Why is there differences in the price of plastic tray


Why is there differences in the price of plastic tray

When the plastic tray is quoted, in addition to load parameters and raw materials, there is an important parameter: the weight of the plastic tray, the weight of the plastic tray will have an error, generally from 0.2 kg to 1 kg. The smaller the weight. The smaller the weight of the pallet, the larger the other. The main reasons for this situation are as follows:

First, the density of different raw materials varies depending on the raw materials used, and the plastic tray is produced with molds, and the volume of the mold is certain, so it is easy to understand the stage according to the physical knowledge of junior high school. Essence

Second, there is an error in the weight of the plastic tray produced by the same raw material, because the pressure of the injection molding machine during each injection molding machine is not exactly the same, the plastic in the mold cavity is not completely full, and there is always a gap that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Of course, the impact on the plastic tray load can be ignored.

Third, after the plastic tray is cooled from the mold, it is necessary to manually repair the material handle of the inlet mouth, and the surface of the plastic tray surface and the outer edge of the burrs and burrs. Due to the different strength and amplitude of manual operation, the weight of the hair removal is also different, which is also the reason why the plastic tray weight error error.

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