Shenzhen 500㎡ modern elegant mansion, the happiness of the three generations of the same hall


Shenzhen 500㎡ modern elegant mansion, the happiness of the three generations of the same hall

To some extent, “discovery is more important than design.”

——Masayuki Kurokawa

There is a kind of happiness called “three generations of the same hall”. This case is a comfortable four -bedroom living in the same set of three generations. Although the pattern is spacious enough, it is also a big challenge to take into account the needs of several generations. Essence

Designer Li Jiping conducts in -depth analysis of the needs, habits and hobbies of the owner, and combines the characteristics of the apartment to explain the owner’s understanding of happiness and delicate life with modern design methods. The style and quality.


living room

Living room

The comparison of the designer uses the comparison of material and color to give the space layering and three -dimensional sense. The interwoven elements of different materials such as stone and metals on the TV background wall are rich in the elements of the space. The restraint contains nobleness.

“New fire test and new tea, poetry wine takes time to the year.” In addition to busy, make a cup of tea, a pot of wine, and face the city scenery on the huge window scene. The opening room 11.36 meters+270 ° lighting, excellent location and lighting make it the main place for the family.

The design focuses on showing the broadness of the pattern. The magnetic lamp extended its sight. The large floor -to -ceiling window created a wide field of vision.

The living room area is nearly 95 square meters. The designer uses a musical instrument to connect the spacious space, and use music as the link to promote the family’s closer to get along with, so that emotions continue in the space.

Dining room

Dining room

The dining area is still an open format. The overall color matching is warm and soft. A set of wooden display+storage cabinet is all available, laying a warm tone. The white chandelier hangs on the table like a pearl necklace. The sunlight came in through the soft yarn, mixed with the aroma of flowers, bright and vibrant.



The Western Kitchen planned the “back” action line with natural marble Nakajima, and its natural change of texture gave the space strong tension. The embedded design integrates the refrigerator to the wall to expand the storage space while achieving a smooth layout.

The hidden socket is harmonious with the tone of the mid -island, and the customized irregular arrangement lamps make the artistic atmosphere spread, and it also reflects a free and unruly attitude towards life.

The Chinese chef customizes the overall cabinet to ensure the visual neatness. The combination of sand colors+white is low -key and quiet, just to give space at the right to give space. There is no excessive hanging rack in the open area in the middle, and only a dexterous storage rack is made for the family’s cooking habits. The downlight and the hidden light belt together meet the different lighting needs of cooking.

:: master bedroom

Host Bedroom

Return to private space, the main proportion of the hard elements of calm details, the warm logs and fabrics neutralize the cold atmosphere, and then play with the stagnant bears, the overall healing power is full.

In the city of neon’s flashing, the owner still retains a heart that chases free space like astronauts, and is in line with Ergonomics. The material is composed of leather and multi -layer solid wood. With the owner removed the fatigue and rest.



Under the guidance of the corridor, it enters the west side -bed area. The continuous rules of the lights are graceful and have a very strong visual penetration and guidance, which solves the sense of depression brought by the narrow passage.

:: Girl’s room

Girls’ Bedroom

The second bedrooms all adopt a suite design, and the privacy is stronger. Twin daughters share a room. The design of the double -layer bed not only saves space, but also increases interaction. At the same time, a highly appropriate bookcase is built for storage, and the growing rooms with practical and fun are created through colorful decorations.

The planned tree hole cabinet expands the storage space, and the blank area of ​​the bookcase and the desk records the trajectory of the growth of the girls.


BABY’s Bedroom

From the safety and development of young children, the baby room chose to focus on pink, blue+gray, which is active and not too dazzling. At the same time, it is better to take care of the floor with children’s crawling pads. Morandi collided with each other in the space, dreamy and childlike.

:: Elderly room

Senior’s Bedroom

The elders’ rooms are more made of cotton and linen, which is comfortable and comfortable to highlight the stability of the mood. Combining the meaning of “Fulu” is embellished in the shape of a gourd, it shows a peaceful and peaceful way of health.



The main guard space uses a three -separated design to control the distance between the distance. The cabinet designs a double pot to cope with the situation of simultaneous use. In addition, a bathtub area meets the needs of different showers to create a multifunctional bathroom space that wants to do.

The porch passenger guard is a unique dark color system. The design of the hidden lamp belt is more convenient to use the inconspicuous corner. The reflective material extends the space to the mirror surface.

Project information

Project name | China Resources Vientiane Mansion

Project address | Shenzhen Nanshan

Building area | 500 square meters

Units | Room 2 Hall and 5 Guards

Design Studio | Original Scenic Space Design

Design Director: Li Jiping

Original structure diagram

Layout plan

About project designers

Li Jiping, the founder of the original scene space design

Design concept: There is no false titles, no need to be false awards, strength sound, and work.

The original scene space design is a full -type interior design service agency. Creating value for customers is our core value proposition. Professional system delivery and project management are our core competitiveness. To achieve customers and pursue excellence are our core values. Let the design beautiful life have been driving us forward.

Since its establishment, the original scene space design (Hope Design) has established long -term partnership with many commercial customers with stable professional products. The service type covers high -end private houses, private clubs, catering space, commercial office and other space fields.

Honor (part)

2016 Aite Award Best Business Space Design

2017 Aite Award Best Apartment Design

Top Ten Designers in International High -end Housing Design 2017

2017 China International Architecture and Interior Design Festival Golden Bund Awards

2018 China International Architecture and Interior Design Festival Golden Bund Award

2019 Ninth Nesting Award Outstanding Award



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