Zhenghao Ecoflow released the new mobile power station Deelta Pro performance flagship full of electricity


Zhenghao Ecoflow released the new mobile power station Deelta Pro performance flagship full of electricity

Zhenghao Ecoflow officially released the flagship mobile power station “Almighty Pioneer” Delta Pro. This is the outdoor power product with the largest capacity, the highest power, and the most complete accessories ecosystem so far, the powerful performance configuration and the ultimate product design have once again increased outdoor power performance benchmarks. tool.

The newly released Delta Pro has a large capacity of 3.6kWh ~ 14.4kWh, without fear of long-term and high power consumption; it has 3600W rated AC power output power, which can achieve maximum 4500W driver through X-Buost intelligent inverting technology to achieve maximum 4500W driver Power, supports 99.99% of multi-electrical appliances; supports 2200W X-Stream fast charging power, which can be fully supported in 2.1 hours; and for the first time to support electric vehicle AC charging piles for charging, 0-80% of the power charging time still takes only an hour for an hour It can be fully fulfilled in 1.7 hours; support maximum 1600W solar charging, and more efficient environmental protection charging arrangements at any time; up to 8 charging methods and support Multicharge hybrid charging technology, super charging capabilities, making the charging more worry -free. The new bottom tie lever+pulley design allows Delta Pro to move as easily as a suitcase. Whether in professional outdoor travel, mobile business, family power reserve, outdoor construction, emergency rescue, industry applications and other fields, The power supply capacity is the user’s “omnipotent” productive forces.

Wang Lei, the founder of Zhenghao Ecoflow Ecoflow, said: “Delta Pro has set energy with ingenuity, and its product ecology+electrical appliances have formed a relatively complete power generation+energy storage+discharge small electrical energy ecological closed loop. When products, we will add many ideas for future energy storage applications. As a pioneer product for future energy storage and energy applications, De Delta Pro has modularized expansion of energy and better fit with new energy development. And a number of advantages that make energy applications more intelligent management systems. Zhenghao Ecoflow’s pace of pursuit of extreme electricity has never stopped. It is hoped that through our unremitting efforts, users will have the cleanliness and Pu, which will have both the environment and the objective reasons. Hui, friendly, safe ‘freedom of energy use’. “

“Giant Energy” performance, more diversified expansion combinations. Delta Pro is currently the most comprehensive outdoor power supply product in Zhenghao’s Ecoflow power supply capacity. The single machine has a large capacity of 3.6kWh. It can also be expanded by 7.2kWh or 10.8kWh through an external intelligent power supply package. Smart generators realize the maximum 14.4kWh expansion. A variety of modular power generation combinations are used to facilitate users to choose matching according to different use scenarios.

Super output, no fear of high power+multi -device at the same time. The Delta Pro rated AC output power is 3600W, and it can drive the maximum electrical appliances below 4500W below 4500W through the proprietary X-Boost intelligent inverting technology of Zhenghao Ecoflow. The oversized power-driven capacity meets 99.99% of the equipment on the market. In addition, Delta Pro can supply power for 14 devices at the same time. The possession of the interface includes 4 220V AC output ports, 2 12W USB-A ports, 2 18W USB-A fast charging ports, 2 100W USB-C fast charge ports , 1 126W car charging output port 2 DC5521 output ports, and a Anderson port suitable for RV and DIY demand.

Delta Pro’s capacity and output level is sufficient to cover the vast majority of outdoor entertainment, family energy storage, professional operations, and emergency use of emergency use in the public domain. Bring a quieter, safer, and more convenient electricity experience, and the attributes of cleaning electricity can also help the “carbon peak carbon neutral” goal as soon as possible.

Increase the speed of speed, and enjoy the joy of “oversized cups” quickly. Delta Pro still continues the fast charging tradition of Zhenghao Ecoflow. Using the X-Stream Fast Charging Patent Technology, under the power charging conditions of 220V, the maximum charging power is 2200W, and the power of 0% -100% is only 2.1 hours. Enjoy the happiness of “oversized cups”.

Clean energy storage upgrades to achieve ultra -high -power solar fast charging. Delta Pro supports up to 1600W power solar fast charging, which can connect up to 3 newly upgraded Zhenghao Ecoflow 400W high -power portable solar panels for charging at the same time. Charging high-efficiency, 4-8 hours can be fully. Delta Pro can also be widely adapted through the MC4 connector to widely adapt most of the solar panels of 11-150V on the market, which is convenient for users to match themselves.

Equipped with intelligent generators to deal with extreme emergencies at any time. In order to cope with emergencies, Zhenghao ECOFLOW is about to launch a smart generator to provide Emergency charging energy reserves for Delta Pro. Zhenghao ECOFLOW smart generator stand -alone can provide about 5.4kWh electricity. A DELTA Pro can connect up to 2 smart generators at the same time to achieve great power reserves.

Zhenghao ECOFLOW smart generator can charge Delta Pro through the maximum 1800W DC electricity charging, which is increased by 25%compared to ordinary generators. At the same time, compared to traditional generators, Zhenghao Ecoflow smart generator can start with one -click startup through the fuselage button, Ecoflow App, and the automatic startup of Delta Pro, and manually startup, which is more likely to operate. It can also be remotely controlled and monitored through the ECOFlow App; and it is equipped with a smart LCD display, and the data information is at a glance. The Zhenghao ECOFLOW intelligent generator with carbon monoxide alarm function and fuel alarm system can always ensure the safety of the product through the alarm prompts, and remind users to refuel and automatically shut down to protect the generator. The safety factor is greatly improved.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the traditional charging method, Delta Pro has added a new support for electric vehicle AC charging piles to charge it. The maximum charging power can reach 3400W, and it can be fully set off in 1.7 hours to meet the rapid filling of users during the journey on the journey. need. Users can also charge Delta Pro in the community garage, without having to move home, saving time, effort and convenient.

In addition to the charging, car charging, solar charging, smart generator charging, traditional generator charging, and electric charging pile charging, the future Delta Pro can also charging through wind energy and small roof solar equipment. Super self -charging capabilities allow users to obtain a clean and efficient charging experience anytime, anywhere.

The 8 superb charging methods allow Delta Pro to have almost all -round power acquisition capabilities, and Zhenghao Ecoflow has never stopped the exploration of energy storage methods in the future.

Zheng Hao Ecoflow adopts Multicharge multi -end port charging technology on Delta Pro. Multichargy’s multi -port charging technology allows Delta Pro to use AC+DC electricity+power -power package ports to charge it, and the efficiency doubles. For example, when Delta Pro is connected to an intelligent power supply package, you can use solar (1600W DC charging)+electric vehicle charging pile (3400W AC charging)+Zhenghao ECOFLOW Smart Generator (1800W) to charge it, the maximum charging power It can reach 6500W, which is less than 2 hours. The application of Multicharge Multi -end port charging technology is the possibility of innovative attempts to obtain faster charging capabilities for outdoor power sources to expand multi -method combined energy storage applications.

Solar tracking technology is also a new breakthrough in the efficiency of clean energy utilization efficiency in Ecoflow. Delta Pro is using solar charging. It can track the solar in real time by using the solar tracker of Zhenghao Ecoflow, to assist solar panels to obtain the best light angle, so that solar panels can obtain the best charging performance under different weather conditions, and increase 30 30 30, increase 30 30, and increase 30 30 30, increase 30 30, and increase 30 30 30, increase 30 30, and increase 30 30, and increase 30 30. 30 improvement. % Charging efficiency has strengthened clean energy power supply. Solar tracking technology is one of the innovative technologies of Zhenghao Ecoflow accelerating the application of clean energy and inclusive applications. The more efficient solar charging capabilities are a “mass foundation” for the future “clean zero carbon” society.

In order to better remote control, Zhenghao Ecoflow has added exclusive remote control to Delta Pro on the original Ecoflow App remote control. Users can use Ecoflow APP and exclusive remote control to monitor and control the Delta Pro. Users can connect Delta Pro with exclusive remote control through two ways: Bluetooth and Wired connection. The exclusive remote control will display its parameter information and can control the switch of the AC power and DC electricity output port, which is more convenient for users to control remote control. At the same time, at the same time The new Bluetooth standby mode can remotely wake up Delta Pro and control it.

Delta Pro is the flagship mobile energy storage product of Zhenghao Ecoflow. It is also a pioneer product planning for the planning of the smart energy storage ecosystem in the future. The small electrical energy ecosystem composed of Delta Pro and its accessories has high -quality electrical storage medium -Delta Pro mobile power stations; clean and sustainable solar charging methods -portable solar panels and solar trackers; emergency power generation equipment – Smart generators, and can provide electrical energy for 99.99% of electrical appliances, and have formed a complete energy storage ecological closed loop. On Delta Pro, users can see the prototype of energy storage applications in the future, and Zhenghao Ecoflow will also continuously improve the energy storage ecosystem and create more comprehensive and smarter energy storage products.

Delta Pro battery cells use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are longer than other battery materials, and are more secure and stable at high temperature conditions. After using 3500 times full of looping, Delta Pro basically maintains the battery health of more than 80%, and the battery health is still maintained by more than 50% after 6,500 cycles. Essence

In order to ensure that the product is more secure and efficient, Delta Pro will monitor the voltage, current and temperature changes in real time through the BMS battery management system, and perform high temperature, low temperature, overload, overload, overvoltage, overpowment, short -circuit, battery failure protection, etc. Eight protection, maximize the safety of battery use, and improve the battery cycle life.

For the convenience of moving, Delta Pro uses a new portable design of a tile+pulley. Users can move the delda Pro at will like moving their suitcases. In addition to the optimization of the design, the integrated design of the upgrade of Delta Pro has improved the product’s anti -falling and declining ability, reinforced product port, and more stable insertion; the internal structure is also upgraded again, and the steel plate and aluminum alloy frame structure are used. It is better to be strong, more resistant to falling, while reducing the difficulty of maintenance.

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