How to choose acne beauty brands to choose the top ten of acne brand rankings


How to choose acne beauty brands to choose the top ten of acne brand rankings

The ranking relies on the big data of the Internet. According to the brand evaluation and sales volume, the top ten brands that remove acne products are SOR acne, high climbing, grass, porcelain muscles, SOR Sol professional acne, Ashina cosmetics, OLAY OLAY, OLAY /Magnolia Oil, Rhine, Meirang, Lancome. If you are looking for related brands of acne products, then the top ten brands of acne products are available for reference.

Sor acne

Reasons for listing: SOR’s establishment of stores in China in 2011 and developed to hundreds of stores in just 3 years. Wait a series of issues.


Reasons for listing: Shenzhen Pan Gao Electronics Co., Ltd., well -known brands of healthy eye, well -known brands in Shenzhen, and series of products with well -known brands, and series of products that have obtained many international certifications. Private high -tech enterprises that specialize in production, development, operating medical devices, and health massage products. It has passed the international quality management system certification, and products are sold well in China and North America, the European Union, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East and other places.

Materia Medica.

Reasons for listing: Founded on December 9, 2011, it belongs to Guangzhou Xiyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The international leading cosmetics production technology and production equipment have been used to make the product at the forefront of the times; and the development of skin care products that are more suitable for Asian skin quality have been developed.

Porcelain muscle

Reason for listing: Founded in 2009, originated from South Korea, it is currently a medical skin care brand under Korea Porcelain Muscle Cosmetics Co., Ltd., all skin types are suitable for skin solution for acne, dimness, sensitivity and other skin, focusing on providing providing provision Professional skin care guidance and effective products.

SOR · Sol professional acne

SOR · Sol professional acne technology is relatively high in the country and developed by professional institutions. At present, SOR is a acne and beauty product owned by Weiz Group Co., Ltd. In 2011, SOR came to China, 1000+ chain stores, with a wide range of cases, covered by nearly ten million customers. Provide rich case resources.

Aoya Cosmetics

Reasons for listing: Aosna cosmetics brand is now in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and official flagship stores have been opened online. Many netizens can also buy the same products as Aosna cosmetics physical stores online. Since the establishment of Aosna cosmetics brands, it has been loved by many users. Aosna cosmetics have achieved good results, but they have not slowed down and still strive to become the best brand in the industry.


Reasons for listing: The United States, founded in 1952, is now the world’s leading cosmetics brand. The entrepreneur is Gula Hulff. After listing, it is well received by consumers. you!


Reason for listing: The Rhein brand belongs to Guangzhou Zele Trading Co., Ltd. Rhein is one of the cosmetics brands that belong to Wollyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Australia. It has been committed to the production of high -quality herbal skin care products and cosmetics, and provides excellent protection and repair functions for human skin.


Reasons for listing: Daxin Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Miaca Miacare, and Invisible Acne Patch, began in 1998. In Taiwan, BenQ Yida Group, a part of the light, optical film, green energy, medical products, etc. Manufacturing company.


Reasons for listing: Founded in 1935, French advanced makeup brands. The products of their products involve skin care, makeup, perfumes, luxury goods and other fields. They are mainly facing mature women aged 25 to 40.

Quality product recommendation: Rhine Cosmetics