2021 major new equipment in agriculture and rural areas of China


The new type of agricultural machine makes it “medicine to use” is not a dream

2021中国农业农村重大新装备 -基于LIDAR 探测的果园自动仿形精准变量喷雾机

Fruit tree spray for chemical prevention and treatment is the most common plant protection method in the orchard today. The application of good spray quality is a favorable guarantee for the orchard to achieve high -yield and stable production. According to statistics, the workload of the orchard administration is about 30 About or so, it is the most expensive but very important operation project. The quality and effect of administration of medicine will directly affect the quality and yield of fruit.

2021中国农业农村重大新装备 -基于LIDAR 探测的果园自动仿形精准变量喷雾机

my country is a large country producing and consumption. The planting area of ​​the orchard has been ranked first in the world for many years. According to official data, in 2021, my country ’s fruit production has a total of 296.11 million tons. Development has made outstanding contributions to increasing farmers’ income, optimizing the structure of agricultural industry, and accelerating the construction of new rural areas. At present, the prevention and control of pests and pests in orchards in my country is still dominated by chemical pesticides. The effective utilization rate of pesticides is less than 40%, causing problems such as excessive standards and waste of pesticides in agricultural pesticides. Therefore, the optimization integration of accurate medication technology and new variable spray machines is the key development direction of my country’s plant protection field in the future.

In order to further improve the pesticide utilization rate and improve the automation and accurate spray operation performance of the orchard sprayer, the China Agricultural University Pharmaceutical and Drug Technology Research Center has successfully developed the LIDAR -based (LIDAR (LIGHT DETECTION and RANGING, LIDAR laser scanning Sensor) Detective orchard automatic imitation accurate variable spray machine, breaking through the difficulty of the crown structure and air volume and spray volume of different parts of the fruit tree, improved the effective utilization rate of pesticides, reducing the dripping and loss of pesticide fog droplets in the spray operation process. The machine was rated by the Chinese Agricultural Society as one of the major new equipment of China’s agricultural and rural areas in 2021.

2021中国农业农村重大新装备 -基于LIDAR 探测的果园自动仿形精准变量喷雾机

(The orchard automatic imitation accurate variable sprayer based on LIDAR detection)

270 ° wide -angle scanning to achieve automatic imitation

The fruit tree crown is a target of a three -dimensional space. The internal structure of the crown layer has a multilateral disorderly characteristic. Different growth periods and parts of different parts are different from the leaf area index. The most ideal effect of applied medicine is the air output of the sprayer output and the spray volume with the crown structure of the fruit trees to achieve the imitation spray effect. That is to reduce the dripping and loss of pesticides during the spray operation, and improve the effective utilization rate of pesticides.

2021中国农业农村重大新装备 -基于LIDAR 探测的果园自动仿形精准变量喷雾机

The biggest highlight of the orchard -based detection orchard automatic imitation accurate variable sprayer is that the LIDAR with a scanning angle of 270 ° is used as the detection device. The target detection accuracy is ≥90%. The operating requirements of no target no spray “can also be used to achieve accurate spraying according to the crown structure of the fruit tree, so as to solve problems such as large pesticides and high pesticide utilization rates. Compared with the traditional orchard sprayer, Save more than 40%of the amount of medicinal solution.

2021中国农业农村重大新装备 -基于LIDAR 探测的果园自动仿形精准变量喷雾机

(The orchard -based orchard automatic imitation accurate variable spray machine field operation)

There are no dead ends of “sweeping construction decision” in the five major links

The laser scanning sensor is based on the characteristics of the crown layer of the fruit tree, from scanning the outline of the crown, modeling, decision -making, calculating air volume spray volume to real -time adjustment of the fans speed and nozzle flow, and achieve efficient and dead ends and precise spray. The identification distance of the machine is 0-10 meters; the response time of the spray decision decision is ≤0.5 seconds; the minimum recognition spacing is 0.3 meters; the use of square wood as an artificial target to simulate the crown density, and the results show that the measurement error can be controlled within 10%.

(Radar 3D detection)

(Analysis of coronary structure)

(Variable spray decision)

The divergent spray method of the traditional orchard wind spray machine makes the upper part of the crown layer significantly low; for the directional wind, the sprayer is not exquisite at different heights of the crown layer, and the fog drops at high positions such as the nozzle head are higher than that of the height of the nozzle. Other positions. This leads to most of the pesticides sprayed without forming effective prevention and control, but the loss of the target to the surrounding environment, which not only causes serious waste of pesticides, but also causes negative impacts such as environmental pollution and agricultural product safety. The imitation variable sprayer can adjust the spray parameters in real time according to the canopy characteristics, and the vertical deposition is distributed; compared with the traditional wind sprayer and the directional wind, And 42.7%, the ground loss decreased by 67.4%and 58.8%, respectively.

(The orchard -based orchard automatic imitation accurate variable spray machine fog deposition vertical distribution test

In addition, the control software of an orchard -based orchard -based orchard -based orchard has three working modes: automatic control, manual control and mandatory testing. It has a good human -computer interaction interface for easy operation. It can view the system in real time in real time The operating parameters also have additional functions such as suspension, recovery and crown parameters, which are convenient for analysis and processing of later data.

The wide prospects are good

The orchard -based orchard automatic target imitation accurate variable spray machine has been demonstrated and promoted in more than ten provinces and cities including Beijing, Jilin, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Xinjiang, etc. There are more than 580 sets of technology and products, with an application area of ​​more than 60,000 acres, and the total amount of results transformation projects is more than 32.58 million yuan.