Yu “” different! New fashion, trendy China Light Textile


Yu “” different! New fashion, trendy China Light Textile

In the name of fashion, link professional markets. June 15th,

“Trending Design · Fashion Ke Bridge” -This Chinese Textile City Fabric Powder Market release show

Dynamic appeared at the China Textile City Exhibition Center in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Walk out of the fashion release hall and enter the market stage, from the China Textile City fabric market

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Nine merchant companies compete on the same stage, and presented a unique down fashion visual feast with nearly 60 new down clothing new products.

As one of the important events of Keqiao Fashion Week/Keqiao Tiantian Fashion · Fashion Service Entering the market, this release show is the annual first show of the Chinese -Textile City fabric market merchants. On the professional marketing platform of “internationalization, fashion, smart, and compound” in China, the release show has held new scenes that enrich the brand display, business promotion, and marketing of merchant corporate corporate brands on the spot to convey the trend of fashion fashion trends. At the same time, it also created a fashion atmosphere of the professional market.

This event is hosted by the China Textile City Construction Management Committee of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China Textile City Creative Industry Service Center, China Textile Information Center/National Textile Product Development Center, China Women’s Faber Facilities Institute, China Textile City City Organized by the Group East Market Branch.

Plel tide products, each has its own Qianqiu

With fresh yellow as the main color, the double -wing butterfly seam design is used. The style is simple and generous, natural and smooth, giving people a sense of comfort and liveliness.

Shaoxing Caqiao Dragon Textile Co., Ltd.

The clothing displayed this time uses 100%polyester fabrics, the fabric texture is tight and thick, and at the same time, it has a sense of memory and rebound. Cold anti -wind resistance function.

Zhejiang dot -line surface textile Co., Ltd.

The seven down jackets presented this time are designed with different style fabrics, which are not only flowing like water, extremely soft light fabrics, and retro fabrics inspired by stone cracks. , Anti -static functional fabric.

Shaoxing Egma Textile Co., Ltd.

This year, the main is the high -definition blooming memory series products, and the flower types developed are exclusive originals of their own copyrights. There are four patterns in this series, with different clothes effects. For example, the shape of the staircase as the surface of the fabric is delicate, the three -dimensional sense is strong, and the feel is relatively stiff. The large checkered blooming series is characterized by the three -dimensional simple lines, which has both cotton and soft feel, making the clothing more advanced.

Outside the show, gain more

Xu Jingping, general manager of Shaoxing Puxing Textile Co., Ltd.

It is said that the current enterprise is undergoing the transformation and upgrading of physical stores. In the form of multi -directional display in the “store+exhibition hall”, it combines the clothes to make customers more intuitively understand the conversion relationship between clothing and fabrics. The dynamic release show in the China Textile City this time provides a variety of channels for the fashion conversion and diversified development of fabrics. In a complex and changeable market environment, it helps companies to explore fabrics with the “correct opening path of clothes”. Innovative applications of innovative applications.

“The organizers’ careful planning and orderly preparations have expanded the multi -functional application scenarios of fabric products for textile companies. The accompanying on the same stage with the industry has also given us better learning opportunities.”

Cheng Zhenhua, business manager of Shaoxing Zhenzhan · Windsor Textile Co., Ltd.

Also feel the same. He said that through this activity, he had directly exchanged with customers, enhanced each other’s understanding, and further developed and consolidated friendly cooperative relations.

Shaoxing Shangqiang Textile Co., Ltd.

Focusing on the development of the original fabrics of down jackets for more than ten years, it is mainly sold in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai down jackets.

Shi Tianbao, General Manager of the Company and Executive Vice President of Shaoxing Fujian Chamber of Commerce

It is said that the promotion of this event allows fabric buyers to have a deeper understanding of the research and development capabilities of the spinning merchant enterprises and innovative products, which will help promote the exchanges and docking of both parties to the supply and demand. It is hoped that in the future, more interactive release show activities can be held in the Textile City, continue to enhance the active atmosphere of the market, and discover potential cooperation opportunities.

Link the market, spread brand, and lead fashion. As the core link of connecting upstream and downstream, the professional market has transformed and upgraded under the new positioning given by the times. It has changed from traditional trading venues and circulation channels to the service platform of the industrial chain. Platform and fashion trend communication platform. Keqiao Design, Keqiao Manufacturing, and Keqiao Quality are present in the collection of “China Textile City Fangs Market Plel Special release show”. The strength of the strong platform created a good start for the 2022 Keqiao Tiantian Fashion Series show.

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