Blindly tie the main line group for trial experience


Blindly tie the main line group for trial experience


I am honored to participate in the trial activities of the main line group. The line group for this trial is 4.5 meters, 1.0.

Because it is a trial installation, the packaging is slightly simpler. The packaging bag is written with “tested products”. The line group uses purple -red main line, bright yellow space beans, and purple drift seats. The overall color is very eye -catching. This is worthy of praise.

1. Space beans are tight, sliding after wet water becomes smoother, and the resistance is more reasonable;

2. The drifting seat is a more popular silicone drift on the market. This time the drift with a diameter of 0.8mm is more appropriate. The 1.0mm plug is more laborious. The experience here is slightly average;

3. The scale lead is made of 7mm lead and 5mm lead roll. It belongs to the niche specifications on the market. It is used to 9mm and 11mm lead. Bring a little trouble;

4. The No. 12 high -speed eight -character ring for the main sub -connection test is available in electroplating, and the rotation is smooth. It is supplemented by anti -entangled beans to ensure the high concentricity of the main sub -line;

5. The pole is connected slightly with the PE wire knot connection. The color is also bright yellow. The connection between the PE line and the main line is used to use a single circle to switch to the second time. It belongs to the mainstream connection method. The nodules of nodules when setting up the big fish are not enough, and it is more friendly for hard -tuning fishing rods;

6. Finally, let’s talk about the most important fish line. After receiving the goods, it was removed and checked. It was smooth and non -burrs. This trial is to fish for wild fishing. Blind 1.0+ tied 0.6, No. 3 golden sleeves, water depth of about 2m, wind power is about 3 levels, floating 1.48g. The point is what I value most. The actual length of this 4.5m fish line is only 4.42 meters. After 6 hours of fishing, 8 pounds of fishing (the release of the hemp is not counted), the largest individual 2.4 catties of catfish. After returning home, the fishing line did not see obvious extension, and the main line quality passed.


In addition, make some personal suggestions:

1. Lead leather seats are recommended to start from 9mm. The requirements of 5mm replacement of lead skin and accessories are relatively high.

2. The line group of 1.0 and below is recommended not to use the high horse to connect the rod slightly. This small line group is used with the catfish rod to fish. The tone of the soft rod can basically be protected. price advantage;

3. The quality of the drifting seats is relatively average. The overall is not as good as other accessories. This soft silicone material is more affected by temperature. It will become very hard in winter fishing in winter.

4. The most surprising thing is that the quality of the main line is very good. I hope this is not the privilege of the trial item. The same quality in the future is the same;

5. Blind brand image is good. Under the premise of ensuring quality, prices are the most important market factors. I hope everyone will continue to use you if you love you.

The above is the trial fishing experience of coffee. I look forward to more good products in the future.

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