There are only 2 square meters of bathroom, I realize the separation of wet and wet, really easy to use


The area of ​​the bathroom is too small, and the design is unsatisfactory!

There are the most functional requirements for slapping. This space is really a headache. After the decoration, many people feel that their own bathroom is very unreasonable, but it will be troublesome to transform it. How should I design well? Intersection Today we come to talk.

Small apartment bathroom design points

01 The space of the bathroom is small, and the wet and wet separation is still needed

No matter what you use to separate,

Building walls, partitions with glass, shower room, or pulling the shower curtain separation


These are all possible. This is to avoid the water and steam overflowing during bathing.

If the bathroom is not separated from wet and wet,

You must be wet after taking a shower, and bring the moisture into the room.

After a long time, it will cause mold and foam on the wall of the room. To cause the next tragedy.

One more thing, from the aspect of cleaning,

In the same space as the shower area, there will be some unhygienic,

The completely separated toilet is also convenient for the toilet and two people to use it at the same time when bathing, which improves the efficiency of use.

The four types advocated by the Japanese, I don’t think it is necessary,

The Japanese are pursuing the extreme, but the use habits of Chinese people can’t do this

The four type separation is as shown below

Usually refers to the four functional areas of toilet, bathroom, washing, and laundry separated separately.

Let them conflict with each other.

The traditional four -style separation is like this in the figure below


This is Japan’s four -style separation. This layout is very popular and practical in Japan.

Domestic small apartment, if you want to be the same as the picture above

It seems unrealistic to separate four separate functional spaces.

We don’t feel too cool to use it like this,


So, don’t have this four types of separation,

We have to plan as our favorite,

Can suitable for our own habits.

02 I think: both separation and three separation are available

Two separation ~ separate the shower area and toilet;

Three separation ~ separate the bathing area, toilet, and washing table;

Let’s separate below.

The simplest and most common way of wet and wet separation.

Open the shower interval,

Can only satisfy one person.

In addition to the shower partition, there will be outside the washing table. This is a three -separated bathroom.

A lot of members living at home

, Get up early, the utilization rate is high,

You can go to the toilet and wash one person alone,

For two people to use at the same time.

If the small apartment toilet is separated from wet and wet, I think this

The two ways of separation are enough.

03 What materials are used to separate, what are the separation processing?

Make a wall, use bricks

The wall partition, the separation and privacy are stronger, the wall is applied to the tiles, it is easy to clean and take care of it.

shower room,

The size requirements are above 90cm

Otherwise, it is too crowded to take a bath.

③ Glass partition, the custom glass door is separated by a shower space, simple and practical, cost -effective, and unobstructed light.

The shower curtain partition is very good with waterproof cloth. The market has a variety of styles and a variety of colors. Use a shower curtain

Just hang the pole, and you can install it yourself.

If it is a small apartment, the bathroom is only



㎡, there is no way to do dry and wet separation design at all, what should I do?

04 to be separated from wet and wet, outside the washstand

We can put the sink outside

Place at the bathroom entrance, or on the aisle,

Only the toilet and the shower area are in the bathroom,

The space saved by the washstand can be separated from wet and humidity.

The advantage of the outside of the handwashing table is that when you wash and wash your hands, you will not interfere with people who use the bathroom at all.

A few examples outside the sink, share it, ↓↓↓↓↓ ↓

There are smaller bathrooms, how to design it?

Let’s take a look at the case in the figure below,

Reasonable use of the position of the corner

Small -sized sink and toilet installation in the corner

Wash the pool and the left and right sides of the toilet can be arranged separately, and do not interfere with each other.


In the figure below, use the position of the window sill to design a narrow table,

Decoles can be placed on the table,

The handwashing table and toilet, the bathtub arranged in order, the practicality is very strong, right?


The space is used to the extreme,

The wooden shelves on the vertical wall can also be placed in towels and other supplies.


Some people need to place a bathtub in the bathroom. I hope the happiness index of life will not shrink with the area of ​​the house.

Soaking a hot bath after get off work, this is also possible.

Japanese -style deep bubble bathtub, size 0.85*0.68*0.75m,

A 1.8 -meter big head goes in and take a bath.

There is also an activity cushion inside the bathtub, you

You can take a bath,

Standing in the bathtub, you can take a shower, cool!

Fold the foot stool on the outer side for the convenience of entering and leaving the bathtub,

The design of this point is also very intimate.

As long as a reasonable plan is, nothing is impossible,

There is also this kind of wooden bath barrel in the figure below to make your small space perfectly realize the bathtub dream.

I saw that the bathroom of some families was relatively small. After putting down the bathtub,

The shower shower is fixed on the wall, and it can only stand in the bathtub when showering alone.

The designer has expected that this method is not desirable.

Put the shower on the bathtub like this, it saves a lot of space.

But there are hidden dangers in this way, and it will be easy to wrestle. We still have to focus on safety.

The designer has a suggestion,

Don’t install a fixed shower,

You can choose to extend the pipeline shower,

Or install the shower directly outside the bathtub,

In this way, you can stand outside the bathtub.

See the picture below

05 How to put the bathroom too small washing machine

The bathroom is too small. How can I stuff a washing machine?

The problem of water supply and drainage must be considered, so there are only a few locations in the home to put water.

① The balcony is very convenient to dry on the balcony. There is no problem with water supply and drainage.

Some families have a leisure space because the balcony is a leisure space, and the washing machine destroys the overall effect.

② The bathroom, the washing machine is placed in the bathroom, and it is integrated with the toilet.

After taking a bath and taking off your clothes, you can throw it in and wash it. It is a good place for the washing machine.

③ Outside the bathroom door, this method is also very good. Set the washing machine outside the bathroom door. You can integrate the washing machine and the toilet basin to maintain the simple and beautiful effect of the space, perfect.

④ kitchen

In the kitchen, it is integrated with the cabinet, because the oil fume is large, there is no better position to consider.

Last time I went to a friend’s house and saw his house

Place the washing machine in the porch position,

I feel pretty good, and I will also share it with everyone.

Conclusion: The practical small space is planned by the designer and the owner. Each space has multiple possibilities. As long as we use the imagination and creativity, the small apartment’s home space cannot affect the happiness of our lives. Index, small and compact room, more warm, loving, and more life.






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