go online. Compared to new services and new hardware, digital business systems are the most fundamental innovation.

Suning’s flop Diya is not limited to the change name, but the store is digitally upgraded and service optimization, the introduction line or lower order, the line limited delivery, and the online supply chain is shared with Suning small shop, enriched The product line of the next small shop.

Even the new brand called “new retail” is also believed that the development of Shanghainese’s development in the new consumption environment must be continuously innovated, and the market pulse is het. Recently, there have been some fresh stores in the box, but also to more suitable for the suburbs, community models, boxed horses, horses and horses like the previous position. Human Founder and CEO Hou Yi said that Shangchao company should continue to attract consumers, the core is to create quality commodities, different cities, different regions, different population densities, different scenarios need different modes, and cannot be simply replicated. Only constantly exploring, consumers in different regions, different needs, can provide sufficient market competitiveness.

New enterprises in the Chinese market:

Whether the membership system can successfully copy the problem of consumption habits or solve the water

Sam member stores Shanghai first store in Pudong; October 14, 2014, Costco has also entered the Chinese market from the official flagship store of Tmall overseas. Industry insiders believe that the giants in the two membership manufacturers are not about the same layout in the Chinese market, because the Chinese market is standing in the consumption upgrade “wind”.

Member manufacturer super winning “magic weapon”

One senior industry said that the membership manufacturer super from the surface, and its business model is to lock the faith customer by handling membership cards, and obtain a certain profit from the paid membership card, but its inner business logic is “28 Law” These members who are willing to pay for the merchant, is a high-class class, the quality of the city, the price of the city, the prices of the average consumer, the prices of the general consumer, and the prices of the best consumers are exceeding the general consumer.

Compared to supermarkets such as large stores, standard supermarkets, convenience stores, ordinary consumers don’t know much about the businessmen of membership manufacturers. Interpretation of Costco, Sam Member Store has two main points:

Let’s talk about your own brand. Shanghai consumers who have been to North America generally bring back the Costco’s own brand goods named “Kirkland”, especially health products, large packaging nuts, etc., cost-effective. The same production line as the brand, guarantees the control, but “Kirkland” will form a difference with the original brand in the packaging specifications of the product, and generally be lower than the original brand unit price. Going to the customer of the Pudong Sam member store, it is impressed with its own own brand “MEMBER’s Mark” product “Member’s Mark” product.

Secondly, price control means. The cost-effective price / performance ratio from strict supply chain management. In order to control the gross profit margin, Costco is selected, it is a high-quality explosive route. The overall product item (SKU) has maintained around 4000 species, and each small sequential class is only one or two options, which not only improves. Single SKU’s purchase volume also enhances the bargaining capacity between suppliers. Member vendors have also taken costs such as direct acquisition, buyout, etc.

Because of these “different”, member manufacturers have set the threshold – pay membership card. As a result, the member manufacturer is more than contributions than ordinary business. The upcoming Costco Minhang store, the paid membership card is only 299 yuan, and it will receive a 100 yuan merchandise before opening. To put it bluntly, the goods are super more like “guide” tools in member vendors, and the difference in the purchase of goods is rare, and the profits come from membership annual fee.

However, the retail industry is related to people’s livelihood, direct to terminal consumers, is the most “local characteristics.” With a large number of Chinese markets with $ 1.4 billion, with the United States, Canada and other countries in the court: 1. The urbanization in the West is high, the urban and rural areas are different, and between China, urban and rural areas, coastal and mainland consumption levels, consumption habits The gap is very large; second, compared with developed countries, China’s middle class accounts is not high. If you don’t figure out the “Chinese characteristics” of the retail industry, “consumption upgrade” this soup may be easy to fire.

Open the Chinese market has “three ridges”

The first ridge that member manufacturers needed is the difference in consumption habits. The label of the member manufacturer is “warehousing, wholesale”, the product is mainly used in daily necessities in large packaging classes. The people in the North American market are rare, people will go to the Costco or Sam member store on the weekend, and buy the goods required for a week. The core population of Chinese cities is generally in the urban apartment building, and the storage space is limited. Especially in Shanghai, you can say that the intensiveness of the commercial outlets, the convenience of shopping is not comparable to any big city around the world. The large and medium-sized businesses have already covered the residents of the market for 3 to 5 kilometers, and the last 1 km is also located in a 24-hour convenience store and community store. Therefore, in the Shanghai people’s shopping consumption, high frequency, small batch, and buy with the mainstream .

In addition, the Chinese family is currently the family of three, and the daily consumption of the big packaging of members and manufacturers is very big. A housewife who has just returned from Canada said that in Canada’s Costco, the toothpaste 4 is one, the underwear is one pack, the potato is a bag, 6, 12 a package … is catering ” Chinese characteristics, member manufacturers can also change small packaging, but low cost, fast turnover advantage is lost? Besides, some goods are concentrated in global, and they must be changed to minimal packaging. They will force suppliers to increase costs …

Second, China has a network of online shopping economy, three bananas, and a green vegetable, and the courier fee is not expensive. This is a broad man, and the express is sometimes “slow delivery”. North America It is unimaginable. China’s online shopping is so convenient, how many consumers are willborated to pick up a limited number of women to drive to the suburbs, buy a bunch of food, refrigerators are refrigerators in a refrigerator?

The third is whether the pay member can be used? The membership fee is an important source of profit, and the “flow economy” era of the current registration of the App Rapida will send coupons. The membership business of member manufacturers will take a few hundred yuan, and the problem in front of Chinese consumers is: Why do I have this card? Can I earn this few hundred yuan?

The membership card of Sam is 260 yuan, there are many netizens to vomit, and Pudong store has a certain distance from the subway station. I can’t get a few times a year. “How many goods should be bought can save 260 yuan!” And Costco’s The membership card fee is higher than 299 yuan, and the address selected by its first store is neither the core area of ​​Minhang, and there is no direct to the subway, which means that Costco will focus mainly for regional consumers. From limited area consumers, how many willingness to spend 299 yuan a year?

Industry insiders pointed out that today Shanghai local merchants have excellent shuffling, e-commerce platform melers, and all kinds of innovative retail new technologies have regarded viewing “Arena” and “Test Field” here, and their rich and complexity is in the world. Compass. The market is changing, simply copying the Western model, and it is very likely that “water is not satisfied.” In addition to international experience, new entrances in the market research “Chinese characteristics” is a winning way.