How do I choose to choose from INS wind, Baroque, industrial style and other hairdressing chairs? Practical purchase guide


How do I choose to choose from INS wind, Baroque, industrial style and other hairdressing chairs? Practical purchase guide

After the new store decoration of the hairdressing shop, after the style of the store is selected, the style of the furniture must be selected. Or choose a minimalist industrial style?

No matter what style, whether the hairdressing chair is practical and comfortable to sit is the first essential of choice.

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To choose a hairdressing chair with a comfortable sitting style and comfortable sitting at the same time,

The first step is to start from the material of the hairdressing chair.

Chairs are generally made of wood, steel, rattan, plastic and even glass. Customers sit on the hairdressing chair for at least an hour, so

The material of the hairdressing chair in the barber shop needs to be both

Strong bearing gravity

As well as


For the characteristics, the most common material for hairdressing chairs is stainless steel.


Chair fabrics are common

Leather and fabric

The leather fabric is divided into leather and imitation leather,

Leather fabric

It has the characteristics of breathable and durable, imitation skin, especially the quality of good quality, and the cost performance is relatively high;


There are cotton and linen, hemp, and mesh. The texture of the cloth surface is soft and comfortable, but compared to the leather fabric, the fabric is not easy to clean.

One -in -one minimalist style, smooth lines, versatile style, ergonomic design, comfortable sitting sense, all -inclusive leather, wear resistance and breathability, will not produce stuffy sensations, hydraulic oil pumps can lift the base, can adapt to different heights. The classic choice of shop.


Soft bag chairs are usually used for sponges. The filling density of the sponge can affect the sitting feeling of the seat, and the density of the pad filling should be greater than

35 kg/cubic meter

,Right now

Sitting on a chair, the cushion will be depressed at about 10cm

, Back pads should use density

25 kg/cubic meter

The above high bomb foam sponge.

Japanese -style design style, noble and elegant, with wooden handrails, elegant and exquisite, ergonomic design, high -density sponge, comfortable sitting, paired with pedals, wear resistance and breathable, will not produce stuffy, hydraulic oil pumps can lift the base, so Classic choice of barber shops.


Does the hairdressing chair have a pedal? The feeling of experience is also different. Some studies have shown that when the feet are natural, the cushion and the ground distance


The most comfortable.

Elegant and classic white industrial style, integrated cushion and back, ergonomic design, precisely fit back curve, give back support, stainless steel foot, make the body feel more comfortable, stainless steel creates hydraulic oil pumps, strong support, durable and strong.

Style and color

Choose a suitable hairdressing chair and consider using the scenario. The functions of hairdressing chairs and casual sofas are different, and their style is different. Is it best to choose a hairdressing chair to fit the decoration style of a reasonable hair shop? Cold or warm? What is the decoration style of a hairdressing shop?


Simplicity // Industrial style // Cold tone


Simple // Bright // warm color

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