“Chengdu City Concert Hall Simulation Model Bluetooth Speaker” won the two awards of “2021 Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award”


Source: Red Star News Net

Red Star News Network (Reporter Pu Jiao) reported November 5th

One of the 8th Chengdu Creative Design Week Core Activity – 2011 Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award Winning List is officially announced. City theme Wenchuang Products Developed by Chengdu City Turban Group – “Collection of Chengdu Listening to Buildings: Chengdu City Concert Hall Simulation Model Bluetooth Speaker” Excellent Award and “Happy Tianfu · Chengdu Gift” Special Awards.


In recent years, Chengdu Chengtou Group attaches great importance to the characteristics of corporate characteristics and brand building. It is fully excavated that the Group’s own urban cultural IP resources for innovation and transformation, and the company has effectively enhances the cultural influence of Chengdu Chenggou Group Enterprise brand culture. As a Chinese first-class large city construction investment operator, innovation breakthrough and unlimited potential in the field of cultural and creative industries.

This winning work – “Collection of Chengdu Listening Building: Chengdu City Concert Hall Simulation Model Bluetooth Speaker” is inspired by Chengdu New Landmark, located in the western part of the South Road in the South, the largest city concert hall – Chengdu City Concert Hall is the basic element . As a giddare international elegant art hall, the city concert hall has always maintained a certain mystery in ordinary people. This Bluetooth audio exhibits organic integration of architectural acoustic design and music art in design and production, hoping to strengthen the mutual penetration of architecture and literary products, so that more people can participate, let the world listens Chengdu’s voice.

The work is about 160mm, which is about 60mm high. It uses light wood structure, easy to carry, soft and delicate, shape imitation Chengdu city concert hall architectural design, especially with the unique creative creativity of the concert hall – Baban traditional bamboo craft window Grid, highlighting. The product has an external power port, an audio interface, and an indicator. The switch button uses a touch, concise atmosphere. Touch the switch, Yue Epeved music from this mini “City Concert Hall”, as if you listen to your exclusive concert.

Introduction to the 8th Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award in 2021


Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award, English Name: Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Awards is one of the main activities in “Chengdu Creative Design Week”, from the Ministry of Culture Industry, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture Industry, Sichuan Province, Chengdu People Hosted by the government, Chengdu Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Bureau hosted. Since 8 years, the event is in the number of works, the scope of collection, or the international participation, and it has a year-on-year rise.

In late September this year, “2021 Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award” kicked off in the form of “cloud start” on the line. This Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award contains 3 creative design awards in industrial, fashion, literature, figures, and “Fashion Oriental · National Feng Yun” “Happy Tianfu · Chengdu Gift” “Consumer New Scene Design” Special Award. The work collection covers more than 20 countries such as Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore, and there are 5,483 works in major cities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among them, overseas works exceed 800.

On the 8th Chengdu Creative Design Week held on November 4-7, this Golden Panda Tianfu Creative Design Award took a first review of the creative design work in the Chengdu Century City New International Convention Center I Exhibition site concentrated on the scene. The exhibition was a total of more than 14,000 pieces of exhibition works unveiled.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s excellent winning team and work will also enjoy the “bonus” brought by the city brand design event linkage, directly push to the “2022 Rong Drift” Finals compete for several awards.


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