“Sweet Tea” arrives in Venice white T with patterns with pattern Haron pants youthful


“Sweet Tea” arrives in Venice

“甜茶”抵达威尼斯 白T搭配花纹哈伦裤青春洋溢

1905 Film News

At the opening of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the “Sweet Tea” Timoshi Challerd was photographed at the Venice Airport and was about to start the screening of the film “Sand Dune” at this film festival.

“甜茶”抵达威尼斯 白T搭配花纹哈伦裤青春洋溢

In the photo, “Sweet Tea” wore a white T -shirt with a pattern Harun pants, and the backpack of the shoulder is lazy and casual. Even if wearing sunglasses and covering the mask, it also pays special attention to the crowd and the youthful atmosphere.