Essence of Essence: Effectively dilutes the skin to protect the skin, and always maintains a healthy and shiny white ravioli beauty


Essence of Essence: Effectively dilutes the skin to protect the skin, and always maintains a healthy and shiny white ravioli beauty

Clarinus Poem Double Extraction Essence Essence

Let’s talk about the two Jiao together. This two essence of Clarins is called the golden bottle. In the product line of Clarins, this bottle is self -contained and does not specifically belong to which series;

The separation of this water and oil separation is actually a lipid membrane water and oil biomolonian structure that simulates the skin. The water and oil on our skin also exist independently.

Clarins are well -known pure plant skin care. This one is no exception. The ingredients mainly depend on oatmeal extracts, rose fruit oil, parsley extract, tomato extract, Kunno quinoa extract, green tea extract, green tea extract object Antioxidant and moisturizing, pregnant mothers can also use it;

As of now, I have bought 3 bottles of this double -breed essence. Every time I go out, I brought it by the way. It is a very qualified first -aged anti -aging moisturizing product. Press the 2 pump directly when used. After pressing on the face and neck, there is also a relief effect on the neck lines (25 years old+, be sure to pay attention to the neck pattern ~~)

The disadvantage is that this dual -pipeline design is not very stable. When the seal is just opened, there will always be more or less oil, but it will be fine for a few days;

The other is that the domestic counter of Clarins is too expensive. Duty -free shops often have two bottles of discounts. The price is almost half of the counter;

Yue Shi Feng Yin Ferry Bean Huan Living Essence

Innisfree Yue Shi Fengyin was concentrated on the naturalist cosmetics developed by the most famous cosmetics group in South Korea, which is the perfect combination of high -tech and nature. It has always developed “soybean fermentation” as its core R & D ingredient, star product -fermented bean rejoic essence 150ml, commonly known as “fairy water”, rich in 91%of fermented soybean original solution, 6 skin care effects, constantly exploring the power of beautifying the skin’s skin , Make the skin’s initial beauty.

FANCL without adding whitening light spot essence

The rich whitening essence penetrates, improves the skin’s whitening function day and night, and whiten the skin throughout the day. Accelerate melanin. Continuously use, effectively prevent and lighten the stains, and repair the skin, and always maintain a healthy and shiny white cricket beauty. Continuous use can bid farewell to the dull skin and stains to keep white skin.

Huayu collection nicotamide essence

This Huayu collection of nicotinamide, it has a good whitening effect. Because it contains ingredients such as nicotinamide and cyclidin, they can not only help us whiten the skin, but also help us go to yellow and dull. It can also inhibit the formation of melanin, and anti -aging, and can also supplement the skin’s collagen to improve the damaged skin? It can not only be used in the facial essence. It can promote the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, and more effectively lighten the dark circles and fine lines on the face.

The texture of the essence is moist and clear, and the skin is very good. It is particularly fast to absorb. After a little massage after the face, it is completely absorbed by the skin. The hydration effect is amazing! And I insist that the effect is very good, the skin texture is visible to the naked eye. The original dull skin tone was brightened, the skin tone was not improved. Firming and smooth, just as tender as the eggs that were peeled.

Quality product recommendation: spots lightening serum