The neck hanging small fan kitchen cooking is much cool


Neck fan

Visitors cool down with a hanging neck fan.

Yesterday, the hottest Dragon Boat Festival in the history of Xiamen. Portable fans and shading caps are very popular. The reporter found that in many tourist attractions and parks in our city, many citizens and tourists have carried the latest cooling “artifacts” -the neck fan.

Text/Photo reporter Wang Yingda Zhang Jingwei Intern Ding Yiheng

“Cooling Artifact” becomes a new equipment for tourists

In order to visit the scenic spots under the scorching sun, citizens and tourists have come up with various heatstroke prevention “artifacts”. In addition to the traditional parasols, sunscreens, sleeves, sunglasses, hats and other products, loop -recasting portable fans have also become the choice of many citizens and tourists.

In the convenience store near the Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden Scenic Area, the owner placed sunglasses, sunrs, and portable fans in a conspicuous position. “The big 25 yuan, the small 20 yuan.” The store said that although the handheld fan is not a new product, it is very easy to sell in the summer. However, he also reported that online shopping is convenient, and the store is sold in the store.

脖挂小风扇 厨房炒菜凉爽多了

The boutique shops and jewelry stores in major shopping malls will promote portable fans as the main product. The reporter saw at the three boutique stores on the negative first floor and fourth floor of SM City Square that the two positions closest to the door of the store were used to place various portable fans. These fans are so small that they are only on the pen cap, which are large as large as the size of the desktop table. There are more than ten types of styles. There is no need to plug in a color. It supports the use of charging or dry batteries.

脖挂小风扇 厨房炒菜凉爽多了

Among them, the hanging neck fan is a new “cooling artifact” this year. Different from the traditional handheld fan, the neck fan is supported by the bracket of the headset headset, with two fan leaves. Fan blades can bend the angle. When consumers use it directly on the neck, they can achieve “liberating” hands to dispel heat. Citizen Ms. Chen said that when her mother -in -law was cooking in the kitchen, she used the neck fan and felt a lot cool.

Shopping malls take advantage of the opportunity to promote

The cool and comfortable environment of the mall is also unique in the hot summer day. Yesterday afternoon, in Vientiane City, the reporter saw that almost all the rest areas in the mall were full of people. Some people bowed their heads to play with their mobile phones, some people sat and chat with friends, and many Bao moms pushed the baby car to rest. “It’s too hot, and there is nothing to go. The shopping mall is full of air -conditioning, good environment, and selectivity. It can also be shopped or family dinner.” Ms. Li said to the children while feeding the children.

The mall also takes the opportunity to launch a big deal to attract more consumers to patronize. The discounts of the Dragon Boat Festival of Zhonghua City are very simple and direct, and the discount is right. The popular brands are as low as 20 % off. Ms. Xu, who lives in Haicang, said: “I deliberately checked the Dragon Boat Festival promotional activities of several shopping malls. Basically, there are many promotion of the middle of the year. Some discount brands in China City are what I want to buy, so I asked friends to visit the mall together. “SM Department Store renovated decoration to try to trial operations during the Dragon Boat Festival. Many beauty brands have buying gift sets, some beauty items also have low -priced spikes, clothing, shoes and gold jewelry also have full reduction and discount activities, attracting attraction, attracting attraction A large number of customers enjoy the air conditioners while buying and buying.

Other shopping malls have carried out coupon snap -up activities starting on June 24. For example, Baolong Yicheng launched a 78 yuan group 100 yuan and 750 yuan groups of 1,000 yuan costumes and retail cash vouchers.