Use it to use it safer! Life element folding kettle can boast water can be insulated


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After the era of epidemic, everyone has emphasized health and safety. Especially when traveling, travel, often encountering soil and uncomfortable, and the health of the electric kettle cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that you have a hot water to boil the kettle to avoid drinking unclean water. Of course, the squeezing kettle here is not a general home, but also carry the kettle, the ordinary drinking water cup, can help you achieve the functions of water, insulation.

For example, this life element can be folded into a kettle I25, not only casually folded, do not occupy the place, but also have intimate functions such as hidden handles, and achieve convenient water experience. On the official flagship store of the China life element, the official flagship store will drop 100 yuan, 299 yuan can be shipped home, and give a conversion plug, folding the cup, storage bag, etc., the opportunity is not to be missed!


The life element can be folded with the kettle I25 folded only 8cm after folding, the handle can also be hidden, using food grade silica gel and food grade 304 stainless steel, the material can not only high temperature, reject harmful substances, can also be worried outside the door; in addition to this Realize 24-hour constant temperature, it is convenient for mother to modulate the milk products, so that the baby is not hungry.


The life element can be folded with kettle I25 common functions, chlorine and insulation three common functions, not only quickly boil the chlorine, eliminate harmful substances in the water, but also for a long time to inspect, you can also drink hot drinks anytime, anywhere. Intelligent adapter voltage, whether domestic, abroad can be easily plugged in; more hidden defenders, sturdy and durable. If you often need a business trip, travel, for your drinking hygiene, it is recommended that you also bring a convenient kettle!