Essence of Life … “Beautiful Graphic”


Essence of Life … “Beautiful Graphic”

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1. The mediocre people are lost, and they can be proud of people

Two people in the world must be defeated, one is a lazy person, and the other is a proud person. The former wants to do everything in “Tomorrow”, but the result is always nothing; the latter looks down on everyone in the world, and thinks that he is the smartest, often attracts the dissatisfaction and resentment of others. Defamation swallowed.

2. Don’t blindly please others

It is impossible to please everyone, and it is not necessary. To please everyone, it is equivalent to offending everyone. Deliberately to please others, it will only make others disgust. It is natural to get close to others, and the “speculative” mentality must change. If you have time to please, it is better to do things down and sway, to please others to be unreliable, and to work hard to be true.

3. Good mood is created by yourself

We often cannot change the views of others, and we can change only ourselves. The bad life is not the sin of others, but in our mood to become bad. The golden key that makes life is not in the hands of others, giving up our resentment and sigh, and a good life can be obtained. We want to live well, but there is no good life, the reason is that they always want to wait for others to improve their lives. Don’t expect the master who changes others and be a life.

4. Do what you should do with your heart

Life is so short, how can I waste it? Wisdom philosophers once said: “Someone on the street scolds me, I don’t even look back, I don’t want to know this boring person!” We neither go to go If you hurt others, don’t be controlled by others, or follow your own wishes, first learn the skills first. Especially when you are a teenager, you must go all out to learn skills and don’t distract.

5. Don’t always live with yourself

Learning to appreciate yourself is equivalent to having a golden key to get happiness. Appreciate that you are not alone to appreciate yourself, appreciate that you are not my only respect, appreciate that you are not self-intoxicating, and appreciate yourself. What about happiness?! I often have to give myself a holiday and learn to find a pleasant mood.

6. Don’t chase worldly honors

Looking for things that others recognize for life will always lose their happiness and happiness. Vulgar comments will annihilate their own personality, and secular guidance will make themselves overwhelmed. For money, money will make you six relatives, and for power and power, you will make yourself bold, and the name will make yourself take it forced. In the real chase, I will become fragmented in the wind, and the world has become abominable.

7. Extremely not desirable

Some people often cause their mental abnormality because of overwhelming; some people are indifferent to everything because they are numb. The former often pains for rationality, and declines because of his cleverness. The source of stupidity is that everything is regretful. The latter does not know what the remorse is, living all day, life is no different from death.

8. Everyone has their own way of living

I know myself clearly, my sorrow understands myself, my happiness I feel. Maybe the hell in my eyes is the paradise in the eyes of others; maybe the heaven in my eyes is the hell in the eyes of others. Life is such a funny. Don’t doubt the spring color, the key is the adjustment of your own mentality.

9. I like myself to hug life

Blind self -esteem is a proud and ignorant life, blindly abandoning, and a negative and pessimistic life. It is more difficult to understand than understanding others than to understand others. With a healthy and proper self -esteem psychology, it will be particularly strong in the face of setbacks. Do not lose yourself for the temptation of the outside world, and do not negate yourself for a moment. Always evaluate yourself objectively and calmly, and always appreciate yourself in optimism. If you don’t even love yourself, can you still love others? Like yourself!

10. Blessing is in trouble, blessing in the disaster

Mo was fainted by the time, and he was intoxicated by temporary victory. You must be in danger, you must not be proud of himself and pride. The victory of intoxication means stopping to stop and the victory of intoxication, which means losing their vigilance. You must never relax on the road of life, and victory is just a small road sign. If you want to achieve the final victory, as long as you work hard, work hard, and work hard. Mo is confused for a while, who laughed the latest, who laughed the happiest.

11. The important thing is to live a fulfilling life

It’s the greatest happiness to spend every day, and happiness comes from every day. There are always worries about the risks of tomorrow, and I can’t wipe out yesterday’s shadows. How can I feel like today’s life? Always compare those unable to compare, always fantasize those who cannot be realized. It is the source of pain. The biggest killer of life is sorrow and anxiety. The pain stems from being unlimited, and life is fulfilled.

12. The foundation of pleasure is on yourself

Most people always pin the joy of life, on external affairs, and depend on secular identity. Paying all kinds of status, property, and treatment, reputation and other things, once you lose these, you will have a heavy blow, and often will be painful, and the foundation of happiness and happiness will be destroyed. If you live like this, then happiness is quite far away from us. Why let others evaluate their happiness and grasp themselves.

13. I feel happiness is happiness

Many people are deliberately pursuing the so -called happiness; although some are obtained, their costs are huge. Many philosophers say that happiness is a feeling, just like the “Buddha” is in your heart. The feeling of happiness decreases with the degree of satisfaction, which is closely related to human mood and mentality. The sages said: the more difficult it is, the deeper love, the happiness, and often thinking. A person always can’t feel happiness, it is his greatest sadness. Happiness is a feeling, unsatisfactory, never happy, those who are contentment Changs!

14. Keep the grace of others in mind

The short -sighted people are always “forgotten”, asking for help everywhere during the crisis, and never showing up after the incident. When asking for a person, he vowed to do it. Such people are most despised. “Forgotten” makes friends sad. “Forgotten” is only due to a moment, but will always lose trust. Do not cross the river to disassemble the bridge, and crossing the river bridge will break your back road.

15. There must be room for everything

Everyone will encounter completely different “three people” in their own life journey. The first is the person who can understand, appreciates, and emphasize yourself; the second is the person who solves, injuries, and even excludes themselves; the third is a person who has nothing to do with themselves and has nothing to do with itching. The first kind of person knows the grace of himself. The second kind of people cause deep harm to themselves, and they need wisdom to stay away, rather than troubles and cares. For the third kind of people, treat them with courtesy and coexist peacefully. Understand different people, treat differently, things gather together, and people are divided into groups.

16. Do not do what you want to do to others

It is a painful thing to strengthen your own subjective will to others. With their own majesty to impose their own will, others are just convinced by orally, and they will be resistant for a long time. With their own stubbornness to impose their own will, others are just tolerable or faint, but they may also be revenge for a long time. After reviewing whether your words and deeds are harmonious with the society, you can truly get the recognition of others. It is impossible for people to be consistent, don’t be centered on me.

17. Do not forget the shape, frustrated without gazette

You must be very cautious in the way, otherwise it is easy to be very sad. When you are proud of your life, you are easy to forget the shape. When you forget the shape, you do n’t know what your surname is, so the evil thoughts and evil deeds will take advantage of it. In adversity, you must be extremely patient, otherwise it is easy to die early. When life is frustrated, it is easy to get lost, and you do n’t know your future when you lose your state, so negative and despair will take advantage of it. Laughing at the tide of life, keeping your heart.

18. Life should be happy

Appropriate entertainment activities can regulate emotions, and endless joy is easy to benefit. The object is reversed, and the poor change. “Everything is pleasant, that is, there are many diseases.” Full of interest is a life of Daguan. Lei is not limited to entertainment, involving all aspects of life. Joy and sorrow are accompanied by life, and joy will make joy.

19. It is not desirable to endure it

Blind tolerance means losing the principle; blindly tolerance means that there is no personality; blindly tolerance means weakness and bullying; blindly tolerance means facing the danger of entering step by step; Sometimes it ’s better to stand up and work hard to resist. It is a strategy often adopted by fools. When it is time to take a shot, it is a last resort to give it a little! For those who get inch, it is not necessarily a good thing for those who get inch.

20. Polyneson

Do things can not only be based on your feelings, let alone do things alone, and you must have trouble. Sometimes my consciousness is wrong, and things are not as simple as imagined, and their appearance is always easy to confuse people. Do not repeatedly tossing rational things, do not make big mistakes in rationality, and do not regret rationality.

Remember: can’t be too impulsive! Don’t just follow the feeling, think more to regret it.

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