How much do you know about car leather seats?


How much do you know about car leather seats?

Car seats can be divided into separate seats and long seats according to the shape; the function can be divided into fixed, unloadable, and regulatory type; According to the performance of the seat, from the earliest fixed seats, it is divided into leather seats and velvet seats according to the material. There are also seats that use special objects, such as children’s seats and racing seats.

So today, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages and precautions of leather seats.

Usually cowhide, sheepskin and pork skin are the main raw materials for making leather. The leather is generally divided into two types: head layer leather and two -layer leather, while car leather seats are car seats made of leather. The quality of the leather seats is uneven, and the price is also uneven. From hundreds to tens of thousands, it is just a layer of leather. It is necessary to make a series of physical chemistry processing and tanning processes. After thinking about this, the price of leather seats is even higher. Usually only luxury cars are willing to use leather, after all, the price is in place. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such expensive seats?


(1) Dirty. The leather is not very easy to get dirty than the general seat material. After a long time, no one is sitting, and it is just a bit of dust.

(2) Given. Needless to say, leather seats are indeed more grade than fabric seats or other material seats. Looking forward for more than ten years, at that time, leather seats were almost only available on luxury brands imported cars. Therefore, it is difficult to shake the status of leather seats in the hearts of Chinese people.

(3) Easy to clean. Compared to the fabric seat, dust can only fall on the surface of the leather seat without going deep into the depths of the seat, so you can use a cloth to gently wipe it to complete the cleaning work. Or use natural environmental protection pollutants for wiper to remove stains immediately, so that the seat is as new. Therefore, the cleaning of the car seat is very particular about the selection of the cleaning agent, otherwise it will be clumsy if they are not careful, bringing damage to the leather chair.


(1) Easy to wear. The sharp object is the climbing star. Once the knife, cutting, needle, etc. are encountered, marks will be left on the leather. Of course, it is more important that the leather is more prone to aging than the velvet cloth. In daily use, especially the position of the driver’s seat, because it is often used, it is more frequent on and off the car, so the cushion is easier to aging or discolored. So leather seats are more easy to wear

(2) Poor heat dissipation. The surface of the leather is relatively smooth and there is no gap through the gap, so it is not breathable. In the hot summer of the sun, I believe that many car owners have experienced the leather seat hot buttocks.

How to clean the leather seat?

In general, many car owners are willing to go to the car beauty shop to clean the leather seats, which saves time and effort. But many careful car owners will find that the leather seats after cleaning will harden and have tiny cracks.

This is mainly because some beauty shops use some foam pollutants, which are corrosive. Therefore, it is recommended to use natural environmental protection pollutants or soaps, because it is not only very corrosive, but also has strong decontamination. After drying, the skin surface is soft and shiny. In addition, the owner can wash it by themselves and economical.

The specific method is to soak the soft towel with warm water, hit the soap in an appropriate amount on the towel, and gently wipe the seat. At this time, if the towel becomes dirty, it is confirmed that it has a significant effect. After wiping, wipe it with a wet towel without soap twice. This method is decontaminated, the leather surface is clean and fluffy, and fresh as early as the beginning.

This method also applies plastic parts at the door and dashboard. The reason is that soap (soap) is strong, and it is more practical to the skin of the human skin.


(1) Clean maintenance on schedule, use semi -dry wet cloth to support the dust ash, and keep it dry and neat.

(2) The seat cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time to avoid the leather back color.

(3) If dirty, use a multi -functional foam cleaning agent to wash a small amount, keep the leather surface dry.

(4) The car leather chair should stay away from the heat source, if it is too close to the heat source, it will cause the leather to crack.

(5) Prevent soaked seats such as liquid.

(6) Avoid critical items such as keys and iron buttons on the clothes when sitting on the seat to prevent scratching.

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