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Denmark is both a fairy tale kingdom, but also a country that gave birth to many world -renowned audio brands. In this audio country full of various fairy tales, I have to mention


Denmark Felart Finland Automobile Audio Brand

Essence From Denmark to China, the Finnish car audio brand has gained many flowers and applause, which shows that its brand products are excellent.

In 2021, in a state of not the ideal environment, the Finnish automotive audio brand still adheres to innovative research and development to ensure that the product line has enough strength to meet the changes in the market’s demand and meet the diversified needs of car audio enthusiasts. No, Golden Autumn October, it takes two years to develop,

Finland Automobile Audio Brand launched the Utopia flagship series AB class 4-channel power amplifier UT-4120


At the moment when the amount of amplifier products is large, but the quality of different quality, the emergence of the Finland UT-4120 amplifier is a big surprise. Not much to say, let’s appreciate the charm of the Finnish Utopia flagship series AB.

From the perspective of appearance, the lines of Finland UT-4120 are smooth and bright, giving a kind of implicit, but from time to time, a noble sense of breath feels. The all -aluminum metal shell, black and silver -gray dual -chipy color impact, breaking through the design of most of the fascinating brand in the past. Bring a stronger visual impact.

On the side of the power amplifier and high, it is all wiring ports, switches, and indicator lights, which are convenient for wiring and installation. The width and height sides are equipped with a cooling outlet. , UT-4120 is very excellent in cooling performance.


The external design makes people look bright, and then look at the internal components. Internal design, the front processing part of the Finland UT-4120 adopts low-power and high-performance US HIFI-level Ti op amp by Ti. The top -level high -frequency and low -resistance firing standards are ensured to ensure excellent control capabilities. In addition, all wiring terminals use gold -plated wiring terminals to reduce impedance and extend the service life.


In terms of power supply, the power supply of UT-4120 is also very powerful. It uses a TI high-power power supply system, plus two high-performance magnetic ring transformers to ensure the magnetic flux density and ensure that the power treatment is more stable. Combined with multiple protection circuit design, the UT-4120 is stronger and stable in the entire power output.


UT-4120 is not hesitant in the use and design of its internal components in the product material and its internal components. The main components are the original components of Japan and the United States. Quality amplifier.

From the outside, it is full of a HIFI-grade quality UT-4120 amplifier, which will perform in power output.

At the 4Ω load, the rated power output at the UT-4120 is 4*120W, the rated power output when the 2Ω load is 4*180W, the rated power output at the 4Ω load bridge is 2*360W. A 100 % power output, with a set of mid -to -high -end two -point speakers, will not work hard. It is not a problem to deal with a bass gun with considerable power demand. Of course, it is natural to deal with the original car horn. Enough power output, UT-4120 is like a reassinual pill in the audio system, with its help and stability. In addition, the signal-to-noise ratio of UT-4120 is> 100DB. The higher signal-to-noise ratio is to strengthen the sound quality and make the sound of sound stronger.

In terms of debugging functions, the UT-4120 can be adjusted in high and low in the 30Hz-150Hz band, and a bass gain of 0DB-12DB can be performed at 30Hz. It can be said that the UT-4120 is quite good whether it is a performance parameter or a regulatory function.


Both inside and outside, powerful power, UT-4120 can provide a very abundant power output for a quality speaker, which is also stable and powerful in terms of control. The sound output of the matching speakers, whether it is the sense of music and the sense of rhythm of the melody, is quite fresh, bright, and powerful. Of course, in terms of sound, the fresh, hearty and transparent sound of the Finnish car audio brand The style is also explained vividly.

The overall design is as small as a component, and the UT-4120 once again shows the big-name style of the Finnish car audio brand in terms of production and design. In terms of sound performance, the UT-4120 does not lose the same level or even claims to be higher-level amplifier. The high power, strong control, and long sound are reminiscent. The amplifier in the sound upgrade system must be icing on the cake.


If it is not, it is a classic. The Finnish UT-4120 power amplifier does not compromise in quality and sound, just for enthusiasts who really focus on car audio listening experiences. What are the reasons for such a classic amplifier of the utopian flagship series?

Fanlang UT-4120 amplifier system parameters

The rated output power when 4Ω load: 4*120W

The rated output power of the 4Ω load bridge is connected: 2*360W


The rated output power of 2Ω load: 4*180W



Frequency response (-3 decibel): 20Hz-45KHz

Signal ratio:> 100db

Total harmonic distortion: <0.1%


Sound adjustment (Qualcomm or low pass): 35Hz-150Hz

RCA input sensitivity: 0.5-8V


Bundic firing rated: 90A

Size (L*W*H): 387mm*205mm*54.2mm