Jane Ai Yogurt Evaluation | No added yogurt, do you really do not step on the thunder?


As a foodie, when everyone concentrated in the wonderful performances of my sister and the joy of Cheng Tuan, my attention was in the yogurt in my sister’s hands.

Zhang Xinyu said that this bottle of yogurt couldn’t let it go. Yuan Shanshan relied on it all. Li Feier never wanted to eat other yogurt anymore. Seeing this, I was really curious.

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Jane Ai Yogurt

How delicious is it?

After a lapse of three years, after eating the fat group and the motor, after the last supermarket’s hundred yogurt evaluation, it extended the tongue to

Jane Ai Yogurt Full Series

, Look at the popular now

The first domestic one without adding yogurt

It is not worth full of the refrigerator at home.

Before the evaluation, let’s review how to choose yogurt.

01 Yogurt is not thicker, the better

02 Yogurt Nutritional Component is very important

03 The easier the yogurt ingredient table

04 The truth of 04 yogurt 0 sugar

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Yogurt is not thicker, the better

When choosing yogurt daily, many people will mistakenly use the thicker yogurt, the more pure the taste, in fact

Thick is not the standard for judging yogurt or bad


The container that does not move the yogurt during the production process, the yogurt will form a large piece. This yogurt is the yogurt is

Coisturizing yogurt, thick texture

If it is stirred after finishing, and then fill it into the container, the texture will become thinner, this is

Mixing yogurt

Essence The two methods made of yogurt in taste and nutrition

No difference

▲ The liquid in the cup is filtered out of milk


Yogurt nutritional ingredients are important

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The delicious and nutritious yogurt is a good yogurt. In the item of nutritional ingredients, we should pay most attention to

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?



Calcium content

For yogurt, the protein content of flavor fermented milk content is


(Per 100 grams of yogurt)

The standard of fermented milk is


The higher the protein content, the better. If the protein content is too low, the quality of the milk raw materials used is not good

(The protein content of fresh milk is not less than 2.8g, and most countries are more than 3g)

Calcium yogurt content is also important

The calcium content of yogurt is one of the references to measure the quality of raw materials. At the same time, the higher the content, the more the human body can absorb and use.


The simpler the yogurt ingredients, the better

Raw milk

The yogurt made of fermentation is a good yogurt. If the first place is milk powder, this bottle of yogurt can be thrown away.

Second, various fungi participating in fermentation are not less. The most common thing is

Bulk Lactobacar


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Some yogurt will be added

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

“Probiotics” such as Rats and Lactobacillus, Pottery, and Bisidobacterium

These bacteria can help regulate your intestinal flora and promote digestive function.

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


The truth of 0 sugar of yogurt

Yogurt will add sweetness during the production process, neutralize acidity, and improve taste



简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


Ordinary yogurt

: Add sucrose and adjust the taste (7%-8%). But add more sucrose or additive,

Health will discount

Essence Although the taste of yogurt is delicious,

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Excessive calories,

Eating too much is easy to gain weight and tooth decay,

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Ordinary sugar -free yogurt replace sugar

Add sugar

Although it is about no calories, it is difficult to famous itself

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

, Destroy the taste of yogurt, and eat it in astringent

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Slightly bitter

It is very uncomfortable.

Real 0 sugar yogurt

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

:that is

No sucrose and sugar are added

And food additives, relying on the sweetness of yogurt itself, make the tip of the tongue feel natural and sweet. Relying on the product of the decomposition of cow lactose in the product production process, the taste is full.

We are about to evaluate

The real sugar -free and sugar reduction, such as the 0 sucrose series, does not add sucrose and sugar, other yogurt also makes sugar reduction, which is very attractive.

In addition to attracting our treasure 0 sucrose series,

There are also naked yogurt series, high protein yogurt, yogurt slippery, body knowing and cute father -in -law formula, all 10 bottles of yogurt, each bottle is characteristic.


All lines Jane Ai Yogurt Evaluation

To start, there is still benefits at the end of the article.

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Let’s evaluate first

Jane Ai Zero Sugar Series

There are two flavors: original and coconut flavor.


Jane Ai 0 sucrose yogurt

, Let me have been moving for a long time. Raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, gone, the ingredients of this series of ingredients are a bit powerful, so that they do not add sucrose and sugar to keep the original taste of yogurt.

▲ The ingredient table is only raw milk and lactic acid bacteria

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Open the original 0 sucrose yogurt, first attractive by the thick texture visible to the naked eye of the yogurt. The entrance is comparable to the taste of cheese, and the tongue will not be astringent.

Soft sour taste

It is the innocent taste brought by yogurt fermentation, as seductive like a bite of fresh apples.

Because zero add sucrose and sugar, there will be no sense of guilt after eating. The protein content is as high as 4.0g, which is very suitable for me.

Fitness party

Take it to mix a salad or indulge at night. It needs to


People are also very friendly and do not need to worry about excessive sucrose intake.

As a person who loves coconut, I finally look forward to coconut yogurt. Jane Eyre

Coconut flavor zero sugar yogurt

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

, Nothing to add coconut milk, it is my destiny yogurt.

Raw milk, coconut milk and lactic acid bacteria, simple and pure ingredients, give yogurt pure and natural taste. Coconut milk adds the smoothness of the yogurt, bringing a faint aroma. A bottle of yogurt is eaten, like eating a cup

Coconut ice cream

The more you eat, the more satisfied.

Because the coconut milk is added, the calories are 464 thousand cokes, and the fitness party is still good when indulgence. As long as ordinary friends like coconut flavor, they quickly rush, and the completely sugar coconut yogurt is really fragrant.

The naked yogurt of the big bottle is quite visual. In the summer where the weather is getting hotter, a bottle of yogurt gurgling and drinking the belly, thinking a bit refreshing.

Original nude yogurt

There is a sweet taste in the milk fragrance. As a mixing yogurt, it has a thin texture. It is more thirsty than the highly consistent yogurt. It is very suitable for drinking yogurt as water.

Tons tons party

You can also drink the satisfaction of drinks.

The ingredient table is also very clean

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Like Jian Ai other products, there are only raw milk, white sugar, and lactic acid bacteria. They only get different taste and taste experience through the changes in process. The protein and calcium content is also good, far exceeding the pass line.

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Baixiang fruit naked yogurt

The taste of Passion fruit is strong and mellow, as if in front of you, cut a fresh passion fruit with full aroma, the overall taste is sore and appetizing.

It is really easy to miss appetite in summer, and Baixiang fruit naked yogurt can be counted

Appetizing secret recipe

Essence Hot pot barbecue and other heavy oil and heavy flavored food, with passion fruit yogurt is also great,

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Nontel’s greasy

After drinking yogurt, you can also eat two plates of crayfish.

To tell the truth, in this evaluation, in addition to the 0 sucrose series, what I am most looking forward to is

Jane Ai Father Love Formula Series

Essence First of all, its packaging looks too delicious; second, it is not delicious according to my experience.

The fatherly love series has 0 sucrose, and three flavors of 2% sucrose and 4% sucrose, 2% sucrose and 4% sucrose add different fruit and vegetable pulp, which will be more popular with children.

0 sucrose

This father -in -law’s formula yogurt has a super delicate texture, sweet taste, and tempting. The acidity is great, and the taste is smooth and there is no astringent taste. The key is

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Clean ingredients

, Parents drink with peace of mind for children, only raw milk, milky protein powder, lactic acid bacteria, health and pure, is

The best choice for the baby’s first yogurt

For children, if you eat too much sucrose and do not do well, it is easy to dental caries. 0 sucrose yogurt avoids this problem and feels the taste of father’s love.

2% sucrose

Fruit and vegetable paste made of bananas, apples, pumpkins, pumpkin, passion fruit, and carrots, the smooth and sweetness of banana milkshakes, and adding the aroma of passion fruit. At the same time, the nutrition of vegetables and fruits is supplemented. Babies, supplementary food patterns need to be increased,

Use father love formula as complementary food

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

, Nutrition and healthy.

4% sucrose

The father’s love formula is boring, the taste of strawberries and blueberries mixed with the taste of passion fruit. It is sweet and sweet. I think about pouting after drinking, and I can definitely make the taste buds starting to become sensitive.

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

High protein yogurt

6.2g of protein per 100 ml, 125g of calcium, and such a rich nutrition, which is rare on the market.

Open the packaging, look at the ingredient list in the first step, except

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

Raw cow, white sugar, concentrated milk protein, and extramctoric acid bacteria

There is no additional other ingredients. Presumably, the raw milk quality is used to make yogurt. After all, the higher the protein and calcium content of raw raw milk, the higher the nutrition of the yogurt.

The fragrant milk flavor, the sweet and sour taste, the justified consistency, the delicate and mellow taste, this year my favorite yogurt is him.

I have done a hundred yogurt evaluations. About two -thirds of the yogurt sold on the market have been drinking. Many yogurt Yu Yun will have a little astringent taste, which affects the taste of drinking. Or add the smooth taste of yogurt through additives, making people worry.

Jane love yogurt slip

In the ingredient table, there are only raw milk, white sugar and lactic acid bacteria, and no additives are added. Through special processes, the yogurt has a smooth taste.

Satin -like texture

It is the superior product in yogurt.

Insert the straw at hand, convenient and fast, you can drink a drink anytime, anywhere. Take a sip, the milk is full of fragrance, and the taste is sweet. Sweet and sour smooth yogurt, pursue the ultimate smooth taste, choose it!

After drinking so much yogurt, the taste is slightly tired, and some new stimulus is needed!

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The brown liquid made us relieved, and was curious about what magical taste was installed in this small can.

The thin liquid entrance, with

Charcoal grilled yogurt

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The aroma, also accompanied by the refreshing sweet and sour taste of lactic acid bacteria, is a new taste experience, a bottle of atypical flavor yogurt. preference

Lactic acid bacteria drink

The little friends can finally find better yogurt substitutes. The sugar is lower and more nutritious, without additives, and it is perfect.

After the evaluation, Jian Ai full series, we automatically become a small fan who loves yogurt.

Jian Ai full series has achieved real

No additional

In addition to the necessary ingredients such as raw beef milk, lactic acid bacteria, and sugar, each yogurt has no additives.

Each yogurt is


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The performance is also excellent. The protein content is far higher than the prescribed level, and the calcium content is rich, which is conducive to physical absorption.

At the same time, its taste is not lost because of the lack of additives, but it highlights the yogurt.

Natural purity

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The taste and sweet sour taste are delicious and healthy.

In the end, we just want to say such an excellent yogurt, please debut immediately! In this way, more people can drink the really delicious and unpleasant yogurt.

For so long, we also prepare a small welfare of Jane Ai Yogurt for everyone. Everyone go


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

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Jane Ai Yogurt Gift Pack

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

, Invite you to evaluate the full series without adding Jane Ai Yogurt, don’t forget to take it after drinking

Assessment results

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

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简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

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Jane Ai Yogurt

Jane Ai Yogurt


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?



简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?




简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?


(Per 100 grams of yogurt)

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

The simpler the yogurt ingredients, the better

简爱酸奶测评 | 无添加酸奶,真的不踩雷吗?

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