Rainbow manufacturer: easy to use Yili 4670C self -sucking high -pressure car washing water gun


First of all, thank you Aunt Zhang! The price of 199 is the second time, everyone is paying attention at any time, the third time ~

You must see Aunt Zhang once every night before going to bed. If you are interested, you must fill in the application carefully. Fortunately won 1,000 yuan Amazon Black Five experience coupons

I also saw this car washing machine. First of all, my family is in the countryside. The water goes to the mountain by myself.

) Then dig the trenches and bury it, so do not need money for the mountain spring water for car washing!

Before the driver was used as a driver, he basically washed the car by himself, and the same in winter ~ so I always wanted to get a car washing machine. When I saw this 199, I placed an order without hesitation. I waited for the receipt ~ By the way, the delivery of JD.com was really awesome, and now I am even my


It can be achieved every other day ~ It feels great ~


Remember the time of disassembling bags, disassembled late at night, scum picture quality. Forgive me!

Only a few words in the family are conspicuous. JD.com’s own logistics is more friendly to the box.

Two -layer carton! In other words, that QR code is not attractive. Do you always do a smart car washing machine? Automatic car washing? If you pay attention, you don’t have a red envelope to get it ~

A bunch of accessories, the outlet is indeed a metal connector! The quality of plastic materials is good. The faucet connector, foam cannon, everything should be available.

Then pretend to be too lazy to take pictures.


Make rainbow winter also has rainbow

This is a finer water pillar. I think this white tea in the ground will definitely grow well if I water it for it every day.

Fan -shaped water mist, very gentle, very water -saving! Intersection Intersection

It’s really small. But these days are cold, the water pipe is harder!

Switch, many purchases mentioned the sound. I think it is acceptable. Anyway, its voice will not cover the sound of you chatting with his fellow, and I will satisfy it.

The water pipe is cold and hard, but it looks like it is firm

The gun handle is good

The bottom is locked. Prevent children from picking up and playing

Spray head. The spray gun is divided into 3 sections, which can adjust the length according to the needs.

In the end, I pulled out my car. Wash it again. Don’t tell me that I can’t rinse a bicycle with high pressure water.

It’s so cold, dare not go out to cycling! Intersection Intersection


Picture from Honor 4C

Advantages: 1. Cheap 199 You still want to get dripping

2. Good workmanship and strong pressure.

3. Snow water.

Disadvantages: 3. The material of the water inlet pipe is not right, it is easy to flatter, and it will not enter the water when it is flat. The water outlet pipe is a little harder.

4. The foam of the watering pot is not scattered enough ~

5. If the noise can be smaller, the market will be larger.

Thank you for watching it.



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