Use BB cream instead of powder foundation, make up of makeup about sensitive muscles


Avène, a medical beauty brand that produces many sensitive muscle -specific products, has spa spa in the mountains of southern France. There are often people to treat skin problems. Joëlle Nonni, the manager of the Health Education Center at the AVène Spa, is shared. For stable people, makeup is actually a matter of treating the standard, and skin care and maintenance is the fundamental way to solve.

If you are also a sensitive muscle as the editor, the following tips on makeup must be noted in order to maintain hard skin.


Minerals and organic cosmetics may not be better

Perhaps you will think that marking all natural cosmetics is more suitable for sensitive skin, but you still have to observe it carefully. If the ingredients contain perfume and preservatives, it is not so safe.



The skin care movement before makeup is very important

Skin consultant expert Nonni shared that if your skin is very sensitive, you must do a good job of moisturizing work. This is not just applying the moisturizing cream on the face. It is recommended to spray hot water on the paper before makeup, and then apply it to wet it. In the part of the makeup, this action can prevent the evaporation of the water, promote the hydrophilic effect and circulation movement of the epidermis in a natural way, and then apply a mild moisturizing cream.



Pay attention to the validity period

When the product is opened, there is a chance to contact the outside world air, bacteria, and mold, causing the product to oxidize or long bacteria and mold. Therefore, after the validity period expires, you must change it. Do not force it on your face because you can’t bear the cosmetics.

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Use BB cream better than liquid foundation

Many skin causes sensitive reactions to cosmetics. The most common reason is that it has allergic reactions to pigment pigments such as spices, preservatives and chemical pigments contained in them. Pigment composition is actually hurting the skin, and it will increase the dryness of the skin.


In comparison, the pigment content of BB is small, which will be more suitable for sensitive muscles. It is also necessary to avoid using powder cosmetics, which will only accelerate the dryness of the skin.



Pay attention to the ingredients of the sponge

Sponge is a very useful makeup assistant appliance. Gently shooting can effectively cover the skin texture. Among them, sponge powder flutter can be roughly divided into bond rubber, butyl, latex, latex, and polyurethane. Sensitive latex sponge.


Avoid using high pigment cosmetics

Eye shadow leads to allergies, maybe you have experienced it. Skin consultant expert Nonni shared that the eyeshadow of beige and copper -colored rarely caused adverse reactions in the skin, but blue, green and purple and other saturated colors are not so safe. Lipsticks containing high pigments will make your lips more dry.