After the New Year, put away your boots! Wear more “Lefu Shoes”, versatile and fashionable


After the New Year, put away your boots! Wear more “Lefu Shoes”, versatile and fashionable

The beginning of spring has passed, and the cold winter will also be farther and farther away from us. The temperature in spring gradually becomes friendly. nice.

Today, let’s start with the “shoe” items. I recommend the loafers that are suitable for spring to wear, and quickly put the boots that love the whole winter. If you want to buy new shoes, this article must be read well.

“Choose Love Shoes from Four dimensions”

Destiny one, fabric

Common loaf fabrics are divided into “patent leather” fabrics and “matte” fabrics. The patent leather fabric is more eye -catching, the style is more age -reducing and young, while matte fabrics are more formal and elegant. Meeting and other occasions, and the matte shoes of matte fabrics are more suitable for workplace wear.

Dimension 2, toe

Choose the focus: according to style requirements, foot type to choose

Round -headed Lefu shoes are the most basic Lefu shoe toe design. It is daily and versatile, neutral style, and the entry players of Lefu shoes recommend starting from “round -headed loafers”.

The pointed Lefu shoes are slender as a whole, which gives people more feminine. It is more suitable for women with narrow feet. They are not tired, and the pointed effect has the effect of extension. The effect of dressing.

The style of Lefu Shoes in flat -headed design is more “tough”, the temperament is more retro, and the Fangtou Lefu shoes are more suitable to match with dried Lianli wear. In addition, because the shoe design of the square head is wide, it is suitable for friends with width to the foot plate to wear Take it more fits the foot type.

Dimension three, sole of the shoe

1. Low and vs flat bottom

Regardless of whether the middle and low heel design is more significant than the flat bottom, it is even more significant, but the design of Lefu shoes is not light enough. The Lefu shoes with heel design are likely to be cumbersome. A little friend chooses the flat -bottomed Lefu shoes.

2. Thin bottom VS thick bottom

The thin -bottom design is obviously lighter than the thick bottom design. Choose a thick bottom to pay attention to the height of not exceeding 5cm, so that it will not look bulky. In addition, when you match the long -paired items, it is recommended to choose a thin -bottomed Lefu shoes and choose short choice. When you put it on the model, choose the thick bottom of the loafers. In this way, it is better to wear the effect.

Dimension four, color

The color is related to the “versatile attributes” of a single product. The simpler the low -key color, the more outstanding the matching effect. Black Lefu shoes are the foundation. The brown Lefong shoes are advanced. Brown is more retro than black, but it may also look old -fashioned. It is recommended that you choose the low -key color style when you match the top of the top.

The color matching design is the ultimate version of the color selection of Lefu shoes. Of course, the color matching design is not all fashionable. It is recommended to choose the classic “black and white” color matching shoes. Essence

“The focus of loafers”

(1) The length of the next load

1. Short suit products

① Bicycle pants, Bermuda shorts+loaf shoes (casual, neutral)

Lefu Shoes itself is a single product with a medium sense. When choosing short pants items, I do not recommend MINI shorts to match loaf shoes, it is easy to look rustic and cheap. Bicycle pants and Bermuda shorts coincide with the neutral temperament of loafers, fashionable and advanced.

②A -character short skirt+loaf shoes (pure, girl)

The short skirt recommends the A -line version because the A -line version can effectively modify the crotch, and it can also form width and narrow contrast. The visually enhances the waistline and the legs are longer. The school uniforms in Korean TV series are pure and young.

2. Long -lasting items

① Long skirt+loaf shoes (fresh, elegant)

Long skirts are more gentle than short skirts, and they are also slightly older women. They can better show the temperament and elegant side of Lefu’s shoes. In addition, the long skirt can also have the problem of covering many legs. Female long skirts with poor conditions are even thinner.

② trousers+loaf shoes (daily, capable)

I believe that trousers+loaf shoes are the daily life of many people. The trousers are easy to wear and have no burden, and they are capable of being capable.

(2) Socks matching

Pay attention to 1. The length of the socks

When wearing the loafers+socks with light legs, pay attention to the length of the socks to effectively show the length of the legs. I suggest that friends with insufficient calfs choose and knee socks, and do not divide the legs into “several sections” as much as possible. Friends with good legs and long legs can choose basic sports socks.

Pay attention to 2. The color and thickness of the socks

In order not to impress the view, it is recommended that you choose the black and white gray socks to match the loafers, which is not easy to make the dress look blooming. In addition, because the socks are a single product to modify the ankle, you should not choose thick socks, and you should not let your legs thick.

“One week wearing tutorial for loafers”

★★ Monday to Friday: Urban beauty, light workplace ★★

Template 1, shirt+strap long skirt+loaf shoes

The workplace is not too casual, but seriousness can affect fashion. The shirt+strap long skirt is gentle and elegant, and gives the workers’ boredom on Monday to send a light sense of fashion.

Template 2, suit+half -high collar base+jeans+loaf shoes

How can I miss a black suit in the workplace? Using straight jeans with black suits, capable and fashionable, can also modify leg shapes, two things, half -high collar adds proper temperature to spring, keep warm and not bloated.

Template 3. Trench coat+white T+straight jeans+loaf shoes

The trench coat replaced the position of the coat and became a popular long item in the spring. The workplace needs such a cool item to improve my own capable and professional feeling. It looks less solemn.

★★ Saturday to Sunday: Fashionable, delicate lady ★★

Template 1, knitted vest+shirt+short skirt+loaf shoes

Do you want to wear a pretty feeling? Laying legs is the key! Short skirts, shirts and vests, proper Korean campus style, with a beret and girlfriend out of the street, casual shooting is fashionable blockbuster.

Template 2, V -neck knitted+Bermuda shorts+loafers

Maybe someone thinks that the short skirt is too sweet? A loose Bermuda shorts+V -neck sweater shows the high -level cold and light wind, allowing loafers to transform into a lazy temperament item.

Today’s fashion items are recommended here. I wonder if you have finished reading this article. What else do you have more fashionable shoes to recommend? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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