Elegant women are wearing “coats+high -necked sweaters” to easily create winter intellectual beauty


Fall in love with high -necked sweaters, starting with a photo. The elegant goddess Audrey Hepburn once said, “I have a dream that can have a large wardrobe with cashmere sweater.” This is the extremely simple, but very eye -catching turtleneck sweater. Hepburn’s swan neck is more slender and beautiful against the turtleneck sweater.

In the autumn and winter seasons, it is not enough to resist the severe cold of the environment alone, and a windproof jacket is needed to care for the soft skin of a woman. The emergence of coats make up for the regrets that are unsatisfactory and temperature. It is heavier than a trench coat, and is more stylish than a down jacket, which balances the aesthetic and practicality of the dressing. It is combined with the turtleneck sweater to make elegant women more play their charm.

However, although this set of matching is easy to use, it will also appear bloated or rustic if we wear it randomly. The content you want to share with you in this issue are about how to wear a coat with a turtleneck sweater out of temperament. Elegant women are wearing “coats+turtleneck sweaters” to easily create winter intellectual temperament. Let’s take a look together. ~

1. Internal and outer silhouettes must be harmonious

The reason why the high -necked sweater and coat have aesthetic and temperament is actually from the harmonious shape between the internal and external levels.

Essence The high -necked sweater emphasized at the neck, protecting the neck skin while outline the lines of the neck.


The highlight of the coat is the sharp lines at the collar and placket, which cleverly neutralize the sense of restraint brought by the turtleneck sweater, enhance the aura, so that femininity is also supported by power.


Knowing this, elegant women have certain standards when choosing high -necked sweaters.

first of all


The amount of high -necked sweater should not be too large


Essence Because the modification of the coat is limited, if the amount of inside is too large, even if the coat is simple, it will still be settled in the inside. This combination is more comfortable and leisure, and it is less delicate.


Rough stick sweater is not suitable for use as an inside of a coat

Essence The texture of knitwear is reflected by the texture. The thickness of the lines of lines is only different in style, and there is no good or bad.

However, if it is used inwardly, the extensive texture is suspected of being loud in the inside, and it will also destroy the simple lines of the coat.

Of course, not everyone is suitable for ultra -high -neck sweaters with jaws. Those ones


The face is round and the neck line is not beautiful enough


Women, if they follow the trend to shape the elegant temperament, the effect will be difficult to be satisfactory.

At this time, we can choose to match better


Semi -tall sweater

Essence In terms of looseness, you can choose a slightly loose style. If the length, it is advisable to expose half -neck.


The high -necked sweaters are more close, naturally we can close the sight, and the coats must be stylish, and each other can appear elegant. Women with a slightly fat body can try more H -version coats to modify their body lines when matching. And if it is a pear -shaped figure with a narrow and narrow and wide, it is recommended to use the A -line coat to outline the waist.

2. Simple color matching and elegant

Women with good clothes know how to dress up. They must wear elegant feelings, so they must abandon some tricks. Whether it is a coat or a sweater,

The pure style will be better than the printed style


If you feel that the shape of the shape is insufficient, you may wish to make an article on the material of the coat, such as the glossy leather noodle material, or the cashmere material is the first choice.

Between the inside and the coat, the color matching can be used to use a shallow combination, which can also enrich the layered sense of dressing.

If you want to make your body look thinner, you can use the shallow color scheme in the outer depth and inside

Essence Because the dark color is visually contracted, the light color inside is more light, and it can wear the sharp field of the big woman.

I don’t want to have a clever woman who is spending on the color matching, use

The same color combination of the same color inside and outside

The solution can easily wear the combination of sweaters and coats out of a high sense. The colors of autumn and winter are mainly beige and camel. Women with fair skin can easily control rice colors. If the skin tone is darker, it is a good choice to use camel to set off.

However, most people have moderate skin tone, so they can also try neutral


Come as the overall main color. Keeping the same color with coats, sweaters and cigarette pants, making it easier to create a sense of harmony.


If you are even too lazy to think about it, one


It is the most convenient inside in winter. When the skirt is used as a coat, pay more attention to the skirt. Generally speaking, the size is similar to that of the coat, and it looks more layered. However, if you use long boots to match, you can shorten the skirt length and make the calf show more light.

Well, this issue of “coat+turtleneck sweater” is shared here. Do you usually use such a match when you dress? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share your fashion experience, we will see you in the next issue ~ ELI


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